DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 21

hey friends!!! this episode is dedicated to nikitajai !!!
hope you like it!

Om and gauri reach oberoi mansion and they met Anika and shivaay…
Om: I think we should continue our investigation…
Shivaay: I’ve told khanna the address…he’ll do it…
Om: okay…I hope we find him as soon as possible…
(all of a sudden, the landline rings)
Om: I’ll pick it up…(he goes and picks up the phone) hello?
No one answers
Om: hello?
Someone: helloooo!
Om: who is this?
Someone: I think you have forgotten your brother so soon…
Om: what? So…you…you have kidnapped him! who are you?
Someone: does it really matter? yes…your brother is with us! Prepare to make arrangements for his funeral!!
Om: no…how dare you! Where is my brother? if anything happens to him I’ll kill you! Do you understand?!
(shivaay comes running and takes the phone from om)
Shivaay: how much money do you want? Tell me! I’ll give anything to get my brother back!
Someone: I don’t want your money…I just called to say that you should forget about your brother…don’t waste time in looking for him…because you’ll never find him , he’ll never come back! Hahaha!
(shivaay throws the phone in anger)

Jhanvi: (tensed) shivaay…what happened? Where is he?
Shivaay: badi ma…I don’t know what to do…(he cries) he said…he said…that Rudy wont be able to come back…he doesn’t want any money…how on earth will we find rudra!!
Anika: calm down shivaay…we’ll find a way…
Shivaay: how do I calm down Anika, I don’t even know if he’s okay or not, if he can contact us or not, if he’s alive or…
Om: shivaay! (he hugs him) nothing will happen to him! He is alive…he has to be alive…
Meanwhile, the men take rudra to an open space where he sees a man with his back facing him…
a man: sir, we got him!
Sir: I want to talk to him, remove the tape from his mouth!
(a man removes the tape)
Rudra: who are you? Why have you got me here?
Sir: don’t ask so many questions at once…we have a lot of time…
Rudra: please let me go…i’m not scared of you but I want to back home…
Sir: maybe now you’ll get scared…(he turns towards rudra)
Rudra: k..kaali thakur?! You…you were arrested by the police right? (he remembers the incidents were they fought in the terrace)
Kaali: yes…and do you think that I would give up that easily?
I ran away! The police couldn’t even catch me!

Rudra: why didn’t they tell us!
Sir: because I threatened them at the cost if their family’s safety! And I made a plan! You know omkara was supposed to be in your place at first…but when these idiots caught you…I thought if changing the plan! Omkara’s life is you…and if something happens to you, he will die on his own! Hahaha!
Rudra: noooo..you can’t do this!
Kaali: sure, don’t worry there’s a lot to see before you die!
(another man brings a boy there)
Kaali makes rudra sit on the chair and sits on a couch…
Kaali: come on you guys! You know what to do!
Rudra: who is this boy?
Kaali: someone who has been stealing food from my Godown!
Boy: please leave me! I stole because my mother is unwell…I don’t have enough money for her treatment…please..
(kaali signs the men, the men lift guns and start shooting him and the boy falls on the ground, dead)
Rudra: noooooo! how can you do this kaali! ( he cries)
Kaali: arre! Don’t cry now…save your tears, there’s a lot more to come!
Rudra looks on..

