Do dil bandhe ek dori se (part 6)

Do dil bandhe ek dori se(part 6)
Hi everyone.Happy newyear to all. Sorry for the late update. I was about to post on Saturday but it was not accepted and later i was busy in my exams. Today i got time and i am posting. I will try to be regular and now i will stop my bakbak. And VK u are right about rags gift to san. I will continue now and thanks everyone for the wonderful comments.

Rags : open it sanky. I know u will be really surprised
San opens it and he is really surprised. It would be appropriate if i say he is shocked rather than being surprised. He stares at her and file. No one understands what is going on and seeing their both faces.
Viren : don’t see that much and say what is in that. I don’t like suspense.
Sanky goes near rags and tightly hugs her and says thankyou so much ragu i am very very happy and kisses her forehead.
Advi loses their patience and drags file from san. They sees the matter and gets shocked and surprised. They hugs san and congragulates him
Elders say to us also we are also here
San : papa actually i wanted to study in oxford and he repeats the story he told to viren previous night. And now ragu got this file. It states that my application form is filled and there is a chance i can get selected. They will select few members from this applications
DP : i am proud of u beta but princess how do u know about this that he didn’t inform and how did u apply without him knowing about it
Rags : mamu i know everything about him and about his application if he had applied he would have surely informed me. He didn’t inform me so it is not done. I was in London due to project work last month and then itself i went to uni and completed this process directly. I wanted to give him surprise so didn’t inform him. And yesterday he told me that he was unable to apply and i thought to say it after coming here. ( hope it is clear or else don’t mind it is just that san was unable to apply and ragu already applied for him)
All smiles listening this and elders hugs and blesses him

San then goes to rags and side hugs her and says thanks ragu.
She glares at him
San : what happened?
Rags : in friendship no thanks and no sorry
San : ok sorry i forgot it
Rags : again sorry
San : by holding his head and says ok baba no thanks no sorry. Happy
Rags smiles and hugs him
Advi joins the hug and viren says its party time now
Elders laughs and Harish says san now what is the next procedure
San : mamu they will verify all applications and our projects which we had done and selects few members. It takes two to three months time.
Avantika : ok now u all spend sometime together and i will do preperations for lunch. She goes.
Dp and Harish also leaves from there.

All 4 then goes to garden and rags sits on swing. San pushes it and advi sits on chairs
All speaks for sometime and have a nice time there. After sometime san also sits on swing and all speaks about general topics and also business
Viren : ok rags now u say me do u have andy boyfriends
Sanadi glares at him and rags laughs seeing viren making funny faces
Adi : what is there to laugh.
Rags : bhai don’t glare at him and viren there are boys in my friends group but no boyfriends. Ok
Viren : i was just asking like that. See these are still glaring at me. Overprotective bhai and bestfriend.
Rags and viren laughs seeing sanadi fuming at virens words
Rags : sanky u know all my friends right and u also know that i will say each and everything to u. So stop glaring at him and now say did u make any girlfriends
Viren :laughs and says bhai and girlfriends. Never . he speaks with only one girl and it is u. But from few days i am seeing adi bhai always busy with phone. I guess someone is falling in love.
All turns their faces to adi and adi glares at viren
Rags/san : bhai/adi
Adi : yaar please don’t take this stupids words seriously. There is nothing like that
Rags : then why are u busy on phone. U don’t like to use mobiles much right
Adi : choti its nothing like that. Now i am handling overseas project so i am busy in speaking to them. This viren is assuming something else
Now all glares at viren
Viren : don’t see like that. I am a small baby and runs inside. All chases him. He goes and hides behind Harish.
Harish : yaar why all are chasing him. He is so innocent ad sees virens face
Viren keeps a puppy face as he doesn’t know anything
DP comes and catches virens ear and says Harish don’t support this nalayak. He might have done something so all are chasing him
Avantika comes and says what happenedand bhai leave his ear it might be paining and releases viren from DP
Viren hugs Avantika and says see maa no one cares about me and all are scolding me and keeps a baby face
Others rolls their eyes by seeing his nautanki and rags says everything what happened in garden. All burst out laughing
Part ends

Precap : ragsan eyelock

Thanku guys for your response. i will give next update in few hours and sorry for being late. Thanku

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