DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 26

Hey guys this episode is dedicated to shuklarashi!
Hope you all like it!!

The party starts:-
Everyone is talking to each other…the youngsters are together…the waiter offers drinks…everyone takes a glass each
Shivaay: cheers to all the success we have had so far…
om: and to good memories further on!
Rudra: cheers!
Soumya: cheers!
Anika: cheers?!
Gauri doesn’t say anything…
Om: gauri what happened?
Gauri: omkara ji…I can’t do this…
Om: what? Why? Don’t worry its just one glass…you won’t get high!!
Gauri: I have never drunk this before…I can’t omkara ji!
Shivaay: okay okay…we won’t force you…will you have watermelon juice instead?
Gauri: okay…if you say so…
(Shivaay orders a servant to get watermelon juice for gauri)
Gauri: thanku shivaay Bhaiya!
Shivaay: My pleasure gauri!
Om: its thank you gauri not thanku!
Gauri: ek chaap denge diwar pe satt jayenge!! I said that only! thanku!
Om: (laughs) leave it! I don’t think you’ll ever improve!

Jhanvi: mummyji, i’m so happy that everything is fine now, everyone looks so happy! I hope ab kisi Ki nazar nahi lage…
Pinky: you’re right jethani everyone was so busy caught up in trouble and worries that we as a family couldn’t spend time together…
dadi: i’m so happy looking at everyone when they are free of any tensions! Look at shivomru! They are finally enjoying!
(They smile at the youngsters and they smile back)
Om: lets have one more drink!
Rudra: huh? YOU are saying that?! Maa ka ladla sach mein bigad gaya?! Wow! I like this om!
Om: (laughs) after so long things are alright in our family! We should celebrate without any inhibitions! Don’t you think so shivaay?
Shivaay: ofcourse!
Anika: are you sure shivaay? I mean the whole family is there together? What if we…
Shivaay: relax Anika! We’re not drinking so much also!!
Anika: accha okay !
Om and shivaay stare at each other
Shivaay:( whispers) om are you ready for our plan?

Rudra comes next to them and whispers…
Rudra: what plan Bhaiya?
Om: uh..
Shivaay: plan to sit and play something over there…
Rudra: but why? We can play here also right?
Shivaay: no..no..everyone is here…we need some sort of privacy right?
Rudra: huh?
Om: never mind…lets go, come on! (he deals rudra and everyone follow)
Om: I have an idea! Lets play truth or dare!
Rudra:.nooo! We always play that!! remember even when tia was there!
Shivaay: yes…yes…I remember everything! even about the person who mixed alcohol in our fruit punch?!
Anika: o bete ki!! I toh forgot only!! Rudra??
Rudra: oops! Don’t worry…I promise I won’t do it this time!
Shivaay: haan..haan you better be sorry!
Rudra: okay…come on lets play never have I ever!
Anika: yes yes! Such a kidkitod game! By the way what is this never I have?

Shivaay: never have I ever Anika…its never have I ever…in this game, we ask take turns and announce one thing that we personally haven’t done so far…if another one of us has done it then that person should drink a sip of the drink or juice they hold with them….understood everyone?
Anika: yes…lets play now!
Rudra: but not with alcohol okay?
Om : you are saying this!!
Rudra: last time because of me everyone faced a lot of problem…this time the whole family is together! We shouldn’t get high!
Shivaay looks at om…om looks back…
Shivaay: okay them I’ll get juice for all of us…(he goes and comes back with a tray of glasses of juice and gives it to each one of them…(he whispers to om-today our dear brother will get such a good night’s sleep that he’ll forget about everything that ever happened!! I’ve done my job…only his glass his glass has alcohol in it!
om smiles)
They all start the game:-

Shivaay: I’ll start…I have never (he looks at rudra) said I love you to a girl…
Rudra, gauri and om drink a sip…
Rudra: then tell Anika bhabhi na, she’s here! come on Bhaiya, say it!
Anika: rudra, leave it…your big brother is a tadibaaz not an Ishqbaaz! He won’t be able to say it!
shivaay: um..Anika is right…om say some thing please?
Gauri: okay, my turn now! I’ll tell it in Hindi okay? I have never driven a car…
(the brothers drink)
The game goes on and they keep on drinking sips of their juice/alcohol…
Rudra: why do I feel so happy today!!!
Om: not only you Rudy, me too!!
Shivaay and the rest of then laugh….shivaay recalls putting alcohol in Rudy’s and om’s glass…he tells Anika…
Shivaay: I just thought even he has been through so much lately…so I did this!
Pinky calls out from far: come for dinner everyone!
Shivaay: oh no! How do we take Rudy and om like this, they’ll get scolded so badly!

Precap: rudra calls dadi Mona darling and dadi is surprised, and om touches her feet and asks for her blessings…

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