DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! ( an ishqbaaz ff) episode 22

hey guys! this episode is dedicated to Lilly. Hope you all like it!

Shivaay comes to oberoi mansion…soumya comes to him…
Soumya: Bhaiya, did you find anything about him?
Shivaay: i’m sorry soumya…couldn’t find anything…
(shivaay goes, Omkara comes and consoles soumya)
Om: soumya don’t worry… If rudra sees you crying then he’ll call you cry baby…like how you used to call him…
(om gets a message and he sees it)
Om: Kaali’s message?! He was in jail right?
(he reads it…it says- omkara, finally in our game, I won…you lost…want proof, then hear the audio…)
(om plays the audio- there is the sound of a bullet..rudra screams nooooo! Bhaiya! O!)
Om: no…this isn’t possible…how?
(Soumya gets teary and runs to her room)
Om goes to the prayer room and sees jhanvi, buama and dadi praying..he throws the aarthi plates…
Jhanvi: om! What are you doing!
Om: stop it! Stop it all of you! nothing is going to help now because…because he’s not going to come back! Do you get it? He’s gone! Forever! ( he falls on his knees and breaks down into tears)
(everyone come there)
Shivaay: what happened om?
Om: you don’t believe me? Then see this! (he shows the message and everyone listens to the audio)
Shivaay: no…this isn’t possible…om you actually believe this?
Om: why not shivaay? It’s his voice! He called us! He screamed! Don’t you get it? The bullet hit him! He’ll die shivaay! And I…I…couldn’t save him!( he cries)
Shivaay: I’ll kill kaali thakur ! How dare he!
(kaali tells his men)
Kaali: I’ve played such a move that the oberois will never play games again! That audio would have made them think that their brother is dead! Hahaha! And here, I’ve brainwashed rudra so much that even if he manages to get back to his house, he’ll never forgive himself! Hahaha!
One man: Sir, now that he have come to know about you, what if they trace your number and come till here?
kaali: I’ve already taken out that sim card , broken it and thrown it!
(the men compliment him)
Somewhere farther away:-
(rudra’s thinking about the incidents…he remembers his brothers … ( tu har lamha tha mujhese juda from khamoshiya movie plays in the background )he remembers the love…the fights…and soumya…all their times together…
Meanwhile in her room soumya also thinks about him…soumya sings kaun tujhe song from M.S dhoni in the background and remembers him )
Rudra: I miss you soumya…I miss everyone…
Soumya: I miss you rudra…please come back…(she cries)
(Anika comes there)
Anika: nothings happened to him soumya…don’t worry please…
Soumya: Anika bhabhi! (she hugs her)

(Rudra washes his face and rubs his hands…he starts hallucinating about blood in his hands)
What have I done? My brothers will never forgive me…god will never forgive me! How will I forgive myself? that man does because of me….(he his his head on the wall)
Kaali tells his men: get him here! Time has actually come! He’s is of no use anymore!
(The men drag rudra to kaali)
Rudra: leave me!
Kaali: the long time has ended! time for you to go up! (he pulls out a gun at rudra)
Rudra: don’t do this…
Kaali: any last wishes?
Rudra: yes…omg ! (points at thatdirection behind kaali )Bhaiya ! You came?!
(everyone turn the other side, rudra sees this opportunity and kicks the men holding his hands…he runs…)
Kaali: Ae!! He fooled us! Catch him! He shouldn’t run away!
(the men run behind rudra)
Rudra: o god! Please help me reach home so that I can tell the police…I won’t let those sacrifices of innocent people go down the drain….
In the oberoi mansion:-
Shivaay and Om are sitting together, silently…each one is thinking that it’s their fault…then..
Om: you know shivaay, I never knew that this would happen…why does every thing go away from me? It’s like god doesn’t want me to be happy anymore…what did rudra do? He just helped me…why did god give him the punishment?!
Shivaay: I don’t know what is happening in this house… We sits our best..i looked everywhere possible…i hope nothing’s happened to him…what if he never comes home? I will never be able to forgive myself…
(Anika and gauri.look at them from far)
Anika:I wish rudra comes back…this family is incomplete without him….this family is broken…
Gauri: you’re right Anika bhabhi ji…but now I think it’s because of me…if I had never come here, Kaali wouldn’t have come here…he wouldn’t have taken revenge on omkara ji…and..and Rudy Bhaiya would have been here…(she cries)
Anika: no gauri, what are you saying? You saved om! It’s not your fault…(she hugs gauri)

Precap: its raining outside…everyone is talking in the living room…shivaay turns towards the door and sees….

And one more thing… i was thinking that since star parivaar awards is going to come, i wanted to hold a small award ceremony after completing 25 episodes…are you all fine with it? if so, then can you give some ideas for the categories for nominations please?

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  1. Super episode feeling bad for rudy plz update soon

    1. Pixie

      Thank you sri!!

  2. Ur story is amazine. Pls dont ruin the brothers track like IB did. Keep their love. Here are my duggested categories
    Best brother
    Best bhabi
    Best bahu
    Most popolar actor/actress
    Best jodi
    Best dialog

    1. Pixie

      thank you senuthilini !
      by nominations i meant nominations for you guys, like favourite commentor, and all…only if you all want it…

  3. wonderful episode, you know, it’s just my first time reading this but i feel like to continue. Actually it’s good, i cant wait to continue!!

    1. Pixie

      thank you subira !! keep reading and i shall keep entertaining!

    2. Pixie

      thank you subira !! keep reading and i shall keep entertaining! 😉

  4. Superb dr and regarding nominations I wud suggest

    Best pati
    Best patni
    Best supporting actor male
    Best supporting actor female
    Best SaaS
    Best entertainers
    Best pair….( Both male and female)

    I know it’s kind of stupid but do consider????

    1. Pixie

      thank you!!!
      how about awards for you guys also?

  5. Excellent

    1. Pixie

      thank you charitha! 🙂

  6. Niriha

    Superb…..eagerly waiting for next part update soon

    1. Pixie

      thank you niriha! next part is dedicated to you!!

  7. Ahsana98

    pixies it’s was an emotional episode dear .update soon……….

    1. Pixie

      thank you ahsana!!
      will post soon!

  8. Gayathri.visu

    Amazing… Poor Rudra! Feeling bad for Rumya. Hope Obros will teach good lesson to kaali. Update next part ASAP.

    And nominations, my suggestions are
    Best actor(male)
    Best actor(female)
    Best actor in negative role(male & female)
    Best actor in comic role(male & female)
    Best jodi
    Best actor in supporting role(male)
    Best actor in supporting role(female)

    1. Pixie

      thank you gayathri!!
      how about nominations for you guys as well?

  9. Rudy boy is trapped badly. Liked his presence of mind. He turned his own saviour to save many other innocent people. Now Shivkara won’t spare Kali. Waiting for some action.

    1. Pixie

      thank you nitika!!

  10. Alekhika20

    Fab updt

    1. Pixie

      thank you alekhika!!!

  11. Superbb!!!!

    1. Pixie

      thanks banita!!!

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