DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 31

Hey guys! This episode is dedicated to Rasika!
Hope you all like it!

In the evening:-
Rudra: o, after what I saw today, I totally agree that Bhaiya has a duplicate!
Om: you also saw him?
Rudra: yes…I went to drop prinku to college when…( he narrates the whole story…)
He looked exactly like you Bhaiya!
Shivaay: like me?
Rudra: yeah! Ditto same to same! First I thought it was you! He was so similar to you that I kept staring at him and forgot to finish my sentence!
Shivaay: interesting…now even I want to meet him.
Anika: one question, why does he keep clashing with you guys only? What coincidence! First om and now rudra? Wow!
Shivaay: Anikaaa?
Anika: shivaaay?
Shivaay: can you not get so excited please?
Anika: accha okay…
Jhanvi comes there:-
Jhanvi: kids, get ready and pack your bags…
Shivaay: what? Why badi ma?
Jhanvi: because we have been invited for a holiday with tej’s business partners!
Rudra: cool! So it’ll be like a true holiday?

Jhanvi: yes…we will leave by tomorrow evening…be ready okay?
Shivaay: but badi ma, at such a short notice?
Jhanvi: now, it won’t take you guys more than a day to pack right?
Shivaay: no but ..
Jhanvi: no its and buts…you guys pack and we’ll leave by tomorrow evening at 4 pm okay?
everyone: okay!
Rudra: yes! After such a long tome well all go together for a holiday!
Om: I agree! Its going to be fun!
Someone listens to their conversations and calls another person and tells everything…
In shivika’s room:-
Anika: I’ll take this dress, oh oh! This one too! How can I forget this one too? Oh! This hat looks beautiful! I’ll take this!
Shivaay comes there
Shivaay: Anika, what are you doing?
Anika: arre, can’t you see, i’m packing! You haven’t even started yet!
Shivaay: what I meant was that we are going for a week not a month! Look at this mess! This room doesn’t even look like my room anymore! How am I to start my packing! There’s no space at all!
Anika: oho! Shivaay! Why do you have a problem in everything? I know that we are going for a week but I need to look good okay? Otherwise I’ll get that michmichi feeling! Let me take what I want and you take what you want okay?
Shivaay: okay okay! Seriously can’t do anything with you Anika! Just remember that we have to fit these bags along with other bags in the car…so please carry few things…and please clean the room once you’re done!
Anika : okay! Don’t disturb now!
In the hall:-
Om is talking to someone on the phone when suddenly he collides with gauri, his phone falls down…
Om: can’t you see and walk!
Gauri: why see you yelling! You were walking harharaike and you’re blaming me! I’m just trying out this hat! looks good right?
Om: why are you asking me? Ask bhabhi or Soumya!
Gauri: why won’t I ask you? You’re my …
Om: what? I’m you’re what?
Gauri: (she sighs) you’re my…you’re my friend.

Om: fine! It looks nice on you.
Gauri: really? Shall I take it then?
Om: why would I lie? Yeah, take it!
Gauri: okay! Thanku!
Om: you mean thank you ! My pleasure though!
Gauri: that’s what I said!
Om:(smiles) nevermind!
Rudra goes to Soumya’s room and sees her sitting…
Rudra: hey potato!
Soumya: what did you call me?
Rudra: potato!
Soumya: how dare you! Do I look like a potato to you?
Rudra: no…but you’re sitting like a potato! Don’t you have to finish packing?
Soumya: YOU have to finish packing! I’m already done!
Rudra: what! Already? How?
Soumya: when you were out of the house!
Rudra: oh! Then I better go and pack! Bye! Good night!
Soumya: good night!
He turns to go…
Soumya: rudra!
Rudra: (turns) huh?
Soumya: I’m glad to see you again.
Rudra: (smiles) m..me too!
He goes…

Precap: the oberois get ready to leave…someone calls another person and tells that the work is done.

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  1. Gayathri.visu

    Amazing…. Shivika scenes are funny. New name for Sumo,POTATO lol.. Wow! Holidays. Waiting for holidays epi dear…

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