DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 12

Hey guys hope you like this episode!

Next morning:
Om sits on the breakfast table with the others…
Jhanvi: good morning beta…
Om:(is lost in his thoughts)
Buama: omki.. How are you feeling?
Om: (gets flashbacks of Gauri)

Everyone stare at him…
(Om fiddles with the spoon)
Rudra:( thinks and smiles) waise… O ? Did you like the parathas?
Om doesn’t react
Rudra: o!! I’m talking to you!!
Om: (realises that Rudra is speaking to him) haan? I mean yes yes…I liked the parathas…
Rudra:wow! When did you eat parathas?
Om: r..right now na!
Rudra: oh! But your plate has pancakes right?
(Om looks at his plate and sees pancakes…he looks at Rudra who starts laughing )
Om: I.. I..was thinking about something…

Buama: no problem omki…eat now…
Om: I’m not hungry buama…(he gets up)
Buama: but..
Om: please buama…(he walks ahead)
(Om hears dadi singing Aarti… He walks towards her…He gets flashbacks of chulbul doing Aarti in his room. He holds his head)
Om: noooooooooo!!!
Dadi: what happened puttar?

(Prinku, anika, shivaay and Rudra come running)
Om: dadi! Please stop this Aarti!!! I’m not able to handle it!! It reminds me of her!!
Prinku: bhaiya, is there a way we can help you?
Om: why is that girl not going out of my head!?
Shivaay: Your just thinking a little too much…give it some time…make yourself busy and she will go…
Om: okay..it’s been a long time since I went to my gallery… I’ll go and start working on some of the orders…
(He goes towards the main door but stops as he gets his phone call…he sees that it is an unknown number and ignores it…but once again it rings and he picks up)
On the phone:

A voice: omkara Singh Oberoi! Today I’m going to take my revenge from you!
Omkara: Kaali Thakur?!
Kaali: hahahhaaa!! You guessed right omkara!! You must be thinking that gauri went back to Bareilly… But sadly thanks to you, I’ve captured her!
Om:(shocked) what?! I don’t believe you!

Kaali: okay…no issues…go and switch on your tv and check your daily news channel…
(Om runs and switches on the tv and sees the news channel…everyone come there… It shows that kaali and his men are on top of a building with swords in their hands and Gauri is surrounded by them…the police in helicopters tell them to surrender but kaali threatens them that they will kill her and not spare them too…one of kaali’s men hit Gauri with the sword…she screams)
Om: Gauri!!!
(He calls kaali Thakur…)
Kaali: are you having fun watching?

Om:how dare you! Leave her alone!
Kaali: no..I won’t..but you can try if you want to…I’ll also see how much strength you have! I’m waiting om…if you don’t come then everyone will watch Gauri die…
Om: noooo!! Don’t touch her….how much money do you want? ..I’ll come and get it with me!!
Kaali: (thinks) I want you Omkara…you don’t even know that when you come, I’ll kill you along with Gauri!!!
Kaali: I have enough money already…no one can stop me from killing this girl now…hahahahaa!
(Om keeps the phone)
Jhanvi: what happened om?

Om: mom…I have to go…
Buama: where? There? (She points at the tv)
Om:yes…I have to go..(runs)
Dadi: wait puttar! (She goes to him and ties a thread on his hand) this is raksha ka dhaga… It will protect you from him…
Om: there was no need of this dadi… I still hate her so much but I can’t see her get killed by kaali Thakur…
Shivaay: we are also coming with you om…

Rudra:Shivaay bhaiya is right…
Om: no..you guys cannot come…kaali challenged me…he’s enemity is against me..so only I will go…I can’t risk your lifes..
Shivaay: and how can we let you risk yours?
Om: if I need help I’ll call…I promise…
Rudra: okay…take care…
Jhanvi:(comes) take care beta and come back soon…
(Om goes)
Kaali Thakur: no one will be able to save you Gauri! You didn’t marry me so now you’ll…I mean I’ll make sure your dear husband will die in front of your own eyes…hahahahaa!!
Gauri: he won’t come! He hates me! And in a way it’s good…it will protect him…
Kaali: we’ll see…

Om: kaali!
Gauri:(gets tensed) Omkara ji!

Precap: Om fights with kaali’s men…one from behind holding a sword hits him and he falls..



    It’s was an nice episode. My Guss was correct gaury kidnapped by Kali takkur. I’m eagerly waiting for your next episode. update soon……….

  2. Vivikhta

    Hi, pixie I love your work, it’sawesome , pls keep writing and update aASAP.
    U r very talented. Bless u!
    Vivikhta πŸ’ž

    • Pixie



      That’s so sweet of you vivikhta! πŸ’•Thank you so much! I’m glad you love the episodes! Will update soon!!πŸ˜„
      PS: are you a silent reader?

  3. Aashi

    as u suggested I read it
    well,ur storyline is good but u need more vocabulary,
    remember stories are passion,understanding,feeling
    u can write it even better but at the same while I liked it

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