After a few days:-
(as days pass by kaali kills different people in front of rudra…rudra can’t tolerate it anymore)
Rudra: (he cries) please let me go! Let these innocent people go! Don’t kill them! Please! I can’t take it anymore!
Kaali: I think you’ll get used to it…I think do it yourself will help you…
(he opens the rope from rudra’s hands and gives the gun to him)
Rudra: no…I won’t do it , not even in my dreams!
Kaali: then I’ll make you do it!
(kaali holds rudra’s hands with the gun and aims it at a man)
Rudra: no! Please don’t do this! I’ll do whatever you want but please don’t make me do this!
(kaali shoots and some blood falls on rudra’s face..he wipes it and looks at it …)
Rudra: oh no…what have you done!
Kaali: what have you done? You shot him? An innocent man?
Rudra: n..n..no…I didn’t shoot….you did!
Kaali: but it was through your hands…so who is responsible? Me or you?
Rudra: ( thinks) oh no…what have I done!
Meanwhile in oberoi mansion:-
Jhanvi: (very upset) it’s been over three Weeks now…and we still haven’t found him mummyji…I hope nothing has happened to him…
Dadi: shivaay and omkara are doing their best jhanvi…and I have a feeling that he will come back soon…
Jhanvi: I just hope mummy ji…(she cries) my rudra does so much for me but look at me, I can’t do anything for him…
Buama: you can jhanvi….have faith in him…pray for his good health…pray that he comes back soon…
Jhanvi: okay buama…but don’t you think that I’ve already done that? With the amount of praying, he would have cone back by now…
(buama hugs jhanvi)
Buama: you need to remain strong …who will feed him his favourite kheer and console him if you become weak?
Jhanvi: you’re right buama…

Precap: om gets a text message from kaali…he sees it and gets shocked!

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  1. Dhar

    Plzz bring our Rudy back to his bros , awesome episode ?? plzz post the next update ASAP

    1. Pixie

      you will get to see that soon dhar!! dont worry ! 🙂

  2. Awesome. ..but plz next episode main hi rudy ko wapas le aayo……. Can’t see him in this state.

    1. Pixie

      thanks arpita…soon dont worry…

  3. Alvia

    Awesome please update soon

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      thanks Alvia!!
      will post soon!

  4. Rasika

    Nice dr…..can you put the link of the previous epi, it is just a suggestion… Post soon

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      yes…i will post soon!

  5. Very nice,,,,,,,,,

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      thank you tania!

  6. Gayathri.visu

    Please don’t do this to Rudra….bring back him to OM. Waiting for next part.

    1. Pixie

      he will come back soon!

  7. Niriha

    Please bring back our rudy to OM..eagerly waiting for next update soon

    1. Pixie

      he will come back soon!

  8. Thedreamsoul

    I wish that Rudra get back to OM soon . It is so sad to see it. Are human beings toys that this Kaali is killing them , how cruel ! I hate this man so much ! I am waiting for your next one and update soon. This one was awesome !

    1. Pixie

      thank you Thedreamsoul!

  9. Nice one dr and feeling bad for Rudy boy and why is that Kali like that……I hate him.

    1. Pixie

      i agree with you arthi!

  10. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear… And finally mere number aagya… With lots of love and care dear…

    1. Pixie

      i am glad you liked it nikita! and yes…ofcourse your number had to come! how could i miss you out of all people? you are one of my first few readers!
      thank you soo much! keep reading!

      1. Nikita_jai29

        Hii dear.. I am going to leave for one month because of my exams.. So my comment is going to be missing in your comments box. Plz continue your flow of work…

    2. Pixie

      have a wonderful trip !!! come back soon… but try and keep reading !
      P.S : dont forget to watch IB and DBO !! 😉

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  11. Nice. Feel bad for Rudy and Shivom

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    Nice updt

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  13. Hi actually i am commenting first time on your ff it is amazing plz post it soon ????

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      i am glad that you commented and you liked it!
      keep reading and give suggestions too!
      yes…i shall post soon!

  14. Ahsana98

    Hai pixie I saw that your message and replied too. And about your episode it was an emotional episode dear. I feeling bad for Rudra. First he was kidnapped by Kali and secondly he was witnessed innocent peoples killed by Kali in front of his eyes. The kali was very cruel. I hope oberio bro’s find their baby brother and bring back him in OM. I’m waiting for your next episode. Update soon………

    1. Pixie

      thank you so much ahsana!
      i shall post soon!
      keep reading! 😉

  15. Feeling very bad for Rudra. Hoping Shivkara find him asap

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      thanks nitika!

  16. Feeling bad for rudra??? next part soon pls……..

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  17. Awesome epi pixie… But pls bring rudra soon……

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  18. Haridhra

    Hmm… Hope Ru baiya will come back soon can’t tolerate this idiot KT …KT just go hell man??… He will sure get nicely frm Shivkara Baiyas if anything happens to my crybaby baiya…

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