DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 19

hey friends, i am back with the 19th episode! this episode is dedicated to alekhika20 !!
hope you like it!

Some dark and large room:-
Rudra opens his eyes and finds himself tied to a chair in a dark room he had never seen before…
Rudra: is anyone there? Please help me! Where am I?
Someone: hahaha! You just woke up and questions already? it’s not good manners to trouble someone early in the morning…didn’t your mother teach you that?
Rudra: how dare you! how dare you keep me captive! Why did you bring me here?
the voice: we just had to…we had been told to!
Rudra: by whom?! Tell me! who dared to mess with the oberois! I won’t spare him!
The voice: and we won’t spare you!
Rudra: I’m not scared of you…if you have the guts, then come out and show your face!
(a man comes with a rod)
Rudra: my …my brothers come! Just wait and watch what they do to you!
The man: no…you just wait and watch what we do to you! ( he hits him with the rod..)
Rudra: ahhh! Let me go! Who are you!
The man: no no..ask more questions! (he hits him two to three times)
Rudra: stop! Stop! Let me go! I didn’t do anything! Please!

In the oberoi mansion:-
Shivaay: it’s evening and he still hasn’t come and khanna hasn’t come up with any news yet…
Dadi: I think we should inform the police…they can help us…
Shivaay: no dadi…if we tell the police, the media will get to know…don’t worry dadi, I have already told my private investigators to look for rudra…all you know they might be on their way…
(khanna comes)
Shivaay: khanna, where’s rudra?
Khanna: I’m sorry sir, we couldn’t find him…we looked everywhere, every corner, every market…but we couldn’t find him…
Shivaay: no..I’m sure you guys didn’t check everywhere…you would have found him…
Khanna: sir please believe me!
Shivaay: ( very tensed ) where is he?!
om: please khanna, continue searching…
Khanna: okay sir! ( he goes)
Later at night:-
Shivaay’s room:-
Anika takes food for shivaay
Shivaay: you eat Anika, I’m not hungry…
Anika: (sits next to him) accha, you haven’t eaten anything from the morning…how can you say that you’re not hungry?
Shivaay: how can I eat when I don’t even know if he has eaten? If he is okay?
Anika: I understand shivaay…
Shivaay: no you don’t understand Anika…my brothers are my life…if anything happens to then…
Anika: nothing will happen to rudra…don’t worry…
Shivaay: how are you so sure?
Anika: because I have faith on god….and I know that he his with us…he will protect rudra…
Shivaay: I don’t know what to say Anika…
Anika: believe in him…and now if you don’t eat then you will become weak and tomorrow you won’t be able to look for him…please shivaay?
Shivaay: okay…(he eats)

In omkara’s room:-
Om is sitting in the bed with his head down…gauri comes…
Gauri: I know that you’re very tensed omkara ji…don’t worry…Rudy Bhaiya will come back…
Om: (lifts his head) how will he come gauri? Didn’t you see? Khanna also couldn’t find him…whoever these kidnappers are…they are very strong…
Gauri: we’ll find him…nothing is more stronger than god… I’m sure god will never let the bad win over the good…
Om: it’s all my fault…if I had stopped him from going out then he would have been here..I wish I hadn’t gone to get water…I wish I hadn’t left him alone…(he hugs gauri and cries)
Gauri: it’s not your fault omkara ji…you didn’t know that all this will happen…don’t worry omkara ji…I’ll pray that he comes back fit and fine…
Om: thanks gauri…

In that dark room:-
The men hold rudra’s attn and drag him…
Rudra: leave me! where are you taking me?
One man: you’ll get to know when we reach there…anyways what’s the hurry?! You’ll be there with us for a long time…
Rudra: (thinks) where are they taking me?! once I escape if I don’t get them jailed, then my name is not Rudra Singh Oberoi!

precap: rudra sees shivaay’s car and throws his watch on his car window…

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