DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 35

Hey guys!
This episode is dedicated to dwet!
Hope you all like it!

In the forest:-
Soumya: rudra walk slowly please…I can’t catch up…its so dark here…
Rudra: sumo, do you expect the animals to have a party here? its obliviously going to be dark, it’s a forest!
Soumya: can you stop being mean and look for network please?
Rudra: i’m doing that…(he keeps checking the network connection on his phone while walking…)
Soumya: did you get anything?
Rudra: nope…still no network…
Soumya: okay…slow down please…don’t walk so fast…

Gauri: omkara ji, did you get network yet?
Om: not yet…i’m still looking…
(suddenly gauri hears a growl…she runs to om)
Gauri: (she whispers) omkara ji! Did you hear that!
Om: hear what?

Gauri:.I heard something…I sounded like a growl of an animal!
Om: are you kidding me? If you’re trying to scare me, it’s not going to work!
Gauri: why will I try to scare you? I swear I heard it!
(the growl comes again, this time om hears it…he doesn’t realise that he pulls gauri close to him, gauri looks at him…saathiya plays)
Om: I …I heard it! don’t worry…it’s nothing..
Gauri: okay…will you leave me now?
Om: huh?

Gauri: my hand?
Om: (realises) oh! Sorry!
Gauri: what if it’s a tiger?
Om: ti..what? No way! I bet it’s just the thunder! Nothing else! Look …it looks like it’s going to rain…we better look for signal and get back to shivaay…rudra and Soumya also would have come back…
(They walk ahead…something watches them from behind…)
on the other hand:-

Rudra: Soumya, look! I found something…there’s a little network here!
Soumya: wow! That’s great! See if you can call tej uncle!
Rudra: (dails the number) hello! Hello! Papa?
Tej: rudra? Rudra! Where are all of you? Are you all fine? We’re waiting from such a long time!
Rudra: papa, we need your help!

Tej: hello? Hello? I can’t hear you properly…you need what?
Rudra: we need your help papa, we’re stuck on the highway! Our car crashed with a tree! Papa please send a car quick!
Tej: hello? Rudra, your voice is breaking! I think there’s less network!
(the phone gets cut…)
Rudra: damn!! Seriously had to get cut now!! stupid network! Stupid phone!

Soumya: calm down! What did he say?
Rudra: he couldn’t even hear me out properly ! I need to look for signal…I think we’ll find it just a little further…come..
Soumya: are you sure? We’ve come very far already…I think we should go back.
Rudra: no Soumya, we’ve got a little network here, we might her a proper one ahead…and then we can call and ask for help! We are so close Soumya, we can’t just give up! Come..
Soumya: okay…but only a little ahead!
(they walk together)

Meanwhile, om and gauri go back to shivaay…
Shivaay: om, did you find network? Did you call?
Om: i’m sorry shivaay… We looked everywhere…we couldn’t find any network…
Shivaay: (sighs) nevermind…looks like we have to spend the whole night here…
Om: where are rudra and Soumya?
Shivaay: they haven’t come yet…
Om: I thought we were the last ones…they should have come by now right?
Shivaay: I hope that they have found network…

In the forest:-

Soumya: that’s enough rudra, come back…lets go..
Rudra: see! I’m getting more network!
Soumya: please rudra, no! We’ll get lost! lets go back! Please?
Rudra: okay..just walk for another five minutes…I’ll call and we’ll go okay?
Soumya: no…I’m not moving a step forward…we should go back, I’m kind of forgetting the directions…
Rudra: just five minutes!
Soumya: you’ve been saying that since five minutes! I’m done with this! I’m going back! you decide if you want to come or start a new life in this jungle…bye!
Rudra: you want to go, then go! don’t trouble me now!

Soumya: fine! (she goes the other direction, rudra walks ahead)
After some time:-
Rudra: hey sumo, I was thinking…(he looks back) sumo? Oh god! She actually went back? Couldn’t she just wait for some time?! I should go back too…
Suddenly he hears Soumya’s scream…

Rudra: Soumya! Soumya where are you?!
She screams for rudra…
Rudra: Soumya I’m coming!
He runs around looking for her…

Anika: (yawns) i’m so sleepy…I’ll do one thing, I’ll put a blanket on the ground and sleep…you guys wake me up when rudra and Soumya come…okay?
Shivaay: where are they! I hope they’re fine!
Om: something’s wrong shivaay…otherwise they would have been here long ago…
Shivaay: I think we should look for them.
Om: no, what if they’re on their way? We might miss them by going another direction too…
Shivaay: okay, we’ll wait for another five minutes…
They eagerly wait for them to come…

Precap: rudra asks Soumya- which way did we come from?

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