Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 42 By Aahana

Do dil bandhe ek dori se
Hi guys. I am very happy with the response. Sorry for not replying to your comments. I was little busy so cant reply but tomorrow I will reply to all of you. And today I will give you double updates part 41 and 42. Actually last part was 40 but got printed as 41 and I don’t know why as I updated it as 40 only. So now I am giving two parts so to avoid the confusion today itself. So now without any delay I will continue the story
Ragsan are in office and speaking about setting a new branch at Rajasthan. San decided to go there and check the availabilities there for setting their new company. He decides to go alone but at that time only he gets a call from his friend that his marriage is settled and he should come there along with his Fiancee (they all know as during award function San decalred that she is his Fiancee) and the venue is Rajasthan. As his work is also there San agrees. Then San informs to ragu about it and she too agrees.
On the other side
Elders had gone to Pankhuri’s house for talking about marriage. Pankhuri’s mother is a greedy woman and she agreed immediately but other family members told that they will speak to Pankhuri and let them know. DP, Harish and Avantika agrees to it and returns back.
At Evening
Ragsan are very eager to know about their reaction(Pankhuri’s family) regarding marriage. AdVi and Ragsan reached at a time so they(Ragsan) thought to ask parents later as it is not known to AdVi. After sometime AdVi goes to fresh up and taking it as a chance San asked their parents about marriage. They says everything and all decides to say it to Adi later and Ragu says don’t say to viren also, he can never hide secrets. All laughs and DP says them to go and get freshen up. They leaves.
Harish : I thought to do our pari’s marriage first and then Adis but our children (Ragsan) don’t want to marry now.
DP : u should feel happy Harish that our princess marriage will not make us far from her and she will stay with u only. U should feel happy that after marriage generally daughters go to In-laws but our princess has her In-laws here only, so don’t cry like a small boy. By saying this he laughs. Avantuka too laughs along with him and says
Avantika : Harish, bhai is correct and about Ragu’s marriage don’t take tension. They first want San to complete his studies and then u know need to ask them. I have a faith that they themselves will come to us to ask for their marriage permission. DP too agrees to them and then says I don’t know whatmy son want to study more. Nalaayak kahi ka, how many years will he study, here I am waiting to play with my grandchildren and due to his studies they are postponing their marriage.
Harish says now itself u said let them decide and again u only say that u want to play with grand children. Senseless person and then they start their fight (childish fight). Avantika laughs at them as they are fighting as small children. At that time only AdVi and Ragsan comes and were amused seeing Harish and DP fighting as small child. They all laughs and by seeing them laughing the duo stops their fight. Ragu goes and sits in between them. Others too sit on sofas and Ragu asks why they are fighting. Harish was about to tell the reason but DP stops and says nothing beta just some stupid reasons, we are getting bored so entertaining ourselves. She nods and DP glares at Harish as if he say the reason then Ragsan may get hurt. Harish understands that he was about to hurt children and thanks DP in his thoughts only for stopping them.
