DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) – Episode 1

Hey guys, it’s pixie!
I’m a huge fan of ishqbaaz and DBO!
Here’s the first episode of my ff! Hope you like it!
And please comment once you read it!

One morning,
Annika wakes up and finds out that shivaay isn’t there next to her….
Annika: where is shivaay? (she gets up and calls out) shivaay? Shivaay? Where are you? Shivaay comes running to her…
Shivaay: hey kumbh karan, you woke up?
Annika: haan…haan, don’t show too much tadi…its only 9:30 am!
Shivaay: only 9:30?? I made breakfast also by now!
Annika : waise, you don’t have office today? And where were you? What have you made for breakfast?
Shivaay: Annika , calm down… Why do always ask questions! Early morning, you should remain a little silent..
Annika: achcha, a few minutes back you were showing so much tadi !! You were calling me kumbh karan and now you’re saying ” early morning?”
Shivaay: can we not argue please? Its a Sunday, that’s why i’m not going to office…I was busy planning…that’s why you didn’t find me in the room…and I’ve made chilly cheese toasts and pancakes for breakfast…are you happy now?

Annika: hmm… What were you planning?
Shivaay: you don’t remember? , can you Guess?
Annika : ooh! you’re taking me for lunch?
Shivaay: no
Annika : are you planning something for prinku’s wedding?
Shivaay: I’ve already planned that!
Annika : then? Shivaay tell na!
Shivaay: no…you guess..
Annika: i’m not getting it….tell me please ?
Shivaay: no
Annika: please shivaay, please…fine if you don’t want to tell, then leave it, I don’t want to know! I’m going to take a bath!
Shivaay: ( holds her hands and stops her from going) Annika!
( o jaana plays)
Shivaay: okay, my jhansi ki rani! I’ll tell you…tomorrow is Rudra’s birthday…. He’s turning 25 years old! I was planning what gift I should give him…
Annika: o bete ki! I forgot! We should definitely plan something big!
Shivaay: yes…but it shouldn’t be like usual birthday celebrations..
( Shivaay’s phone rings and he tells Annika that he’ll be back in a bit…and goes…)

In omkara’s room:
Chulbul: omkara ji, please don’t go…
Om: nahi chulbul, I have to, I don’t have time…I have to reveal swetlana’s secret as soon as possible…she’s a big danger to my family… I don’t have a choice …I know tomorrow is his birthday but I have to go…
Chulbul: but omkara ji, he’ll feel very bad if you just leave without telling him…and don’t worry we can go to find clues even after your brother’s birthday right?
Om: your not understanding chulbul, even I care about my brother but if this clue goes out of our hands then we’ll never get to know about swetlana’s truth…
Chulbul: are you sure about this? Is it possible for you to come back by tomorrow?
Om: I don’t know..I’ll try my best…if I can’t then please console him and tell him that I love him very much…
Chulbul: I think I should come with you…I can be if some help…
Om: no, I want you to stay here… Keep an eye on swetlana and don’t let her suspect that I’ve gone to find out about her…

Chulbul: such a big task, how will I be able to do it? somehow, she always gets to know about everything at the end of the day….
Om: I have faith in you…i’m sure you’ll find a way…I trust you chulbul. At every loss you have given me the strength to move forward. You have helped me so much and this time we will win..win together.
(he holds her hands, and sathiya plays)
Chulbul: ( thinks that omkara ji is so nice to have trusted me, now I’ll make sure that we win! I won’t leave this sultana madam ji, I’ll make sure she leaves this house and never even has the guts to return.)
Om is leaving, when chulbul calls out.. Omkara ji !!
Om: yes chulbul?
Chulbul: take care of yourself and come soon.
Om: thank you. You also take care of yourself.
Chulbul and Om smile at each other and have an eyelock.They want to say something but are not able to.
( kuch na kehe sake tum…plays)
Om leaves the Oberoi mansion

In rudra’s room :
( Rudra is lying down on the bed)
Rudra: i wonder if any body remembers my special day tomorrow…
( Saumya comes there )
Saumya : hey cry baby , did you start crying again?
Rudra : very funny sumo! Don’t disturb me! I’m not in a mood to fight with you…
Saumya : Ohoo! Someone looks very serious today…
Rudra : cause the matter is serious sumo…
Saumya: what happened? Everything fine ?
Rudra : I’m calculating the chances of my family remembering my birthday..
Saumya: ( she hits her hand on her head ) then prepare to stay hungry tonight..
Rudra : why ?
Saumya : cause you will not be able to finish it even by the next morning…
Rudra: what do you mean? Go from here sumo! I dont want you to irritate me…
Saumya : okay going (laughs ) and all the best!
(Saumya goes and leaves Rudra thinking)

Precap: Saumya, anika and shivaay plan something!

Can you guess what they are planning?

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