Do dil bandhe ek dori se (part 8)

Do dil bandhe ek dori se part 8
Hi everyone. Hope everyone liked my last two parts. Thanks for the comments. Today i am free so i am giving an update and as i said i will give family chart after introducing the new characters. Sorry for not posting it. I will post it soon. Now i will continue the story

San enters rags room and sees for her. She is not there in the room. He then observes that balcony door is open. So he goes there and finds her sitting on the swing and pressing her forehead. (She has a swing in her rooms balcony). San understands that she has headache. He goes and keeps tray on table there in front of her and massages her forehead. She smiles by seeing him and asks what he was doing there at night time. He points to the table. She smiles and asks him to sit beside her. He smiles and sits.
Rags : sanky how do u knou that i had headache and feeling to drink this.
San smiles at her and says u are my bestfriend ragu. If i don’t know then who else will know and this is the reason i stopped u from eating icecream. But u will never listen to me. And he keeps a pout face.
She catches her ears and says ok from now onwards i will agree on what u say and now please give it to me. It is tempting.
He smiles and says ok but first take the medicine or else i will not give. She tries to convince him to give the drink (she doesn’t like medicines) but he doesn’t give. Atlast she agrees to take medicine and then both drinks their hot chocolate while speaking and remembering all their fun moments. Slowly rags sleeps on his shoulder while speaking.
San smiles and picks her up in bridal style. He places her on her bed and goes to his room after tucking her in the duvet.

Next day morning:
Avantika is seen sitting in the hall. Just then advisan comes from jogging.
Viren : maa why u are sitting here? Aren’t u preparing breakfast. I am soooo hungry
Adi : haa maa i am also hungry
San : maa did ragu wakeup. Yesterday she has headache and slept late. I will see her and come
By saying this he was about to go upstairs but stops listening to avantikas words
Avantika : san she woke up after u all left and is very angry as u people didn’t take her
Advi : why is she angry on us both. We asked him to wake her up but he only said that she slept late and don’t wake her. So we went without disturbing
San : shutup u both and maa u say where is she. I know how to convince her.
Avantika : she is in kitchen. She wants to prepare breakfast for all of us today and don’t want to take anyones help. Her strict orders are that no one should enter kitchen
San : maa u must have stopped her. She is not well. If she want she can prepare tmr.
Avantika : beta she just had headache yesterday and now she is absolutely fine and u people go and get freshen up
Breakfast might be ready
All goes to their rooms

All are at puja mandir
We can see a plate with Prasad for god. As rags prepared for first time she is offering god. She sings a bhajan and then give aarti and Prasad to all
At breakfast table:
DP : princess the smell is too good. I am very eager to eat. First serve me
Viren : papa smell is good but we don’t know about taste. If u want i will get tablets for u. u may have food poison after eating food
All glares at him
Viren : ok ok bad joke. Don’t see like that and haa rags u serve
She serves food to all and sits beside viren
All starts eating and she sees them all without blinking. No one gives any reaction. She is afraid that it may not be good. She is at the verge of crying and says u people stop eating. I will ask Ramu kaka (maid) to prepare food fastly. I think its not prepared well and she starts blabbering that she is sorry and so on
All smiles at her and viren says rags stop your speech yaar we cant fill our stomachs with ur words and i am too hungry and breakfast is too yummy. Let me continue eating
All says haa beta/rags/ragu it is too good. We are thinking of how to complement u and u are thinking some other way.
Rags : really is it good
All smiles and san takes a morsel and keeps in her mouth

San : now u say how is it. She eats and smiles as its taste is really good.
All enjoys the breakfast and mostly viren. He is eating like a kumbakaran
Adi : viren i think now u need tablets. U are eating as if u hadn’t eaten from months.
Rags : haa see how is he eating now and before he was saying smell is good but we don’t know about taste. again their nokjhok starts and all completes breakfast.
All are sitting in the hall and advisan and rags are playing caroms
Suddenly someone enters the house and says is anyone there.
All sees at the door and there are two oldpersons. One lady and one man. All smiles seeing them.
They didn’t see rags till now. They are the parents of Harish and Avni.
DP, Harish and Avantika takes their blessings. They sits in the hall and sees the 4. Actually 3. Rags is hiding behind them.
Old man (Dadu) ; why all are standing like that and san u said some surprise and asked us to come today. Now tell what is the surprise
Old lady (Dadi) : haa sanskar beta say what is ur surprise. U asked us to come as early as possible
San : urs surprise is and by saying this he moves from there. We can see rags now
They both are surprised and happy. They says Laado (rags another nickname)
Rags goes and hugs them. All smiles
Episode ends on their smiling faces.

Precap : ragini missing

Thanks everyone. Hope everyone will like it. I will try to give another update also but not sure about it. Please comment. Thanku.

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