DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 25 and a small celebration!

Hey guys!
This episode is dedicated to Arthi!
Hope you all like it!!

The police interrogates rudra about the past incidents and he tells them everything…
Inspector: that kaali thakur has done a very big crime! He won’t spare him this time! we will find him and he will surely not escape us this time!
Shivaay: yes…this time there should be no mistake..
Inspector: yes…Mr. Oberoi…
Om: wait…inspector even I’ll come with you…I have some old favours to return!
Shivaay: then even I’ll come with you!
Later: –

The inspector along with shivkara goes to the location which rudra mentioned and catch kaali…kaali tries to defend himself but this time the police is strong…and get hold of him…om goes to him…
Om: I forgot to return a favour of yours kaali! (he goes and slaps him hard)
Om: this is for ruining my life!
(he slaps him again) this is for troubling gauri! ( he slaps him once again) this is for having the cheeks to show me your dirty face again! (he slaps him again) and this is for making my brother’s life hell!
(now even shivaay comes and holds kaali’s collar..)

Shivaay: how dare you trouble my brother! Because of you he thinks that he murdered those people! I feel like killing you myself but i’m not like you nor do I want to be! (he pushes kaali)
(the police catch him)
Meanwhile in oberoi mansion:-
Soumya, Anika and gauri find rudra sad…
Anika: what happened rudra?
Rudra: nothing bhabhi…
Soumya: now don’t lie okay…
Rudra: i’m serious…nothing..

Gauri: then why does your face look so sad?
Anika: you still must be thinking that it was your fault that those people died…right?
Rudra: not much bhabhi but that scar hasn’t gone…
Anika: which car? Where has it not gone?

Rudra: not car bhabhi, scar…the scar kaali gave…
Soumya: come on show me your scar, is it to big? We’ll try to make it go away…
Rudra: that’s the worst part sumo…I can’t show it to anyone…those images of blood and innocent people dying can never go away.my nightmares can’t go away… I think I need a walk..(he slowly gets up and goes)
Gauri: I think we should do something to help him…
Anika: like what?
(Gauri whispers something in their ears)
Anika: o bete ki ! Is idea ko laga dala, toh life jingalala ?!
Soumya: (laughes) bhabhi was that?!

Gauri and Anika also start laughing…
Om and shivaay come home.
Gauri: kya aapne uss kaali ko ek chaap dekar sata diya?
Om: (laughs) haan..haan, don’t worry…
(Om goes to his room, gauri follows him)
Gauri: omkara ji! Wait!
(om turns)

Om: come through the side, it’s …(and gauri slips, om rushes and holds her, they have an eye lock…saathiya plays)
Om: I was telling you that it was slippery…I spilt water in the morning by mistake…
Gauri: you should have told me na! I would have cleaned it…
Om: why would you clean it? Ramesh!
(Ramesh the servant comes and om tells him to get it cleaned, he goes)
Gauri: omkara ji, I wanted to tell you something…

Om: what?
Gauri: why don’t we keep a party?
Om: why? Anything spacial coming up?
Gauri: no…we wanted Rudy Bhaiya to forget whatever happened…if we keep a party, then maybe we can divert his mind a little…and maybe then he’ll stop getting those nightmares…
Om: good idea! I’ll talk to shivaay about it! You’re becoming smart chul…I mean gauri!
Gauri: (laughs) you can call me chulbul also! And by the way, gauri kumari sarma has always been semaret, it’s just that few people haven’t noticed!
Om: oho! Then what is semaret?! It is smart! (he laughs)
Gauri: even I said the same thing!
(they discuss with the rest of them)

Shivaay: then let the party be tomorrow!
Anika: yes! But wait…we didn’t decide if we are going to call anyone from outside…
Shivaay: ya..about that…I think that we should keep the party within our family…you see then everyone will start questioning us…
Om: you’re right shivaay…
Shivaay: Anika can you make the list of the things we need please?
Anika: okay..sure!

Shivaay: and don’t forget to include 8 bottles of wine….
Anika: 8 bottles!!! Are you out of your mind? Do you want to reach the hospital?
Shivaay: (laughs) do you think that i’m going to be the only one to drink it?
Anika: don’t look at me! You remember right what happened the previous time rudra mixed it in fruit punch!
Om: yup! And this time we shall do the honours! (he gives high give to shivaay)
Soumya: I really don’t understand what’s going on!
Om: don’t worry, you’ll understand in the party!

Precap: The oberois play a game in the party!

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