DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) – Episode 3

Next morning:-
Prinku comes to Rudra’s bedroom
Prinku: Rudra bhaiya wake up! Its already morning!
Rudra: (he yawns and gives a good stretch) haan! Show me the gift you brought for me…
Prinku: gift ? What gift ? Anything special today ?
Rudra : Haha now don’t pretend that you don’t know what day today is!
Prinku: Oh! bhaiya today is… Today is….
Rudra : today is, come on tell…

Prinku: today is Monday!
Rudra : kya! You really don’t know what special is today ?
Prinku: bhaiya dadi is calling me…shall I go?
Rudra: (kind of dissapointed) fine go…
(Prinku goes)
Rudra: how is possible? According to my calculations, she should have known that it’s my birthday but I’m sure that bhaiya and O will remember!
Everyone sits on the breakfast table and Rudra comes there.

Rudra: wow kheer! I knew that dadi will make kheer for me!
Thank you so much dadi! I knew that you’ll remember!
( he goes and hugs dadi from back)
Dadi: o khoteya! This kheer is for billu. He’s starting a new project today but if you want then you can eat some. I’m sure billu won’t mind!
Rudra backs out and quietly goes and sits next to Shivaay.
Rudra: ( he whispers ) waise bhaiya, are you sure that you’ll go to office today ?
Shivaay: why shouldn’t go? It’s a usual morning , usual office work load!
Rudra: and where is O?
Shivaay: apparently he’s gone for some important work .. He be back by tomorrow mostly.
Rudra : tomorrow!

Shivaay: yes.
(Rudra feels upset and keeps thinking.)
Anika: Rudra why aren’t you eating anything? Shall I give you one more paratha?
Rudra: no bhabhi, I’m not hungry.
(he gets up and goes)
Pinky: oh my maata! What happened to him?
In svetlana’s room:-
Svetlana: I need to do something quick or else the family members will start doubting me again. Ramesh!!Ramesh!! Come here at once!
Ramesh ( a servant ) comes
Svetlana: go and call Chulbul! Now !
Ramesh goes and after a few minutes Chulbul comes.

Svetlana: why where you taking such a long time to come?
Chulbul: s..s..sorry madam ji . I was taking a bath.
Svetlana: whatever… Where is omkara?
Chulbul: i don’t know madam ji.
Svetlana: what do you mean by I don’t know? You stay in his room, your with him 24hours!

Chulbul : s…s…sorry madam ji.. He went somewhere without telling me…
Svetlana: without telling you? I don’t believe it! You’re not doing your job properly Chulbul… I can see that very well! Do you want me to show you what i can do to you like how I showed you the other day?
(she takes a knife in her hand and touches it on Chulbul’s throat.)
Chulbul : (gasps) wha…wha..what are you doing madam ji? I’ll tell you where he has gone.
Svetlana: (smirks) that’s like a good Chulbul. Now tell me, where has he gone?
Chulbul: he..he’s gone to…um.. panchgani.. Yes.. He’s gone to panchgani…
Svetlana: again? For what?

Chulbul: he said that he had to look for clues..i don’t know anything more.
(Svetlana lowers down the knife and tells Chulbul to go)
Svetlana: hmmm… Omkara thinks that he’s very smart.. But the poor guy doesn’t even know that no matter how hard he tries..he won’t be able to find the smallest of clues…I have erased every bit of information and every bit of memory in that place…this Chul – Bul also won’t be able to save this family now!!!!

Precap: shivaay holds anika, they have an eyelock and o jaana plays

Sorry guys for the late update. I have exams!!

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