DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) – Episode 2

Hey guys, I’m back with the second episode of my fan fiction!!
Please feel free to give suggestions that will help me to write better…

This is the link of the first episode

Tej : jhanvi !
Jhanvi : why are you shouting Tej!
Tej : I’m getting suffocated nowadays…
Jhanvi: what’s new in that! You tell me, have you arranged for the almony yet?
Tej: my foot! I’m not giving you any thing more than 5 crores!
Jhanvi : we had an agreement Tej . You can’t backout now!
Tej: I’m Tej singh oberoi! And I can do any thing!
Jhanvi: then even I’m Jhanvi singh oberoi! I clearly know how to get things done my way!
Tej : I’ll see what you’ll do against me!
Jhanvi : don’t worry, I’ll soon show you what I can do!
(she walks off )

In the evening :-
Anika , shivaay and Saumya meet up to discuss about the surprise
Anika: i was thinking that we should take him out somewhere.
Shivaay: and I was thinking we should give him a big present.
Saumya: why not give him protein shake?
All the three start laughing.
Shivaay: by the way, where is om?
Saumya: i don’t know bhaiya. I didn’t see him today.
Anika: yes.. Even i didn’t see him since the afternoon.
Shivaay: okay, this is strange. Where would he have gone?
Anika : maybe he would have gone to get a gift for rudy.
Shivaay: yes maybe. But he always tells me before going anywhere… Never mind …
Anika: i think we should ask chulbul.
(She calls out for chulbul)

Chulbul comes running…
Chulbul : yes madam ji ?
Anika: do you know where om is?
(Chulbul gets thinking… if I tell them then truth then they will ask me more questions and sultana madam ji might get to know..hey shankar ji please help me…what do answer? )
Shivaay: why are you taking so long to answer?
Chulbul: woh omkara ji….woh he’s gone out for some important work. He said that he’ll try to be back by tomorrow…
Shivaay: try to be back by tomorrow? But tomorrow is rudy’s birthday. Okay you can go now.
(Chulbul goes)

Saumya: after what Chulbul said, I don’t think that always gone for getting a gift.
Anika: you’re right, Saumya. okay let’s think of plan quickly.
Shivaay: I just hope Rudra doesn’t come suddenly.
Saumya: don’t worry bhaiya. He’s very busy…
Anika: what do mean? He’s working on an assignment?
Saumya: No Di ! ( she laughs ) he’s busy calculating the chances of you guys remembering his birthday!
Shivaay : As usual , Mr dumble oberoi has nothing useful to
Saumya: idea!!
( she whispers something to them)
Shivaay: that’s a great plan! According to me, we should stick to this…
Anika: yes I agree. Good job Saumya. This is truly a khidkitod idea!

Precap: svetlana keeps a knife touching Chulbul’s throat…

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