Do dil bandhe ek dori se (part 5)

Do dil bandhe ek dori se (part 5)
Hi everyone. Hope u all liked my previous part. Thanks for the comments. In last part i forgot to mention why the maids were shocked but many might have guessed it. The reason was no one knows her returning and when they saw her coming down the stairs everyone will be shocked right. Ok now i will stop my bakbak and will continue the story

MG villa
All are at the dining table and having breakfast and Avantika is feeding ragini with her hands. All are speaking and enjoying their breakfast. Adi says choti this time u came after almost two years. Why? And also didn’t call us from one week.
Sanskar : yaar let her eat. U became a question bank today
Adi : you shutup and don’t support her. I know you will never let anyone scold her and u will also not say anything. U met her two times in middle but we didn’t.
Ragini : bhai why are saying those to sanky. I didn’t come and its not his mistake. U know i was during course and got only few holidays.
Viren : haa u got few days but as bhai(sanky) was there u didn’t come here. U care only for him. Go i am angry on u he says and keeps a pout face
Rag : yaar now u too don’t support bhai. That time sanky was there because he was on college work (some college exchange program) and i don’t want to leave him alone when he came to that city for a month just to be with me, how i can come here say. U both (adi and viren) are traitors. U also got chance to come there but opted someother university saying we already came to ur place and saw the whole city. Now we will explore other city. And now u are blaming sanky
Advi : rags/choti
Rags : not a word more. U both always want a chance to say something to sanky now i will not speak to u both and she stares at them angrily
(u all might have been thinking why rags is reacting like this when they just said san was the reason she didn’t come. As i already mentioned ragsan are bestfriends and never let anyone to say anything against other. They are ready to take blame on themselves to save other one. That is the strength of their friedship)

Advi : comes near her and catches their ears and says sorry
Elders are enjoying their fights as they are used to it.
She doesn’t speak with them and goes from their and sits on sofa in hall. All follows her
San goes and sits beside her and takes her face into his palms and says ragu please forgive them and keeps a puppy face. She turns to Advi who are still holding their ears. She smiles and hugs them. San sees them and smiles. She keeps her hand towards him ( asking him to join them), he holds her hand and hugs all. All have a group hug.
Elders sees this and smiles. They too joins these 4. After sometime all are in hall.
San : papa i want to take leave for week. Is it ok.
All except rags looks at him shocked
Viren goes near him and checks if san has fever and says papa his temperature is normal. I think i heard wrong or else bhai and leave. IMPOSSIBLE
San : chotu and glares at him
San : papa please i completed all the ongoing projects and all are upto date. Pleaseeee
viren : adi bhai did u listen he wants to take leave who wishes to work even on Sunday, i think something happened to bahi
Adi : haa viren i think its better to take him to doctor. What say?
San : chotu, bhai
They didn’t stop their talks and speaks he got some illness or has he gone mad, we should consult doctor and their talk continues

Ragsan gets irritated
Rags : bhai and viren both of u stop. How dare u both to say my sanky mad and haa he just asked leave and what is the big deal.
Advi : big deal! do u know we are trying to take him to pubs and some business parties but he never comes and alays works and today suddenly he wants to take leave. U only say will it not be shock to us
Rags : stop ur nonsense. He asked leave because i asked him and now u stop and haa u two are also not going to work for a week. Sanky was about to say that also to mamu but u stopped him before speaking.
DP : princess u know about these two right so leave it. they make a big issue for everything and haa this week no one are coming to office(advisan) . enjoy yourselves.
All hugs him and says thankyou
Viren : ok now i got freedom from that boring work. Haa rags where are our gifts.u didn’t give us.
Rags : they are in my room only i will get. I will get them and she goes to her room. She comes down carrying a bag and opens it

She gives dp and harish suits and to avantika a beautiful diamond set.
She gives advisan same types of watches and latest model phones. All likes their gifts.
San comes to her and says i think we should say them the goodnews also. All others stares at him except rags
Rags : haa sanky u are right and she takes out a medal from her bag.
She says i got the medal as i am topper of the university. All congragulates her then ragsan says there is something more to say maa
Rags ; sanky u only say to them
Sanky : ok. The thing is ragini’s studies are over and from now onwards she is going to stay with us only. All are double happy listening to this news and happiness can be seen on their faces.
Just then adi sees a file in her bag and says choti something is left here and takes it out. Rags comes and takes it from him and goes near san
Rags : sanky this is a special gift to u . i hope u like it and hands it to him
All are seeing towards them and he opens it.
This part ends here. Guess what might be her gift

Precap : after opening and seeing the file san hugs her tightly

Thankyou guys. Hope everyone liked this part. Thanks for the comments. If anyone wants to give me any suggestions if i am not presenting well please give me. I will rectify my mistakes. As i already said i will give u a family relations update tmr and part 6 on Sunday. Thanks. Will be waiting for comments.

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