DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 29

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This episode is dedicated to Uf!
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Rudra goes looking for shivaay….
Rudra: choti ma, have you seen shivaay Bhaiya anywhere?
Pinky: oh! He went with Anika for some work.. Any important works?
Rudra: no choti ma, thank you…
(he goes)
(shivaay and Anika are sitting inside an icecream parlor, eating icecream…)
Shivaay: hmm…so this it’s your favourite icecream? Kulfi?
Anika: yes! Especially when it’s just taken out of the freezer!
Shivaay: out of all the different flavours you choose that?
Anika: so? What’s wrong? I grew up eating this icecream! And you grew up tasting all those different flavours! Waise, why didn’t you tell the truth when pinky aunty asked you where we were going?
Shivaay: because I thought we could have a secret date…
Anika: secret date? What’s a secret date? Everyone knows every date! Even if you ask a small shopkeeper he’ll know the date! Think before you say something na!!
Shivaay: you should think before you say something! I’m not talking about that date! Now don’t tell me that you don’t know what a date is!
Anika: what is a date then?
Shivaay: a date is when a boy takes a girl or when a girl takes a boy outside to a romantic place to spend some quality time with each other…so I thought that I would take you to a secret date since you haven’t gone out for a long time…
Anika: aw! (in her style)
Shivaay : (smiles) yes…this is the right aw moment…

Om is on his way back from the gallery…on the way he stops in the market to buy some mangoes…
Shopkeeper: how much do you want?
Om: 2 kgs please.
Shopkeeper: here you go…
Om:thanks ( he gives the money and turns to go…he sees someone a little far, bargaining for apples)
Om: shivaay? What is shivaay doing here?
(he goes to see but due to the crowd misses him…he goes to the oberoi mansion)

In the oberoi mansion:-
Rudra: Bhaiya, how could you?! We would have made such a big fool of ourselves!
Shivaay: but I handled it…
Rudra: but…
Om: shivaay?
Rudra: o you came! I have to tell you something! This shivaay Bhaiya…
Om: shivaay what were you doing in the market? You could have told me, I would have got apples.
Shivaay: Apples? Why would I go to the market to buy apples?
Om: hahaha! What a joke! But I saw you in the market today Mr.shivaay Singh oberoi! You got caught!
Shivaay: no om, I didn’t go to the market…I was with Anika the whole evening! we went to eat icecream…
Rudra: oh my god! You ate icecream without me? I thought you had some important work shivaay Bhaiya ?! This isn’t fair!!
Om: but i’m sure I saw you! Only difference was that he I mean you were wearing desi fun type clothes…
Shivaay: are you out of your mind? You know that i’m very particular about my dressing sense right?
Rudra: maybe shivaay Bhaiya has a duplicate…
Om: what?
Shivaay: yes…maybe..know know there are few people in the world who exactly look the same…maybe a little different features too…
Om: yes, but he totally in all angles looked like you!
Shivaay: woah! Good to know! Anyways don’t tell anyone that I went to eat icecream with Anika. It was meant to be a secret date ..
Rudra: secret date? Oh Bhaiya? Full on!!
Om: hmm…after ages Mr.stone singh oberoi went for a date! That too a secret date? Wow!
Shivaay: okay okay…I didn’t tell you so that you could make fun of me! Just don’t tell anyone okay?
Om: okay!
Rudra: In Bhaiya’s language, deal!! O I have to tell you something!
Om: what?
Rudra: I know, we actually danced in the party yesterday!
Om: what dance?
Rudra: remember Anika bhabhi told us that we danced well?
Om: yes..
Rudra: you know it was ask because of shivaay Bhaiya! He mixed alcohol in our juice and we didn’t realise!
Ok:(looks at shivaay) OUR juice?
Shivaay: um..yes…I just thought that you both deserved to have some fun and have a good night’s rest!
Rudra: but we made such a fool of ourselves! Mona darling? Seriously dadi would have thought that i’m mad!
Shivaay: technically, she did…
Rudra: whaaaat!
Om: haha!I I must have been in a little control!
Shivaay: not exactly!
Om: whaaat?
(rudra tells him everything that happened, shivaay quietly goes away..)
Rudra and om at the same time: shivaay Bhaiya!/shivaay!
Om: where did he go?
Rudra: not fair! Bhaiya come back!
(they go looking for him)

Precap: anika hears about duplicate of shivaay and gets shocked…

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