Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 36 By Aahana

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se Part 36
Hi everyone. I know wveryone are angry on me and ready to kill me for being late. I am extremely sorry. I actually forgot the password and unable to login into TU. After lot of struggle today I was able to crack it and now I am giving u the part. I will post other two also today. Now enough of my nonsense and I will continue the story
Precap : Sanskar won the award and announces about ragsan being a couple infront of media

All family members are shocked and surprised listening to the announcement but felt happy as now no one will point their finger at them and media cannot write some nonsense in news like they spoke before announcement

At Venue
Sanskar comes to Ragini and gives her the award. Media clicks many photos. Ragini takes it from him and side hugs him. The media requests for some photos and they accepts.
After sometime they both are in the car and ragini keeps her head on his shoulder and holds his hand and says I am very happy Sanky. Thank you so much.
Sanskar : Mishty, I should say thanks to u for coming into my life. Not u and I am sorry to announce it to everyone without asking u. Ragini says Sanky I am very happy with your decision, I don’t have any problem with it. I am proud to announce it to everyone that I am your fiancé but what about our family? We didn’t say them
Sanskar says they will feel happy Ragu, don’t take stress thinking about the. She smiles and nods. After sometime they reaches home.
They thinks everyone are sleeping as it is almost 11 and comes holding eachothers hands but gets shocked seeing whole family in the living room. They immediately left eachothers hands .
Adi sees them first and says see the love birds of Mumbai has come. Viren too joins him and teases the couple a lot. They imitates Sanskar’s announcement and teases ragsan a lot. Ragu is shy and not lifting her head at all and sanskar is blushing and seeing all sides except them. They are embarrassed
DP (while coming towards them says): Adi and Viren stop both of u. Why u guys are teasing my princess and Sanskar? Say me? For the first time my son did something on his own and that too for good orelse he is always a latelatif. Either in realising his feelings or confessing them
By saying this DP laughs along with Adi and Viren. Sanskar who thought that his father is supporting him is shocked and keeps a sad puppy face. Seeing his face all laughs along with ragu and he goes from there. All laughs loudly and sits in living room.

Ragini : papa and mamu, u all are not angry on us right as Sanskar announced it suddenly without asking u people. We are sorry. Its not his mistake too. There few people are saying bad about me anddddd (she is about to continue but DP stops her and says)
DP : beta we are happy with his decision. We were just teasng him. Why will we be angry, instead we are very happy as now everyone will get to know about u people and then no media can tey to defame us
At that time only Sanskar comes and says ha u people were teasing me and now behind my back praising me. Wah wah what a world and keeps an annoying face. All chuckles and after few seconds he too joins them. He comes and sits beside Avantika and keeps his head on her lap.
She smiles and caresses his hair. Sanskar says ma why u people didn’t sleep till now, it is too late. Viren says bhai tomorrow is Sunday right so we decided to have a talk till midnight. We did all the arrangements on the terrace and are waiting for u.
Rags : yippee! Then why are still here, come lets go. And she stands up. All smiles and gets up from their seats. Sanskar says ragu u go and change your dress then come to terrace, till that time we will check arrangements. She nods

Viren says ha come fast or else I will lock terrace door, she says I will kill u if u do that. They starts fighting childishly and all smiles seeing them. Sanskar gets irritated after sometime and says chup. Rags is about to say something but san says Bilkul chup and Rags and viren keeps finger on their lips. Sanskar says Ragu first of all u go and get ready and come to terrace and Viren u carry all the food upstairs. Viren is about to say something but Sanskar glares at him and he keeps silent. Sanskar says and I am giving only 10 minutes time to u both and if u are late then I will close the door. Both looks at him shocked.
Sanskar says time starts now and both runs from there. All others laughs
After 10 minutes
All are in their night dresses and sitting in a circle
They plays Anthakshari for sometime and then starts playing pass the pillow. Dadu feels tired and goes to his room to retire for night and dadi sits to operate the music. ( i guess u people know the game, music will be going on and when the music is stopped the person who has the pillow has to do the task given byperson left to them)
Sanskar is right to ragini and left to Adi. Viren is left to Ragini

First the pillow stops at Harish. Avantika is towards his left and she asks him to do catwalk. He tries to do it and all laughs
Then again the game continues. It stops at Viren.DP has to give him the task and he asks Viren to do dance on song BabyDoll. All bursts out laughing seeing virens expressions and his dance
Now again the game starts and pillow is with Avantika. Adi should give her the task and he asks her to sing a song. She sings a beautiful song and all smiles at her. Next the pillow is with DP and Harish has to give the task. Harsish asks him to show his acting skills. He acts as a comedian and all laughs.
Next Adi got pillow and Sanskar has to give him the task. Sanskar asks him to say if there is any secret he is hiding from everyone. Adi is shocked with Sanskar’s question.

Precap : will Adi complete his task? Ragsan are left now and what they are going to do. And the previous precap that is Ragini taking sanskar on a date

Its done. Hope everyone likes it. I prmise from now i will be regular and active. Please comment if it is good or bad. It is not proof read. So sorry. I will give next part on Friday and this time for sure. Missed u all and please say if it is boring. I will try to change the plot. after two to three parts there will be a change and introduction of new characters


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