DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 32

Hey guys! This episode is dedicated to Setu!
Hope you all like it!
Since Priya wanted me to post the link of the 30 th episode, here it is:-

Next morning:-
Pinky: mummy ji, i’ve decideds! I’ll make hot aloo parathas just before leaving so that we can eat it in the car whenever we are hungrys okay?
Dadi: okay.
Jhanvi: and mummy ji, I’ve packed some dry snacks and kept bread, butter and jam if we want to make some sandwiches…
Dadi: good! I’m so happy that after so long we all are going on a holiday together!
Jhanvi: yes mummy ji, me too!
rudra and om come there:-
Rudra: hello! What’s there for breakfast?
Jhanvi: leave breakfast! Tell me, are you both done packing?
Om: yes mom! we are done and i’ve kept the bags together over there…
Jhanvi: do one thing, keep all the bags in the car, and ask the rest of them for theirs as well..
Om: okay! Come Rudy!
They go..
Anika goes to pinky in the kitchen…
Anika: aunty ji, do you need any help?
Pinky: yes …but have you finished your packings?
Anika: yes…long ago…if you want I’ll help. its going to be three, I’ll do one thing…I’ll make the rest of the parathas, you go and get ready…okay?
Pinky: are you sure you’ll manage?
Anika: yes yes aunty ji! Why you you worry so much? Do you have faith on me or not?
Pinky: I do..okay then I’ll go and get ready…
She goes…after some time shivaay comes there…
Shivaay: what are you making Anika? Why didn’t you get ready yet? We have to leave in ten minutes!
Anika: actually, I was helping pinky aunty make the parathas…here, taste and tell me how it is! (she feeds him a bite)
Shivaay: Mmm! Its good! But go and get ready quickly!
Anika: but I just have two more to make…
Shivaay: you go and get ready, I’ll make the other two.
Anika: are you sure?
Shivaay: yes, I’m sure! Go!
Anika: okay, see you in some time!
She goes..

Later, everyone get ready to leave and stand in the parking lot.
Shivaay: great! Now we have to decide who sits in which car! This will take another half an hour! I tell you bade papa! We won’t be able to reach until 11 pm!
Rudra: why can’t their ever be a car in which all of us can fit!
Anika: I have an idea! Why can’t we go in an inova? It has space for about seven people right?
Shivaay: yes, how about om, Rudy, Soumya, gauri, prinku, Anika and I go in one inova and the rest of you take the other inova! it’ll be fun with more number of people in the car right? Anika you’re a genius!
Anika: hehe! Shivaay, you underestimate me always! I was born a genius!
Shivaay: okay madam! Now shall we leave?
Tej: yes! Wait I’ll tell the drivers the location…
Shivaay: bade papa,I was thinking …can I drive my car please?
Tej: but why? The drivers are there…let them drive, you enjoy!
Shivaay: okay, you take a driver but I’ll drive my car! I’m in a mood of driving today! What say people? Shall I drive?
Rudra: anytime Bhaiya!
Om: I’m okay with it!
Anika: even I’m okay!
Tej: okay…if you guys say so! Here is the location…we’ll just be ahead of you…okay?
Shivaay: okay…come, lets go…
Someone watches the oberois from a distance…he calls another person and speaks over a phone…
the stranger: the work is done madam! Now no one can save them!
On the other side of the phone: good! Wait and watch om, how svetlana takes her revenge! I’m coming! Its not easy to remove me from your life or your dreams!
The oberois leave in two cars…
In shivaay’s car:-
Shivaay sits in the driver’s seat, Anika sits beside him…behind them there’s rudra and Soumya and behind them om, prinku and gauri sit…
Shivaay: lets go!
Anika: can we put some music please?
Shivaay: yeah okay!
They put some music, and soon when lets nacho plays, people at the back seats start dancing using their hands! Anika joins in …Shivaay smiles…

Precap: om says that something is wrong with the car..

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