Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 36 By Aahana

Do dil bandhe ek dori se PART 38

Hi everyone. I know all are very angry on me. Forgive me please. I will be regular for sure from next week. My exams are going on and I am unable to update. Later I have two months holidays and on alternate days I will surely update it. So now without any delay I will continue the story.

At sunrise point
Ragsan are on the car bonnet and enjoying the sunrise. After the sunrise sanskar holds her face in his palms and kisses on her forehead. She smiles and hugs him. Ragu comes out of the hug and says common sanky, let us go. There are few more plans for the day. He simply nods his head and both comes down.
Sanskar says Ragu let me drive now, u sleep for sometime. Ragu says no way, it is a surprise. I will only drive. After some arguments sanskar allows ragu to drive. She then drives to Juhu beach. He is surprised after seeing the place. Ragini says come let us have the breakfast here. He says Mishti, are u fine? U want to have road side breakfast. She nods and says Sanky I know u have this wish to eat breakfast here like a commom Mumbai citizen, let us fulfil that too. He smiles and says come lets go. They freshen up in the nearby area and tasted the breakfast. They tasted all the varieties and enjoyed a lot. They took selfies and enjoyed like small kids.

After sometime they comes near to the car and Sanskar says now where to go? Ragini smiles and says now we are going to MahaLakshmi Race Course for horse ride. Sanskar says Ragini u don’t know horse riding and I cant allow u to ride. Ragini smiles at his concern and says who said I am going to ride, u are going to ride and I will be sitting along with u, common now u don’t hesitate and cancel the ride. I know its one of your fantasy.
He smiles and says I have a doubt, u read my wishes list right. She gives him a smile and quickly sits inside. He smiles and sits inside and pinches her cheek and says I understood now how u know all my wishes. She says sorry Sanky, i was searching for a file few days back in your room and then I saw that list which u wanted to do along with me. He smiles and says I am very happy ragu, so don’t take it to heart and now I will drive there as I know the place. She nods and he starts the car. She sleeps and he continues driving. At last they reaches that place and he wakes her up and both goes on a ride. She is sitting infront of him and he is riding. He then says Ragu did u inform anyone or not? They might be worrying about us. She leans on him and says I mwssaged bhai about it, he will inform all and ha I didn’t inform Viren as he is the one who wakes up late and by that time all will be searching for us. Both laughs and then continues the ride.

They get down and Ragini says come, let us take a room and get ready. He says Ragu, we need clothes too. Ragini says they are in the back seat, come now. He says u came with full preparation and she says Ha, a full day only both of us, so everything is planned. He smiles and says come let us go. They both gets freshen up and comes down.
Sanskar : now where are we going and she says Siddhi Vinayaka Temple. He nods his head and starts driving. Both reaches the temple and takes puja thaali from the vendor. Then ragini covers her head with dupatta and both enters inside the temple. Both does puja together and after taking Prasad comes out of the temple. They sits there itself for some time and then starts to their next destination. Now ragini is driving the car and Sanskar doesn’t know where they are going. He stopped asking as he know she will not answer. Then they reached a very big hotel which was a palace previously, she says we will have Lunch here. He nods and both go inside. She already reserved a closed room and ordered all his favourite dishes were arranged there. The closed room has a fountain and also it looks like RajMahal ( I mean rajas time how their lunch used to be ). He smiles seeing the arrangements she made for him. After the waiters left he hugs her from back and says nice surprise, impressed Mishti. She smiles and both sits and feeds eachother. They spends sometime there itself and then comes outside. Sanskar says Ragini let us continue your plans someother day, now I want to go on a long drive with u. She smiles and says my plan is also same. He smiles and their long drive starts.

Episode ends here. Sorry for the short update. I will give u a long update as soon as possible.

Precap : Date continues and candle light dinner on a?

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