DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! ( an ishqbaaz ff) Episode 78

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Shivika hug. (o jaana plays)
Sahil: congratulations Anika Didi!
Anika: sahil! You came! (she hugs him)

Sahil: how would I not come? I’m in the ladki wale side!
Anika: aw, but who brought you here?
Sahil: omru!
Anika: thank you om and rudra.

Om: bhabhi, this is the least we could do.
(then Bruno comes and wags his tail. He gives a happy bark.)
Rudra: I think he’s also congratulating you.
Anika: aw, thank you Bruno. (she hugs Bruno)
Anika: you guys are the best!
Rudra: that we are bhabhi!! Thanks anyways!
Om: shut up rudra!

Rudra: whatever. By the way, I hope you all start your sangeet preparations. Each performance should happen.
Shakti: yes beta, don’t worry.
Rudra: waise, ladki wale will rock the stage tomorrow!
Gauri: oho rudy bhaiya, don’t fly so high. We ladke wale will be the best!
Jhanvi: you’re right gauri! We’ll show them what we’re made of!
Tej: we’ll see when time comes who’s going to be better!
Om: oh no, what am I going to do?

Gauri: what happened omkara ji?
Om: I don’t know how to dance!!
Gauri: what?!
Om: uh um…I mean I know how to dance but…
Gauri: its okay omkaraji, even I don’t know how to dance properly. That’s why Rudy Bhaiya would have put us together.
Om: I don’t know if I can do this.

Gauri: yes you can. I have faith in you.
Om: you really think so?
Gauri: I swear on sankar ji.
Om: but you can’t help me. we’re in different teams.
Gauri: so? I can definitely help you. I’m you’re wi…i’m sorry.
Om: its…its okay.
Gauri: so now you don’t have any problem if I call myself your wife?
Om: hmm. (thinks- this is getting weird.) Um…I should go. I think rudra is calling me.
(he goes)

Gauri: such an ajeeb chirota! Didn’t even answer my question properly.
In shivika’s room:-
Shivaay: so my hone wali wife, how did you like today’s engagement?
Anika: it was fabulous. Thank you so much shivaay.
Shivaay: for the decorations?

Anika: no. for everything. I mean, thank you for this whole remarriage thing…it really means a lot.
Shivaay: come on Anika, anything for you. I’m just glad you’re happy. That is the most important for me.
(ishq hai aasun, ishq hai dariya, ishq sukoon hai, rahat hai….plays…shivaay gently kisses Anika on her forehead)
Anika: I lo…

(just then dadi enters)
Dadi: Anika, what are you doing here? Quickly pack your bag and shift to the guest room.
Anika: what?
Shivaay: what do you mean dadi?
Dadi: I mean that the bride and groom shouldn’t see each other until marriage.
Shivaay: what! Dadi, which law states that?
Dadi: law before marriage.

Anika: but dadi, we are already married right?
Dadi: yes, but this ritual should also be done.
Anika: but dadi…
Dadi: no its and buts…pack your bag and move to the guest room Anika.
Shivaay: dadi please…

Dadi: i’m not listening to you billu.
(omru and gauri come)
Rudra: aw, now billu and billi can’t see each until marriage…so sad.
Shivaay: shut up rudra.
Dadi: Gauri, you make sure shivaay doesn’t try tricks to meet Anika. Omru, you both keep an eye on Anika.
Gauri: okay dadi.

Rudra: okay dadi. (he smirks)
Om: okay dadi.
Shivaay: hey guys, that’s not fair. Instead of supporting me, why are you taking dadi’s side?
Om: what is right is right shivaay. This is the part of the rituals. We wouldn’t want any abshagun to happen.

Shivaay: whatever.
Rudra: Bhaiya, its just two days. I’m sure the great wall of shivaay can handle it.
Shivaay: ya but…
Dadi: enough of arguments here. We don’t have time to waste. Anika, come with me.
Anika: o..okay.dadi. (she packs her bag and begins to leave, she turns back and sees shivaay. He smiles, then she smiles. She runs and hugs him. Then she goes)
Gauri: bhabhi loves you so much.

Shivaay: ya, I love her too.
Dadi is walking and she sees jhanvi sitting on the sofa and thinking something.
Dadi: jhanvi puttar, why didn’t you sleep yet? Its so late. What happened?
Jhanvi: mummy ji, I was just thinking something.
Dadi: thinking what?
Jhanvi: its okay dadi…

Dadi: no tell me. What happened?
Jhanvi: I was thinking that om has gone through a lot in the past. Things with tej, svetlana and all that rubbish in life. He deserves to be happy. And I’ve seen him. Now days he looks happy. Gauri completes him, takes care of him. I was thinking if we could keep gauri and om’s marriage along with shivaay and Anika.
Dadi: that’s a great idea jhanvi! And none of us have seen om and gauri’s marriage. It will be great!
Jhanvi: and tej is really sorry for his behaviours towards him. He wants to make it up to him. He wants to be the father who loves his son unconditionally.
Dadi: finally tej is realising his mistakes. That’s good to hear.
Jhanvi: you’re right.

Dadi: then I’ll talk to pandit ji tomorrow regarding the mohurat of their wedding.
Jhanvi: shall we do their mehandi rasam also tomorrow?
Dadi: yes, why not? Let’s do it.
Jhanvi: then I’ll go tell them.
Dadi: no no. let it be a surprise. Even we elders should have some fun!
Jhanvi: (laughs) you’re right mummy ji! But what if they’re not ready for marriage?
Dadi: they’re already married. Don’t worry jhanvi, they won’t object at all.
Jhanvi: okay, if you say so. thank you mummy ji. Good night. (she yawns)
Dadi: good night beta.

Precap: sangeet ceremony starts

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