Do dil bandhe ek dori se (part 9)

Do dil bandhe ek dori se part 9
Hi everyone. Surprised right as i am giving an update this early. As i said i am free so posting it. Hope everyone liked the previous part. Rags and adi calls them dadi and dadu and sanvi calls as nani and nanu. Hope it is clear. Now i will start the story
Few days leap and holidays of advisan are over ( as i said they took leave for a week)

Avni s last wish was ragsan marriage. Few of them guessed right.
Rags is in her room and advisan are at office
All the elders 5 members (dadi,dadu.Dp,avantika and harish)
Dadi : i guess we should speak to them about marriage (ragsan)
Dadu : haa dp and harish beta. We are observing from few days and they are so much dependent on eachother. They love eachother i guess but unable to say to us. We only will ask them
Dp : papa from childhood they are like this only. They two are bestfriends. Let us wait for some more time. If they don’t have such feelings towards eachother and for our sake if they compromise they will not be happy
Avantika : bahi why u are thinking in negative way. May be they are thinking that how to share it with us. I saw them and they both care for eachother a lot.
DP : i too will be happy avantika if my thinking is proved wrong. She is my princess and i will be more than happy if they are together, but if my thoughts are proved right they may lose even their friendship.

So let us see for few more days and ask advi also. They might be knowing but wait for few days.
All agrees to him
They too goes to their office
They have a construction business also.
Harish forgot his file at home. So he calls home for it
No one were at home except rags. (dadi,dadu and avantika went to temple)
She lifts the phone and asks her to send the file with anyone
Rags : papa i am bore at home. I will come there. Harish agrees. She informs ramu kaka and goes. She forgot her phone at home only. Rags says him that she will go to meet advisan and comes late. Inform to avantika.
She reaches the construction site and gives him file
Rags : papa i am going to head office as i am feeling bore at home
He agrees and she leaves from there

At night
All reaches home and goes to their rooms to freshen up
Rags is missing but no one noticed it. Its almost seven in the evening
San observes that rags is not there and he didn’t speak to her from morning as he was busy with meetings. He thinks she might be in her room and goes there. He doesn’t find her. He sees at terrace and other places but she was not there. He feels that something is not well.
San again thinks she might be in kitchen and i didn’t search there.
He goes to kitchen. No one are there except ramu kaka
He is highly tensed and runs into living room
San : maa where is rags. Did she go out. I searched for her in the whole house
All sees towards them
Avantika ; no beta i don’t know. I thought she might be with u people
San ; no maa i didn’t speak with her after breakfast. I was totally busy.
Avantika ; i was not at home and she said to ramu kaka that she will meet u all and come and will be late.
San : but maa she didn’t come to office at all. Adi,viren do u know anything
Advi ; no san/bhai we too don’t know. Now all are tensed
Adi calls all the maids and asks them to search whole house once again
Viren ; bhai did u try calling her
San ; no and he immediately takes his phone and tries to call her. No one lifts the call. He keeps on trying. Now all are tensed

Then ramu kaka comes to san and gives him rags mobile saying i found it in her room.
All are soo tensed and dadi and avantika starts crying. San is unable to think anything
Dp calls security and ask about rags that is when did she leave and did she return or not
He says after going she didn’t come and goes away.
Dp calls commissioner for help
Advisan takes their cars and goes in search of her.they doesn’t find her and its night 11 pm. All are fearing what might have happened to her. No one ate anything.
San goes to her room and cries
Advi again goes to search her
Episode ends on crying face of sanskar

Precap : where is ragini? Will sanskar be able to find her?

I completed the part. Hope everyone likes it. Please guess what might have happened to ragini or is she playing any prank. Please comment

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  2. Silent_writer

    Woooooow its amzing loved it alot n i dnt think its a rags prank

    1. AahanaReddy

      thanks. and its not a prank

  3. AMkideewani

    Superb, I love it???

  4. A.xx

    amazing and i wonder where she went xx

    1. AahanaReddy

      thanks. i will reveal it today or tmr

  5. Sindhura

    It shouod not be prank
    May be accident

    1. AahanaReddy

      thanks.but not accident di

      1. Sindhura

        Is it prank

  6. Inu

    S. Superb

  7. Superb, maybe accident

    1. AahanaReddy

      thankyou.its not a accident

  8. Akankshanna

    Awesome…… suspence break ljtm kr do….. ? ?

  9. loved it next part soon

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      thanks nikky

  10. Eagerly waiting

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      i will update by tmr

  11. Asra

    awesome dear…i don’t think it’s ragini prank….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

    1. AahanaReddy

      yah its not prank. she is in some danger but dont worry. sanskar is there to save her. thanku

  12. Awesome di. Loved it. Waiting for rags

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      thanks akshara

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      thankyou pooja

  14. I think it is not her prank….hope ragini is well

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      yaa not her prank. but she will be fine

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  17. Nice episode. ..sanskaar concern towards ragini is superb..waiting for next part …soon.

    1. AahanaReddy

      thanks nisha. i already submitted 10 and 11 parts. let us see when they will be updated

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    superb loving it

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