DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! ( an ishqbaaz ff) episode 23

Hey guys! this episode is dedicated to Niriha !
Hope you like it!

It’s raining:-
In the oberoi mansion:-
In the morning, everyone is in the living room busy in their own thoughts…
Shivaay is speaking to om…
Shivaay: yes…I’ve found another place…we’ll check that…
Om: okay…come…( shivaay turns towards the door and sees…)
Shivaay: rudra…rudra!!
(rudra is standing at the door…he looks very tired…and hurt…)
Om: rudra!!
(shivaay and om run and hug rudra, but he’s upset and he slightly pushes them away…he goes and falls on jhanvi’s shoulders, she thinks that he is hugging her)
Rudra: maaaa!
Jhanvi: beta!!! I’m so glad that you’re back!! Are you alright?
Why aren’t you saying anything?
(Om looks at rudra’s back and see a knife stuck)
Om: mom he is very hurt…
Jhanvi: I know…
Om: we need to call the doctor now..
Shivaay: now? What’s the matter?
Om: he got stabbed!
Shivaay: what?! Rudra?
(shivaay sees it and pulls rudra towards him…rudra falls on him, unconscious)
Jhanvi: rudra!
Anika: shivaay, remove the knife!
( Shivaay removes it and he and om take him to his room)

Later the doctor comes and checks rudra..
Doctor: looks like he has got a lot of wounds…(he bandages his head, some places on the arms and his back)
jhanvi: doctor, he’ll be alright right?
Doctor: yes …But will take some time to heal…
Shivaay: when will he be consious?
Doctor: In half an hour or so..
Shivaay:.thank you doctor.
(doctor leaves)
After half an hour:-
Everyone is waiting for rudra to get consious…
Shivaay: come on rudra, open your eyes…please…
(rudra slowly opens his eyes)
Rudra: murderer…
Om: what?

Rudra: I’m a murderer…
Shivaay: do you even know what your saying? I think you need rest…
Rudra: (he looks at his hands) I…i killed three innocent people…(he gets teary ) how could I ?
Jhanvi: what are you saying beta? I know my rudra can’t do such a thing….
Shivaay: how did you come back?
Rudra: (flashback shows that the men were running behind rudra….he sees a bus stand and runs to a bus and asks for a drop to Mumbai… The men see him and run…one of them takes a knife and throws it on rudra from behind…but he bus moves at the right time and he reaches Mumbai controlling the pain… It starts raining and he gets wet but continues walking till his house as he did not have any money left….) Nothing…I just came.. Anyways if I couldn’t save myself then who would save me?
Shivaay: I know you’re upset with me…but believe me…we tried our best to look for you…we went everywhere…spoke to everyone possible ….please..I’m sorry…you’ll forgive me right?
Rudra: hmm…(he remembers shooting the people and gets tensed)
Om: what happened?
(rudra doesn’t say anything)

Shivaay: please rudra, until you explain what happened how will we help you? Tell us…why are you so quiet?
Buama: arre will all of you stop your interrogation? He’s hurt, let him rest for sometime…lets go…(she pulls everyone out odd his room…)
Om: I won’t spare that kaali! It’s all because if him that rudra is in trauma…
Shivaay: to teach him a proper lesson, we need to know what had happened…we need to make rudra tell us what that kaali did…what his future plans are…
Om: you’re right…
(Anika and gauri go to Soumya’s room)
Anika: soumya, did you meet him?
Soumya: meet who? Please Anika Didi leave me alone for sometime…I just came back from the temple…
(Anika and gauri look at each other and nod)
Gauri: looks like your prayer came true…
Soumya: please…guys I just want some alone time…
Anika: okay…then we’ll go and see if rudra needs anything …
(they go towards the door)
Soumya: what did you say? Rudra? Rudra came back?
Anika: yes yes…he’s back! Arre, where are you going soumya, tho wanted some alone time right?
Soumya: I .. I … I’m going to meet him! (she blushes , and runs to his room)
Anika and gauri laugh…
Anika: there it’s surely some khidkitod chemistry between them…
Gauri: you’re right! Thank god sankar ji helped Rudy Bhaiya cone back home! I won’t leave that kaali thakur!
(Soumya enters rudra’s room and finds him sleeping, she smiles)
Soumya: (whispers to herself) I’m so glad you’ve come back !
(she goes and sits next to rudra)

Precap: shivaay and om pesture rudra to tell them everything…

guys one important thing… by award nominations I meant awards for you guys! like… favourite commentor, favorite advisor, etc… so if you want can you think of nominations like that??

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  1. Niriha

    O my god finally rudy came back to his brothers….awesome episode dear ??????????loved it to the core amazing eagerly waiting for next update soon love you so much ????

    1. Pixie

      Thank you so much niriha!!! I’m glad you loved it! Especially when it was dedicated to you!???

  2. Nice story …

    1. Pixie

      Thank you Pihu!

  3. Nice di waiting for the next☺☺

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      Thank You vishnushri!

  4. Dhar

    Awesome episode ?? plzz post the next update ASAP ?? waiting for your next episode ?

    1. Pixie

      Thank you Dhar! ?

  5. Thedreamsoul

    Awesome as usual . I was eager to see Soumya’s and Rudra’s scene but you gave end to it before itself . It’s not fair and update ASAP !

    1. Pixie

      Thank you!!

  6. Emotional ride

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      I’m glad you liked it!

  7. Awsome

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      Thank you!

  8. Superb dr……. Poor Rudy…..

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      Thank you arthi!

  9. Gayathri.visu

    Finally Rudra is back to OM! So sad he bears so much pain. But please don’t make Rudra angry at Shivom for not rescue him. Don’t separate them. Waiting for next part dear…
    Oh this type of nominations! Sorry dear I didn’t get any idea.

    1. Pixie

      Thanks gayu! Don’t worry they will always be together!

  10. Finally rudy ny buddy is back..nive post next part soon.

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