Sanskar says oh no I forgot and all sees him. DP asks what you forgot and San says about Rajasthan trip and also his friend’s marriage and asks pemission to take Ragu along with him. All agrees and Viren say Ragu prepare Makhni Paneer Biryani na please, i want to eat it today, don’t know i am craving to eat it. DP slowly whispers as if he is pregnant saying that I am craving, mera Nalaayak beta, khaana ke alawa kuch nahi sochta. Even though he whispers Ragsan and Harish who are near to him hears it and bursts out laughing. Others sees them like they are aliens and ragu says nothing, remembered some joke and laughs.
Viren is seeing them confusingly and sanskar again laughs imagining viren as pregnant, Adi who is beside san asks what and san says everything to him and other side Harish too says it to Avantika and now all laughs except DP and Viren. DP is glaring at all and poor viren is a confused soul not understanding why everyone are laughing at him. He shouts stop and says everyone stop laughing and say me what is the reason. All controls their smiles and Adi says him what DP whispered. Viren keeps a pout face and sits on a sofa turning other side. Ragini goes and sits beside him and says sy viren and holds her ears, see I will prepare favourite biryani, you don’t feel sad, he still remains silent. She says OK I will prepare all your favourite dishes and only we both will only eat them ok. We will not give to anyone mainly maamu(DP), ok. Viren is still silen. Then ragu says ha idea we all will eat your favourite dishes except mamu and for him we will give only karela curry, what say. Then we both only will go on a icecream date, I am bored however going with your bhai every night to same parlour, let us change the place too, a new parlour is opened and I saw it today only and she goes on saying without noticing others expressions
All are surprised to listen that they both(ragsan) go for icecream everyday and staring at them. Sanskar is shocked that she told it to all and turns his face other side to hide his face and our viren is too smiling seeing San’s face and then sees Ragu who is in her own world explaining about flavours in Icecream and what she wanted to taste now. Now all are staring at her with amusement and laughs out. She sees others and then realises what she said and runs to kitchen. They laughs more and san too goes from there acting as he got a phone call. All laughs and then DP and Adi starts speaking about their new ventures etc,.
San goes into kitchen and hugs Ragu fro back keeping his hands around her waist and head on her shoulder. She recognises his touch and stops her work and leans onto him. He says thanks Mishti. She turns towards him now and they are facing eachother. She asks why and he says u convinced Viren and I am very happy the way u convinced him. She smiles and hugs him keeping her head on his chest and says he is also like Adi to me and I cant see any of u three sad. He smiles and holds her face in his palms and kisses on her forehead and continues but u cant say our secret to all, u know all were giving us teasing glances but u are in your icecream world and forgot verything. She blushes and hugs him and he laughs out loud seeing her pink cheeks and kisses on her cheeks.
Then san says come let us cook dinner together and both starts preparing dinner. Outside Harish and Avantika are in their room speaking about marriage proposal and called to Haveli to speak to their elders. Only viren is left alone so he decides to go and help his bhabhi. He goes to kitchen and sees ragsan helping each other. He thinks not to disturb them and turns back but Ragu sees him and calls him. He enters and Ragu asks does he need anything. He says I was getting bored and roaming and san says then it is good, come and help me in cutting vegetables. Today we 3 will prepare dinner then will go to I cecream date and ha if u both allow me only. Then three laughs and continues cooking while speaking. Ragu takes Flour and water to mix it and asks viren to see the curry. Viren says i will only knead the flour, u check the curry. She nods and he takes flour, water and bowl from her.

