DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 33

Hey guys!! This episode is dedicated to Dhar!
Hope you all like it!!

An hour later:-
In the car:-
Rudra , Anika and prinku are asleep…
Om: shivaay, shall I drive? Its been an hour…you must be tired…
Shivaay: no problem…I’ll drive.
Om: are you sure? I think you need some rest…
Shivaay: honestly, I do need some rest.

Om: then stop the car, I’ll drive for a while…
Shivaay: okay…thanks!
Om: no problem!
He gets down and sits in shivaay’s place, Soumya sits in om’s place in the last seat and shivaay sits in Soumya’s place next to rudra…
Soumya : bade bhaiya, have the rest of them reached already?
Shivaay: not yet, they are an hour ahead of us cause they went without stopping anywhere…we’ll reach in about 2 hours…
Soumya: oh! Okay!
Om: shivaay, why do I feel that there’s something wrong with the car?
Shivaay: I don’t think anything’s wrong…just that I had to put in an effort to make the brakes work…its never been so hard…
Om: oh! Maybe that’s why the car is skidding so much…
Shivaay: don’t worry, just pull it hard…it’ll
Shivaay sleeps for a while…when suddenly…
Om: shivaay? Shivaay!!

Shivaay gets up…
Shivaay: wha….what! What happened?
Om: shivaay, there’s a problem! I don’t mean to scare you, but the brakes aren’t working!
Shivaay: what! Pull it hard!
Om: I tried that, and see what happened! (he shows the broken piece of the brake)
Shivaay: n..no way om! What are we going to do!

(he looks at everyone…some are asleep…some listening to music through ear phones)
Om: what do I do? Tell me! especially when we are on a highway and its dark all around! I can’t stop the car anywhere!
Shivaay: Anika! Rudra! prinku! Wake up!
Anika wakes up…
Anika: what when where! Thief! Thief! Catch him!
Shivaay: Anika! There’s no thief! will you listen to me!!
Rudra: what happened Bhaiya?
Anika: what happened?
Prinku: Bhaiya can we stop the car for sometime please? I need some fresh air please!
Shivaay: that is the problem! This car can’t be stopped!
Anika: what? why?
Shivaay: the…the…god I don’t know how to say this!

Om: the brakes broke bhabhi!
Anika: what!
Rudra: please say that this is a joke! Please!
Om: do you actually think I’ll crack such a serious joke?!
Gauri: oh no! What will we do now? Sankar ji please save us!!
Shivaay: I have an idea…

Om: what idea?
Shivaay: Anika and you have to come to the back seat slowly, we have to hold our heads and bend so that we stay alive!
Om: I can’t leave the steering wheel…we’ll collide to something then and the car might blow up. Shivaay, help bhabhi get back…
Shivaay: I’ll help you also ..
Om: shivaay, listen to me! You need to help bhabhi first…quick!
Shivaay: come Anika! Slowly! (he helps her come to the back seat)

Anika: what do we do now? How do we help om?
Shivaay: om, try to stand up a little and come back slowly…
Om: I can’t shivaay… If I even try, then the car would collide! I can’t risk your lives!
Shivaay: andI can’t risk yours! Its all my fault! I should have checked the car properly before leaving! And why on earth did I let you drive?!
Anika: don’t worry shivaay, nothing will happen to him! Om try to come back!
Om: I can’t bhabhi! There’s only one way for us to try and survive now! there’s a big tree coming up in front…I’ll take the car there, we all will try to jump out on my count…okay?
shivaay: no jumping out okay! Soumya, prinku and gauri are at the last seat and i’m not going to leave them and jump! Lets all bend and hold are heads at your count!

Om: okay then! On my count! Three…two…one! Bend!!
(he opens the door on his side and jumps…the car bangs into the tree, and there’s silence everywhere…)
Shivaay: is everyone okay?
Anika: ow! My leg is hurting! But i’m fine!
Soumya: i’m kind of fine!
Rudra: ya me too…ow! I think!

Gauri: i’m fine too…
Prinku: me too bhaiya…only that my head is hurting a little…
Shivaay: okay everyone try to get down now…slowly, one by one…
(shivaay helps everyone get down the car slowly…)
Shivaay: wait a minute..where’s om?
(He goes and sees the driver’s seat but doesn’t find him there)
Rudra: o! Where are you! O!

Gauri: he’s there!
(they see om lying on the ground…a little blood comes out of his forehead…)
Rudra: o! (they all run to him)

Precap: rudra tries to call. He turns towards shivaay and says that there’s no network…

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