Do dil bandhe ek dori se (part 7)

Do dil bandhe ek dori se part 7
Hi everyone. hope u all liked the previous part i posted few hours back. If it is boring please say me then i will wrap up the family story and willgive more ragsan scenes. First i thought to show the family relationships and their bonding so there are not many ragsan scenes. I will start their love track after 4 to 5 parts. Its a long story and i assure u all that i will not end it early if u all like and i get encouragement from u all orelse i will end it by 25 parts. So now i will stop my bakbak and continue the story

Its evening on the same day. All the youngsters decides to go for shopping ( all took holidays if u rememeber. I mentioned it in part 5 i guess). They decides to visit many places in this week.
All decides to go on bikes. Rags sit along with sanky. She wore jeans and long top i mean kurti. She is looking outstanding. All goes to mall and does some shopping. All are in foodcourt and having snacks. Rags says let us do dinner at restaurant. All agrees. Viren says i will inform to maa and also call driver to send bags to home. We cant carry all. All agrees and he informs to Avantika.

After sometime san gets a call and goes to attend it. At that time viren gets a call from driver informing that he reached the mall. Advi takes bags from rags and says u both wait at entrance we will come there. Rags agrees and they both goes.
Rags turns to see san but doesn’t find him. She sees here and there. San comes from her back and sees her seeing around the mall (actually she is seeing for him) and places his hand on her shoulder. By feeling someone at her back she suddenly turns back and slips. In fear of falling down she closes her eyes but in the meantime san holds her. His hand is on her waist. She slowly opens her eyes and both stares into eachother eyes. They have an intense eyelock but it gets disturbed due to the sound of phone ring. It is viren informing them that they are waiting at entrance. San keeps the phone and both have some new feeling among themselves.
San : to avoid awkwardness between them ragu are u fine. U didn’t got hurt right.
Rags : understands him and says how can i get hurt when my bff is here. Come lets go or else that viren will again call and eats our brain.
Both laughs and goes near advi
All goes to a park as it is not the dinner time and plays with the children. Then they had their dinner at their favourite restaurant with continuous bickering of viren and nokjhok between advi and ragvi. Sometimes all teases san and sometimes viren. Ragvi didn’t leave adi also and teases him about phonecall. All have a nice time and then rags says she wants to go to beach
All goes to beach
All are sitting on the sand and making sandcastles

Viren was unsuccessful in making a castle and he breaks others castle too.
Rags chases him for this for sometime and rhen ragsan goes for a walk on beach as Advi says we are tired and don’t want to walk.
Ragsan walks for sometime on sand and returns back.
Rags : she sees icecream parlour and says sanky i want icecream
San : no ragu. Its night and too cool. I will get it tmr for u. But rags is too adamant to listen and doesn’t speak with anyone as advi also supports san
San : atlast gives up his zid and says ok i will get it but only one ok
Rags : feels happy , hugs him and kisses on his cheek and says go and get first i am hungry
Viren : hungry? Just an hour back we had our dinner
Rags glares at him and says it is icecream hungry
Viren : i didn’t hear it anytime
And in this way their nokjhok continues for sometime
Sanadi gets irritated and adi says san u go and get icecream for her and u both finger on ur lips. He scolds them for behaving as children
San comes and gives icecream to her
Rags takes it from him and eats it like a kid
All smiles seeing her and then returns home at around 11 PM.
Elders are speaking in hall
All speaks for sometime and goes to their rooms
San changes his dress and lies down on his bed. Suddenly he remembers something and runs to kitchen
At the sametime Avantika sees that there is no water in room and goes to kitchen to get it water
Kitchen :
San is seen searching something in kitchen

Avantika sees him and asks what do u want san
San : maa actually i am searching for medicine box which has medicines for head ache
Avantika : san are u fine. Only headache or are u feeling anything more (she thimks san is not well)
San : no maa I am fine. Actually ragu ate icecream during night. U know right she will get headache. So i am preparing hot chocolate for herand seeinf for headache medicine
Avantika : smiles seeing his care for ragu and kisses on his forehead. She gives him medicines. He takes and thanks her
San takes hotchocolate in two glasses ( one for him also) along with medicines and goes to rags room.
Harish who comes in search of Avantika sees her in kitchen who is standing with a smile on her face and also few tears
He goes and side hugs her and asks what happened. She says her conversation with san.
Harish : i hope i can fulfil Avnis last wish(SanVi s mother)
Avantika : if god thinks it should happen like that then it happens. We will speak about it when right time comes. Let us go now. its late.
They goes to their room .
Part ends

Precap : ragsan moments while having hot chocolate and two new entries

I ended it and will try to give next update as soon as possible. I want to ask few questions.
1. Who might be new entries and whether they are positive or negative?
2. What is Avni s last wish?
Please suggest a name of girl. As adi’s lover or wife.
Will be waiting for the comments and please ignore if there are any mistakes

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