In the Kitchen
Sanskar is preparing Ragu’s favourite salad and ragu is cutting vegetables and sideways stirring the curries. Here our poor soul who doesn’t know how much flour and water are to be mixed for one bowl of flour he add 3 bowls of water and now you people yoyurself imagine his situation. He has flour on his face and he is confused how to make roti. At that time only san sees him and starts laughing. Rags too turns listening the sounds and seeing virens both hands in the flour and full sticky flour she bursts out laughing.
Otherside Adi got a phone call and he moves to balcony to attend it. Hearing laughing sounds from kitchen DP moves there and he smiles seeing the scene.
Viren keeps a pout face and tries to take his hands out. The flour is sticked to his hands and it is expanding as he tries to take his hands out. He keeps a puppy dog face and Ragu comes and helps him and cleans his hands and then she cleans his face with her dupatta. DP sees this and smiles. She then takes another bowl and starts kneading the flour, viren comes and hugs her from side and says love you bhabhi. She says love u too and smiles. San and DP seeing this smiles and DP eyes got moist remembering Avni and sanskars bond which was same like Ragu and virens now.
In kitchen san too comes and hugs them and says I love you both too. Then ragu and viren says we love you too childishly. All laughs and DP too laughs. Then ragu says we need to complete it fast, its already 7:30. They nods and continue their works. San preparing salad, ragu kneading the flour and viren cutting vegetables. Ragu kneads the flour and asks viren to give her but he ignores and asks her to do some other work. She prepares roti and fries them and keeps in hot box. She sees viren is cutting in different shapes and inspecting them like a scientist and smiles. She turns back and just then hears viren yelling in pain. Ragsan runs to him and sees that he has a deep cut on his right palm. She immediately holds his hand and rushes near wash basin to wash his hand and instructs Sanskar to get first aid box. DP who saw this runs into kitchen. Ragu immediately cleans his wound with cotton blowing air. She has tears in her eyes and also scolding him for this. She ties a bandage and then scolds herself for allowing him to work. Viren is just smiling seeing her love towards him and immediately hugs her after firts aid and says I am fine bhabhi, relax and ha I am hungry, give me my biryani. I think my biryani is waiting for me to taste it. All smiles and she goes to set the dining table. Viren comes to help her but she scolds him and asks him to sit on the chair. He nods and sits. Sanskar helps her in arranging everything. Then they calls Harish-Avantika and Adi for dinner. They sees virens hand and gets tensed, then viren explains them everything as a small child complaining that it is not his mistake but someone is blaming him. Ragsan and DP smiles seeing his childish behaviour.
Then they all sit for dinner. Ragu is in between sanskar and viren and DP at head seat and other 3 opposite to them. Ragini serves for viren and sanskar and about to serve herself but stops seeing viren thinking how to eat. She doesn’t serve herself and takes his plate and starts feeding him. He tries to stop her but she doesn’t listen and asks him to eat and she will eat later. All smiles seeing them and starts eating. Then ragu sees a morsel infront of her and turnse her face to see sanskar holding it. She nods no but he glares her and she opens her mouth. Sanskar smiles and starts feeding her and eats himself as he know she will not agree if he doesn’t eat. All others smiles seeing them.
After Dinner
All are in the living room and viren says bhabhi common let us go on an icecream date. She smiles and says let us go tmr viren, not today u should take rest, u are not well, so take pain killers and sleep. Viren nods but then says ok ok I understand u want to go along with bhai then ok, you should say directly that Viren I don’t want u as kabab mein haddi between us. All laughs and she glares at him and starts running back of him. They play for sometime and atlast all 4 decides to go for icecream parlour.
After 1 hour they reaches home and sanskar goes to kitchen to get some hot chocolate for Ragu as he knows that she will get headache after eating icecreams at night. Others moves to their rooms and changes into nightwear. San too changes his dress and moves terrace where they decided to meet. He got hotchocolate for all of them and all sits there and spent sometime speaking about their business. Then sanskar gets a call from his manager that tickets for Rajasthan are reserved for them and flight is at 11 AM. Sanskar then says to ragu about and athen all retires to their rooms wishing eachother goodnight
Ragsan are in ragu’s room. He kisses her on her forehead and covers her with duvet and goes to his room
Next day morning
All are in the mandir and Avantika is doing puja. After puja everyone had their breakfast and Sanskar informs about their flight. AdVi decides to give them sendoff at Airport and then go to office. Ragsan packs their bags and after taking blessings from elders all 4 go to airport and after ragsan departure they went away.
After 2 hours
Ragsan are in Jaipur. They have a guest house there, so decided to go there and complete their office work and then move to Udaipur where marriage is going to take place. They already booked a guesthouse in Udaipur for their stay as they want to be alone and want some privacy. At guest house they had their lunch and starts working. At evening they goes to see site and returns back at night after meeting an agency for appointing a manager to look after. They had their dinner at a restaurant before returning and now are on the terrace of their guest house.
There is a swing and ragini is sitting on it and sanskar by keeping his head on her lap is laying on it. They then call home and Avantika gives them good news that Adi’s marriage is fixed and engagement is after fifteen days. All are happy and ragsan teases adi a lot. After speaking to all they switches off the phone and sits there hugging each other.
Then sanskar says Mishti day after tmr we will go to Udaipur, then tmr what shall we do. Ragu smiles and says let us see historical places of Jaipur tmr and taste Rajasthani dishes. He nods and then they discusses their plan and then move to their rooms to catch sleep
Here i end the two parts.

Precap : Jaipur visit

Sorry for the delay. This is not proofread. So forgive me for any mistakes. I hope all likes this parts. I wanted to show love between BHabhi-Devar today. Hope everyone liked it

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