DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 24

Hey guys this episode is dedicated to nitika!
Hope you like it!

Soumya: I missed you…get well soon…(she goes towards the door)
Rudra: thanks…
Soumya: (shocked) you’re awake? I thought…
Rudra: I missed you too…
(soumya turns towards him and rudra quickly closes his eyes and pretends to be asleep, Soumya smiles and goes quietly)
In shivaay’s room:-
Anika is combing her hair…shivaay comes and hugs get from behind…
Shivaay: how are you meri jaan?
Anika: arre wah! Someone looks in a good mood today! Your not showing tadi!
Shivaay: you..you know Anika, this is your problem…you have a problem when i’m in a bad mood, you have a problem when i’m in a good mood….
Anika: nooo..shivaay, i’m just surprised that The shivaay Singh oberoi urf tadi baaz oberoi has thrown his tadi away, outside the window!
Shivaay: window, seriously? By the way, just to make it clear I didn’t throw my tadi anywhere…i’m just so happy that my brother’s back!
Anika: (laughs) matlab, you agree that you show tadi! Today’s day has been great for me too! Firstly, rudra came back…everything its normal now…Secondly, Mr.tadibaaz agreed that he shows tadi!
Shivaay: okay Anika…please, stop it now!

It’s late at night:- (around 1:30 am)
(Rudra gets a bad dream about those incidents and wakes up with a start)
Rudra: nooooo! ( he holds his head)
(priyanka comes running to his room, she sees him sweating)
Prinku: Bhaiya, what happened! Are you okay? I think you had a nightmare…
Rudra: yes …it was definitely a nightmare…(he pants)
Prinku: here drink some water…(she makes him drink water)
Rudra: by the way, what are you doing here… Why aren’t you sleeping?
Prinku: shivaay Bhaiya, om Bhaiya and I were taking turns in sleeping on the sofa outside so that we’ll know if you need anything…
Rudra: thank you…
Prinku: Bhaiya, that’s really not necessary…we just want you to be fit and fine.
Rudra: Hmm.. Well how is my prinku pehelwan?
Prinku: very bad…I missed you so much…I was so scared…what if something happened to..
Rudra: shhh…nothing would happen to me when I have such a loving family…but i’m disappointed with o and shivaay Bhaiya…
Prinku: trust me bhaiya, the number of times the looked for you! They didn’t even eat properly , they were worried all the time…all of us were…worst part was that we all felt so helpless…(she gets teary)
Rudra: is that really true? come here…(he hugs prinku)
Prinku: yes bhaiya…

Next morning:-
Shivaay and om bring soup for rudra…they sit next to him…
rudra: what’s this?
Shivaay: beetroot soup, made by me!
Om: even I helped okay…
Shivaay: yes..I forgot, om helped too…here drink
Rudra: (he’s about to take a sip but sees it’s red colour…the shooting scene flashes before him ) noo…blood! I can’t drink this …
Shivaay: what? It’s beetroot soup! It will help your wounds to heal faster…drink it quick…
Rudra: I … I …can’t..
Om: but why? I tell you..it’s very yummy…
Rudra: please o don’t force na..
Shivaay: accha okay…if you don’t want to drink it, don’t…I won’t force you…but atleast tell us what exactly happened there….what did kaali do?
Rudra: n..n..nothing…leave it…I don’t want to talk about it…
Shivaay: it is something related to which you got a nightmare yesterday? Yes..prinku told me how freaked out you got…
Rudra: it’s..it’s not a big deal..
Shivaay: not a big deal? You didn’t sleep half the night rudy! Look at you..you look so worn out!
Om: rudra, please tell us…we’ll help you…we’re always there for you.
Rudra: fine do you really want to know?!
Shivaay: yes we do!
Rudra: okay then listen! I killed three people okay?! I’m a murderer! Now will you hate me or take me to the police?
Om: what? What are you saying? Rudy we won’t be able to understand you until you tell us in detail!
(rudra tells them everything, for the start to the end. Then Shivaay and om look at each other.)
Om: do you really think that we’ll hate you for this? It wasn’t your fault rudra!
He forced you…
Rudra: but through my hands? I say them die in front of my eyes! I’m not even able to forget it!
Shivaay: believe us…you know if it really was your fault we would have told you…and don’t worry, om and I will try and make you forget about whatever happened…okay?
Rudra: okay… But that kaali thakur is still roaming freely.
Om: we’ll see how long that lasts! His time is going to be up soon…
( The three brothers hug, hum saath ek dusere ke saaya bann ke rahenge plays )

Precap: om slaps kaali and shivaay holds kaali’s collar angrily…

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