DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 30

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Anika is in the room when shivaay comes running and panting…he comes in and locks the door..
Anika: (shocked) arre? What is this? What happened? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!
Shivaay: Worse than a ghost Anika! Two angry brothers are behind me!
Anika: (laughs) you are damn funny!
Shivaay: why are you laughing? Nothing’s funny okay?
Anika: I’ll tell you what’s funny! (she continues laughing)

Shivaay: will you stop laughing Anika!
Anika: okay okay…some people are scared of ghosts, some people are scared of snakes or lions,.some people are scared of cockroaches but you! (she laughs) you’re scared of your younger brothers who love you so much!
Shivaay: very funny Anika! Very funny!

Anika: see that’s why i’m laughing! Because its funny! (she continues laughing)
Shivaay: are you done? Thank god I ran from there! Or else, I would have been dead! Anyways, apparently om saw me in the market today bargaining for apples!
Anika: (shocked) o bete ki! The great shivaay singh oberoi was bargaining for apples? Wow! Since when did you start saving money?
Shivaay: really Anika? Do you really think I would bargain?
I was with you the whole time! I’m sure he would have seen someone whose face was a little familiar to mine!

Anika: wow! Like your humshakal?
Shivaay: what’s that?
Anika: you don’t know this also? It is a person who looks like you but isn’t you…
Shivaay: oh ya! I’m sure om saw my hum whatever…
In om’s room:-

Om: shivaay shouldn’t have done that! God knows what all we would have done!
It was our plan to get rudra drunk, not me too!
Gauri comes there…
Gauri: oh! So this was the plan!

Om: what are you doing here?
Gauri: I wasn’t getting sleep so I thought that I’ll drink some water. I was heading to the kitchen when I saw your room’s light switched on…so I came to see if you need anything…
Om: thank you but no thanks…if I need something I’ll get it…go sleep…its late…
Gauri: okay, I thought I could make your problem a little easier to solve…
Om: what problem?
Gauri: I heard everything…you want to know what happened in that party right?
Om: yes…
Gauri: Rudy bhaiya didn’t tell you that Soumya di took a video of it?

Om: no…she actually took a video?
Gauri: yes..she did..she sent it to me too..do you want to see it?
Om: yes I do!
Gauri: wait..I’ll get my phone..
she goes and comes back with her phone…she shows the video to om.

Om: oh my god! For the first time in my life I feel so humiliated! I made such a big fool of myself!
Gauri: not exactly…you danced well! Everyone clapped and cheered for both of you!
Om: you really think so?
Gauri: ofcourse! Why would I lie to you? I have lied enough..now no more…
Om: thank you. Its pretty late..go and sleep. I’m tired too…
Gauri goes and om sleeps…

Next morning:-
Prinku goes to meet rudra.
Prinku: Bhaiya, can you drop me to college please?

Rudra: can you ask shivaay Bhaiya or o ? I’m exercising.
Prinku: Shivaay Bhaiya has already left for office and om Bhaiya is working on a sculptor…today one of the drivers had gone to drop shivaay Bhaiya, the other has gone with ma and buama to the temple and the other hasn’t come…please Bhaiya, please!
Rudra: okay…give me five minutes I’ll change and come…
Prinku: thank you bhaiya!

(she goes, later rudra and prinku leave in the car..while driving, suddenly a man crosses the road and the car almost hits him…rudra puts the brake…prinku closes her eyes..the flashes of her and om hitting ranveer’s sister and all that happened, runs in her mind )
Rudra: (shouts) hey! Are you mad! Can’t you see and cross the road?!
The man turns and shouts: can’t you see and drive!! You guys think that the whole road belongs to you!

Rudra: bh..Bhaiya ?
Prinku: ( still very afraid) lets…lets go Bhaiya! (she holds her head)
Rudra:( turns his focus on prinku) are you okay? What happened?
Prinku: (starts panting loudly)
No..nothing ! Lets just go Bhaiya!

Rudra: (stops the car) prinku? Prinku look at me. What happened? Are you fine? See nothing happened to him…he’s fine, we are also fine…come on relax! Here drink some water…Shall we go ahead?
Prinku: ( drinks water) yes bhaiya…
Rudra: where is my strong prinku pehelwan huh?

Prinku: (smiles) here…
(he drops her to college and goes)

Precap: rudra tells everything about the morning incident and shivaay says that even he wants to meet this duplicate…

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