Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 37 By Aahana

Do dil bandhe ek dori se (Part 37)
Hi everyone. I am back with the next part. Thanks for the comments. I think all are angry on me so I got less comments. I hope today their anger will be decreased as I am back on time. So now without any bakbak I will continue my story. It is not proof read so sorry for the mistakes

At Terrace
Ragini is shocked with the task given to Adi by Sanskar but is surprised seeing smiling faces of Sanskar and Adi. Sanskar then remembers something

Flash Back ****************************************************************************
On the same day Adi is in his room and Sanskar goes there. He speaks with Adi but Adi doesn’t listen to him. He is thinking something deeply and staring into space. Sanskar keeps his hand on Adi’s shoulder and he comes out of his trance.
Adi : what happened sanky, why are u here?

Sanskar : i just came but what are u doing? I was calling u from long time but u were not at all responding. You are fine right and keeps his palm on his forehead to check if he has any temperature. Adi removes sanky’s hand and says I am fine sanskar and he was about to move but san stops him and says say me now
Adi : Actually pankhuri returned and I heard that her parents are seeing matches for her. I don’t know how to speak with mom and dad, so I am tensed.
Then sanskar says something to him which is mute and Adi agrees to it. It is their plan that when Sanskar asks Adi to say a secret he should say it to parents
**********************************************************************************Flash Back Ends
A remainder
All family members knows about it as Ragsan already told them but they are waiting for Adi to say it
Adi then closes his eyes and says everything to them and goes on praising Pankhuri and her good qualities. All smiles seeing him and Viren bursts out laughing looking at his facial expressions. Adi opens his eyes and sees everyone smiling at hima and takes a sigh of relief.
Then Avantika says that they already knew it and waiting for him to confess so that they can take shagun to Pankhuri’s house to fix the wedding. All smiles
Viren says now only two are left that is Bhai and Bhabhi. So now I am going to change the rules. Who will win will give a task to the loser. All agrees
Ragsan sits opposite to each other. They starts playing and the pillow stops at Ragini. Now Sanskar is the winner and he need to give her a challenge. All are looking at Sanskar and thinking what he is going to say. Ragu keeps a puppy face and he smiles mischieviously. Then he says Ragu u should do something special for me and u have 24 hours time. All looks at him and Viren says what bhai u gave such a simple task and this much time.

Sanskar says viren wait and see, she need to do something different and unique. Ragini says challenge accepted. Adi says what are u going to do laado and she says wait and see. All smiles and says its late already, let us go and sleep. Elders goes first and AdViSan and Ragini are left.

Viren : bhabhi what are u going to do? I am very eager to know. Sanskar beats him on his head and says why do u want to know when she is going to do something special for me. Viren says so that I can spoil your moments and starts running from there. Sanskar understands it and runs bach of him. Adi and Ragu are laughing seeing them. Adi says choti if u need any help then u can ask me. Ragini says bhai everytime sanky only did something for me, now its my turn and I will do it on my own.
Adi smiles and says your wish Ragu. Then Viren comes and hides behind Ragini and sanskar too comes chasing him. Sanskar tries to catch him but he keeps hiding. Atlast viren pishes Ragini onto Sanskar and runs from there. Sanskar catches her and both are lost in the moment. They have a passionate eyelock. Adi too goes from there to give them some time.

Sanskar slowly touches her lips with his fingers and Ragini closes her eyes. Then he replaces his fingers with his lips and both had a passionate kiss. They broke the kiss when they are out of breathe. She feels shy and hugs him. He too hugs her closer. They sits there itself for sometime close to eachother. They are sitting on the mat and sanskar’s back is against wall and ragini is leaning against sanskar. Her back is to his front and his hands are around her waist. (I hope u got what I want to say). They sleeps in that position only. After sometime Ragini wakes up and sees they are on the terrace and sees the time.

It is around 3:30 in the morning. Then she thinks about his challenge and gets up from there and makes few phone calls. Then she goes down and takes a bag and takes one dress of her and then goes to Sanskar’s room and keeps a dress of his. She takes car keys and goes to terrace. It is around 4 and she wakes up Sanskar. He wakes up and says what happened Ragu, why are u waking up and why are u in my room. Ragini hits her head with her palm and says Sanskar we are on the terrace and now get up. We need to go out. Sanskar stands up and asks where should we go but she doesn’t listen to him and holds his hand and takes him from there. Sanskar is sleepy and just follows her. She makes him sit in passenger seat of car and she takes the driver seat. She starts the car and Sanskar sleeps. She smiles seeing his pleasant and sleepy face which is so cute and herself says first surprise of the day Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari

After sometime she stops the car at a place and gets down. She then comes to other side, opens the car door and wakes up sanskar. He slowly opens his sleepy eyes and asks her what. She asks him to come out and gives her hand. He holds her hand and comes out. He then sees forward and gets surprised seeing the place. He rubs his eyes to see whether it is real or not. He pinches himself to see if he is dreaming or not. She smiles at his antics and hugs him from behind saying sanky it is not dream, we are at Sunrise point and we are seeing the sunrise. They are on the top of hill and no one are there at that place. Sanskar turns and hugs her tightly.

Sanskar : Mishti how do u know that I want to come here with u. Ragini says I know Sanky once u said to me that U want to see first sunrise at this place along with me and we are here now. Are u happy now. Sanskar says ofcourse Mishti, I am very happy and I agree that u completed the task. Ragini comes out of the hug and says not yet Sanky there are many more surprises for u today and this is just the starting. He raises his eyebrows as if asking what more are left and she blinks her eyelids as if saying wait and see. He smiles and hugs her. She too hugs himand both sits on the car bonnet and enjoys the early morning sunrise.

Precap : A day with Ragsan. Ragini fulfilling Sanskar wishes

Its done. I hope everyone likes it and please comment guys and if it is not good then say me so that I can change the track. Next episode will be full og Ragsan and next episode will be on next Thursday probably. I will update other two by night or tomorrow morning. Thanks everyone for the comments.

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