DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 20

Hey guys!
This episode is dedicated to Bhavana!
Hope you like it!

In the morning:-
Shivaay: I’m going to look for him…
Anika: wait!
Shivaay: Anika, don’t try to stop me because it’s not going to work…
Anika: I’ll come with you…
Shivaay: but…
Anika: now you don’t try to stop me because it’s not going to work…
Shivaay: I don’t have time…lets go…
Om: then even I’m coming…

Shivaay: no…not with me…you take a car and go to the other side of the city.
Om: okay…if you find anything call me and if I find anything I’ll call you…
Shivaay: done! (they go, gauri comes to om)
Gauri: even I want to come!
Om: that’s not necessary…I can manage on my own…
Gauri: I want to help, omkara ji..it will be faster too…Rudy Bhaiya is has done a lot for me…please!
Om: fine! Come quick! (they leave)

They are in a van:-
Rudra: where are you taking me? Let me go, what do you want?
Man:- I almost forgot! (he takes a tape and puts it on rudra’s mouth)
Rudra: uuummm! (thinks where are they taking me?)
Later after continuous searching:-
Anika: (she pants) shivaay, take some 2 min break!
Shivaay: just some more time Anika! What if we find him?
(he makes Anika sit in the car with him)
Anika: we have to save petrol to go back home also na?
Shivaay: but we have been walking around for so long…
Anika: that’s what! Lets just sit for two minutes…then you drive…
Shivaay: okay..if you say so…
(they stop and sit)

In the moving van:-
rudra is looking out of the van…he sees shivaay’s car …
Rudra:(thinks-shivaay Bhaiya’s car! How do I stop this van?! God please help me!)
A man tells the driver: stop the van!
Driver: why sir?
the man: because the water bottles are empty! We need new bottles!
(the driver stops the van)
The man: (tells the driver) take care of him…if he runs away, I’ll kill you!
Driver: o…okay sir…(the man goes)
Rudra:( thinks- thank you god! But what do I do now? I can’t even shout! Idea! )
(he tries to remove his watch with hits tied together)
Rudra:(thinks-please come out…please…)
the watch finally comes out…and he aims it at the window of shivaay’s car and throws it…
In the car, Anika and shivaay are discussing when the watch hits Anika’s window..
Anika: wha! What was that!

Shivaay: open the door and check Anika…

(Anika opens the door and sees the watch fallen down, she shows the watch to shivaay)
Anika: see this shivaay …who do think would hit a watch at us? The window would have broken!
Shivaay: wait a minute Anika…this watch…this is rudra’s watch! Look outside and see if you can see him ! Quick!
The van passes by the car…
Rudra: (thinks-Bhaiya!!!)

Anika: there’s no one here shivaay…
Shivaay: (tensed) he has to be here somewhere! This is his watch Anika!
Anika: are you sure it’s his watch? There are a lot of watches which are similar…
Shivaay : (checks the watch again) no Anika…i’m sure this is his watch…i’m his brother…I have seen all his things…
Meanwhile Om and gauri enquire everyone about rudra
When asked a woman replies: no…I haven’t seen him but a few dangerous men broughtan unconscious boy with them yesterday night…there was very less light so I couldn’t see his face properly…maybe he’s the one you’re talking about…

Om: do you know where those men took him?
Woman: not exactly…but I know where their adda is…
Gauri: where?
Woman: go straight and turn first left…you’ll find a big house…
Om: thank you so much…you have no idea how much help you have been to us…
Woman: you’re welcome…but phase be careful….
Gauri: we will..thank you..(both of them go)
Gauri and om find the house…the door is half open…om opens it…they go inside…
Om: it’s so dark in here…
Gauri: I know…come lets see…
(they go inside and look everywhere)

Om: rudra! Rudra are you there?
Gauri: rudy Bhaiya!
Then om accidentally steps on something and picks it up..
Om: this is rudra’s phone…that means…
Gauri: that means Rudy Bhaiya was here…I think you should call shivaay Bhaiya…
Om: you’re right..(he calls shivaay and they tell each other but what they found)
Shivaay: okay…now you come home and well decide what to do..
Om: are you sure?
Shivaay: yes…just come…
Om and gauri leave for oberoi mansion…

precap: the landline rings…om picks it up and looks shocked…

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