DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 28

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Next morning:-
Rudra and om wake up in their respective rooms…
In rudra’s room:-
Rudra: (holds his head) oh my god! Why is my head hurting so much?! I’ll go and put some balm…(he goes out off his room)
In om’s room:-
Om: ah! My head! its feeling so heavy! I’ll go and see what I can do…(he goes outside his room)
On the way Rudra and om almost bang into each other.
Rudra: o! Can’t you see and walk?
Om: why can’t you see and walk? My head is hurting!
Rudra: Even my head is hurting!
Om: then lets go to the kitchen and make some lemon water…it might help..
Rudra: okay, lets go!
They go to the kitchen and see shivaay making something ..
Rudra: Bhaiya? What are making?
Shivaay: ooh! You guys woke up? Good! I was about to get lemon juice to your rooms and wake you up…
Om: how do you know that we wanted lemon juice? Ah! My head is still hurting!
Shivaay: um.. leave about how I knew, did you guys sleep well?
Rudra: yup! Haven’t slept so deeply since ages! No dreams, no nightmares!
Om: even I had a wonderful sleep!
Shivaay: glad to hear this!
Take, drink…after this I’ll make some bittergaurd juice…
(the boys drink it)
Om: But why bittergaurd?
Rudra: yes, Bhaiya! Don’t make it please! It tastes very bad!
Shivaay: it tastes bad but Its very healthy! It’s going to make your hangover go in seconds…remember we had it last time and it worked like magic!
Rudra: yes Bhaiya, but that was because we were drunk last time! This time we drank very less right?
Shivaay: you guys don’t remember what happened the last night?
Om: what happened last night? We played a game and we spoke a lot..nothing else…by the way it was a good party..
Shivaay: you seriously don’t remember what happened last night?!
Rudra: no Bhaiya, even I don’t remember anything else…
Shivaay: okay never mind…leave it…is not that important either.
Just then Anika comes humming nashe si chad gayi song…
Rudra: bhabhi! Looks like your i’m a singing mood today!
Anika: omru, kya kidkitod performance kal diya tum logo ne! I’m impressed!
Shivaay: Anika!
Rudra: performance?
Om: and us?
Anika: ya! Didn’t shivaay tell you! You guys just set the place on fire!
Rudra: we did? Om do you remember?
Om: nope…
Shivaay: (whispers to Anika) did you have to say that!
Anika: didn’t you tell them about last night?
Shivaay: no! I thought is best that they don’t know about it !
Anika: oh! I didn’t know! Sorry!
Om: shivaay , are you hiding something from us?
Rudra: Bhaiyaaaa?
Shivaay: um…no…Anika can go and make americano for me please?
Anika: um..okay…
Om: bhabhi wait! You were saying something! About out performance?
Anika: nothing nothing! I have work…I’ll tell you later! (she goes)
Om and rudra also go and on the way they meet buama and jhanvi…
Buama: haaye! My darlings! Nazar na lage inhe!
Rudra: huh?
Jhanvi: buama is right! You both danced so well yesterday! I was so happy seeing you so happy!
Om: danced?
Jhanvi: yes! Then what? don’t say that you forgot about it so soon?
Rudra: oh no no…we remember…we’ll see you later okay?
Buama: okay, omki can you do me a favour please?
Om: yes buama, tell me?
Buama: while coming back from your at gallery can you get me some mangoes from the market please? I don’t want to tell the servants because they won’t be able to get the type of mangoes I like…
Om: ya sure buama! I’ll get it on the way! Bye!
(om goes out to his art gallery…rudra goes to Soumya’s room, he sees Soumya looking at something on her phone and laughing)
Rudra: hey sumo! What are you doing? And why are you laughing so much?
Soumya: oh! I’m just seeing a movie!
Rudra: which one? show me too! (he goes and takes it in his hands and sees…)
Rudra: oh my!! This is om and I! And we’re dancing? Was this in yesterday’s party?
Soumya: um…yes ?
Rudra: so this was the dance everyone was talking about! But when did we dance? I don’t remember! Soumya why do you look as if you’re hiding something?
Soumya: n..nothing!
Rudra: Soumya tell!! I know you’re hiding something!
Soumya: fine, I’ll tell! (she tells him the whole story)
Rudra: how could Bhaiya do this? We could have made such a fool of ourselves! I’m going to confront Bhaiya right now and wait until I tell o about all of this!

Precap: om comes back and ask shivaay what he was doing in the market…shivaay stares at him…

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