DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 34

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This episode is dedicated to setu!
Hope you all like it!

Shivaay: open your eyes om! What happened to you! Come on! Someone get water please!
(Soumya gets a water bottle from the car, shivaay sprinkles water on om’s face and he slowly opens his eyes…)
Om: sh..shivaay? are all of you fine?
Rudra: yes…we all are fine…are you?
Om: (smiles) yes…i’m glad we survived it! (he slowly gets up) If I hadn’t jumped on time then I don’t think I would have…
Shivaay: shh..don’t say such things…we all are fine…now we need to arrange for a vehicle to get to the rest…
Rudra: wait, I’ll call dad and ask him to arrange for a car for us…
(he calls…and turns back to shivaay)
Rudra: nope…no network.
Shivaay: what! No way!
Om: wait…I’ll check from my phone…oh god! No network even from my phone!
Shivaay: great! Looks like we’re stuck here!
Anika: why don’t we ask people if they can offer us a ride?
Shivaay: you do that please! I’m not!

Anika: shivaay, once can you not think about your reputation! Never mind! I’ll do it!
(she goes and stands on the side of the road and tries to stop the vehicles)
Anika: stop! Stop! Please!
(no one stops, she repeatedly tries but has no effect, the others help her but still no one stops)
Gauri: now what do we do?
Om: we have to think if something quick! Think think!
shivaay: we tried calling, no network…we tried taking a lift, no luck! And by now everyone would have reached and would be waiting for us…
Soumya: why don’t we look for network then?
Rudra: where will we look Soumya? There’s only one place left that is the forest right beside us…do you really want to go in there and search?
Soumya: yes…you do have a point…
Shivaay: its eleven already…there’s no way we can reach there…looks like we need to find a place to rest here tonight….

Anika: what! Mr.bagad billa ji, look all around you….do you find any room or resort to rest on?
Shivaay: your right…but we can look for it…
Om: we have to look for network…atleast to tell everyone that we all are alright …
Rudra: even if we have to go in the forest?
Om: yes…look at the bright side…we might find network or atleast an opening to another highway…
Rudra: fine then, lets do it!
Shivaay: are you both mad? Its so dangerous out there, poisonous snakes, wild animals and don’t know what more…
Rudra: but Bhaiya, what else option do we have, we can’t keep standing here in the road the whole night! Our car is destroyed…we can’t even sleep inside! And what if we actually find network in there? We can call them and they’ll arrange for a vehicle for us…
Shivaay: okay, then I’ll go in…
Om: no shivaay, you have to wait here…I won’t let you go…I’ll go…
Rudra: no…I’ll go..
Soumya: yes Bhaiya, rudra and I will go…
Shivaay: but…

Soumya: see Bhaiya, if we get into trouble then only you can save us…please Bhaiya, we can’t waste further time…
om: okay, then you two go in that direction and gauri and I will go in the other…in that way, things will be faster…shivaay, you have to stay here with bhabhi and prinku…
Shivaay: but how can I let you both go? If anything happens to …
Om:.relax…nothing will happen to us…by the way, we need torches…
Shivaay: it must be in the car…i’m sure I kept them…check carefully…
(prinku and Soumya go and check and get a few torches in their hand…they give one to each person)
Rudra: we’ll shout if there is a problem or shine the torch light to the sky okay?
Shivaay: okay…come here…(he hugs rudra and om) do anything I don’t care…but stay alive…( he gets teary ) okay?
Rudra: okay…don’t worry Bhaiya …what do you always say?
Shivaay: before my brothers lose their lifes, I will lose mine…and…and shivaay Singh oberoi’s life will not go so easily…

Om: don’t worry…we’ll come back soon…
Shivaay: okay…but don’t go far…come back here even if you don’t get network…
Rudra: okay…come sumo…
(om and gauri go in one direction and rudra and Soumya go in the other direction)
Meanwhile, in one of the resorts of lonavala:-
Everyone are waiting for them in the reception…
Tej: (trying to call) come on shivaay…pick up your phone! Oh god! Its still unreachable mom!
Dadi: we’ve waited for an hour already! Why haven’t they arrived yet? I hope nothings gone wrong…
Pinky: i’m really getting scareds…
Jhanvi: I tried calling om and rudra…there phones are also unreachable…I hope all of them are fine…
Buama: arre, don’t worry jhanvi, nothing can happen to them…they’re old enough to take care of themselves…and shivaay is with all of them…he won’t let anything happen to any of them…think positive…
(they all look tensed)

Precap: om and gauri come to shivaay, Anika and prinku…they eagerly wait for rudra and Soumya to come…

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