Do dil bandhe ek dori se (part 4)

Do dil bandhe ek dori se (part 4)
Hi everyone. Thanks for the comments. I am happy as I am getting good comments. Sorry for not updating daily. I will update again on Friday. Haa it was Sanskar who was neither shocked nor surprised but I didn’t get answer for the question why maids were shocked. I will reveal it in this episode. Now I will stop my bakbak and will continue the story.

Still everyone are staring at her. By seeing their expressions she cant hold her laugh and bursts out laughing. Everyone sees her as why she is laughing now. Avantika goes and keeps her hand on rags shoulder.
Avantika : ragu
Ragini : Haa maa I am here. She hugs her and says I missed u somuch maa. Love u.
Avantika gets happy tears. Rags wipes her tears and says maa I am here so no more tears.
Avantika : pagli these are happy tears. How nd when did u come?
DP : let her meet others also then u ask her whatever u want.
Rags goes and hugs him.
Ragini : haa maamu say her.I came just now and she started her question bank.
Avantika keeps a pout face. All laughs
Ragini : she hugs DP tightly and says I missed u a lot mamu.
DP : me too princess. Love u beta
Ragini : love u mamu
Harish fakely coughs as to gain their attention
DP : harish stop it. I know your habit. She will come to u also. Let me see her properly. He kisses her forehead and blesses her
Rags goes and hugs Harish : missed u papa. Love u
He too reciprocates the hug and says i too missed u pari(her nick name). He kisses on her forehead and releases her from hug and says go to your bhai. See how he is seeing us as i am not allowing you to meet him.
Adi and Rags: papa (says at a time)
She goes and hugs Adi. How are u choti I missed u so much. Love u yaar.
Rags :love u too bhai

Viren comes and joins their hug and says i missed u rags.
Rags : missed u viren and all three breaks hugs. Then she hugs viren
Sanskar smiles by seeing all this
Adi : choti where is ur luggage and why didn’t u inform us that u are coming. We would have come to airport to pick u.
Viren : haa rags. Why didn’t u tell anyone of us?
Avantika : Ragu how can u come like this
Rags : maa i thought to give surprise
Avantika : i am not speaking about that. U came directly from airport and that to 20 hours journey and without getting freshen up u came to mandir
All keeps palms on their foreheads listening to her talk
She was about to say some more then sanskar stops her and says maa wait a minute let her say
Then san goes and side hugs Rags
Rags : maa i came early morning itself. Got freshen up in my own room and joined your puja.
Viren : what how did u come in and how we missed u
Then all at a sudden sees sanskar
Adi : this is your work right sanskar u only helped her
All glares at him

San : stands at back of rags and says listen to me first please
All : say
San : actually
Ragini told sanskar about a week back that she is coming and hide it from everyone. He agrees.
So i know and today early morning i went to airport to pick her up and by the time we return u all were asleep. We came in and she went to her room.
Viren : now i got it so when i asked u what were u doing in her room(He saw while he coming out after keeping luggage) u said that u listened some sound and went in but nothing is inside and closed door before i enter
San nods
Adi : and when maid was about clean u stopped her entering into that room and allotted some other work
San again nods
Avantika : u asked me to prepare kachori and rasgulla for her.
San again nods

Advi and avantika glares at him as he did a big mistake
Harish and DP laughs seeing san
San catches his ears and says sorry wethought to give surprise. If u want scold me but don’t scold ragini
Ragini says no he didn’t tell anyone as i asked him to. So if u want scold me not him
All smiles seeing their friendship and blaming themselves to save the other
Avantika goes and hogs both. She says stop now both are excused and i love u both
Whole family joins the hug and says we too love u.
I am ending this part here.

Precap : ragsan bonding and ragini gift for sanskar

Hope everyone liked it. Will be waiting for the comments. I will post part 5 on Friday and on Saturday i will give the background of story and whole family relations. So that u can clearly understand
Thanks everyone

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