DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 27

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Shivaay : no mom! Not needed!
Pinky: whys? Now my sind will go hungry also?
Shivaay: (he goes to her) the thing is we’re having a lot of fun there! And there is some snacks too! We’ll manage with that too!
Pinky: okays…if you say so…
(She goes, shivaay goes back to the rest)
Anika: thank god they didn’t catch us! But shivaay, there is a problem…
Shivaay: what problem?
Anika: look there!
(shivaay looks, he sees them drinking and hears om and rudra)
Rudra: o, you are too cute yaar!!
Om: no…no!!! I’m not cute!! gauri is cute!!
Rudra: no!! Soumya is cuter!!
Om: gauri!
Rudra: soumya!
Om: no! Gauri!
Rudra: no! Soumya!
(gauri and soumya say both at the same time- shut up!, om and rudra make a sad face)
Soumya: waise we both are cute unlike you guys!
(Rudra and om laugh)

Gauri: what is so funny?!
Om: chulbul bulbul chulbul bulbul!!! everything is funny! The whole world!
Rudra: om do you remember that song? We got the whole world na na na….
Om: you heard him gauri and Soumya?! We are the bosses and the world listens to us!! Hahaha!
Rudra: okay! Then I say Soumya!
Om: I say gauri!
Rudra: no ,Soumya!
Om: no , gauri!!
Shivaay from far: ya…this is definitely a problem…and how do we solve this Anika? If the family members see this then we have had it!!!
Anika: I think we should chupke se take them to a room…cause here anyone can see them!
Shivaay: you’re right Anika!
Anika: huff! At last you found out shivaay!
Shivaay: what?
Anika: that Anika the great is always right!
Shivaay: okay madam ji, now atleast can we focus on our work please?
Anika: right!

(they slowly try to move them to their room without anyone’s notice when…a song plays- nashe si chad gayi…and rudra and om start dancing)
Shivaay: oh no!! We have to stop them!
(the family sees them dancing, and are surprised)
Anika and shivaay try to hold them back and finally succeed.
They take them away…dadi comes in front…
Dadi: you all danced well!! Why didn’t you also dance billu?
Shivaay: um..dadi…
Anika: dadi he danced a little but he has a little pain in his back.
Dadi: oh! Why didn’t you tell billu? I’ll send some balm through Ramesh…
Shivaay: that’s really not needed dadi…
Dadi: why is it not needed? Wait I’ll send it…
Rudra: Mona darling!!! (he hugs her)
Dadi: what happened to you!
Om: (touches her feet) give me your blessings dadi!!
Dadi: what is wrong with the both of you? Are you drunk?
Shivaay: n..n..no ways dadi! We were just playing truth or dare and their task was to do this!
Dadi: oh! (laughs)
Shivaay: we’ll go on now…
Anika , shivaay, gauri and Soumya try to cover them and go…shivaay and Soumya take rudra to his room and Anika and gauri take om to his room…

In rudra’s room:-
Rudra: Bhaiya I don’t want to sleep! I have to still ride the aeroplane to Thailand!!
Shivaay: ooh god! Don’t worry you can ride it later. Sleep now you must be tired…
Rudra: okay…if you say so…I don’t know why i’m feeling so dizzy…
Soumya: then sleep…it will help you.. Good night.
Rudra: good night..
(he just falls on the bed, shivaay and Soumya go at close the door behind them)

In om’s room:
om: where are you taking me?
Gauri: you don’t even remember your room?
Om: ooh! Ya! Lets dance!
Anika: now you sleep tomorrow we’ll dance…
Om: good night!
Anika and gauri leave him sleeping and close the door behind them…
They all meet up and discuss…
Shivaay: by tomorrow tell feel so stressfree and better.
Anika: you’re right…can’t wait for tomorrow!
Soumya: yes…they’ll have such a god sleep too!
They go and sleep in their respected rooms…

Precap: om and Rudra wake up with a really bad headache…

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