Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 34 By Aahana

Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 34
Hi everyone. Thanks for the comments. If u all think that I am dragging it then please say, so that I can change the track. I am very happy with all the response and as I am free today I am posting and I will give another part by next thursday as i am busy with lab exams and internals. I know all are angry on me as i didn’t post an update for more than a week. I am ver y sorry for that. So, Why Sanskar missed the flight? Let us see now.

All 4 are in the living room and ragini asks Sanskar how did u miss your flight as u were already in the airport. Sanskar says actually because of u I missed the flight. Others says what and Sanskar says first listen to me and till then don’t interrupt. They nods their heads and San continues saying after ragu called me and asked me whether I took all my things I remembered that I forgot a bag and booked ticket for next flight and went to guest house. I boarded the next flight and came. Viren says u are right bhai due to bhabhi only u missed the flight. Others smiles and AdVi goes to study room as DP calls them
Only ragsan are in the living room and san says ragu where is my gift. U didn’t get gift for me. Ragini says sanskar its in my room, i will get it and goes. Sanskar too follows her without letting her know. As soon as he enters into room he closes the door and pulls ragini towards him. She is shocked with the sudden pull and then sees its sanskar. She asks what and he says my gift. Ragini says i came to get that only and about to leave but san tightens his grip, he has his both hands around her waist. She asks what and he says gift is with u only ragu and kisses on her lips. She is shocked with the sudden kiss but responds to him and both kisses passionately till they are out of breathe. She blushes and hugs him tightly. He smiles and kisses on her hair.

After sometime ragini gives sanskar a gift (it is an album with all his photos with Avni ) and he is very happy. He thanks her and she says sanky u need not say thanks and i know my sanky in and out. I know his happiness lies in the beautiful memories and not on materialistic things. He smiles and hugs her. Viren asks them to come down for evening snacks and they came. All sits for sometime and cracks jokes. Viren says bhai birthday treat and sanskar says let all of us go to dinner at Italian restaurant. All agrees. They all goes to their rooms and decides to meet at 8 and go out.
Sanskar enters ragini’s room with a gift box. He gives it to her and asks to open saying it is a special gift. She opens it and feels happy seeing the gift. It is a beautiful Tajmahal in a glass box and there is a photo of them (ragsan) in it in the heart shape. She keeps it on the table and hugs him tight saying thankyou so much and love u. He smiles and hugs her. Just then AdVi comes and sees them. They clears their throats and ragsan comes out of the hug. They both blushes and AdVi teases them. Then viren sees the gift and says amazing, beautiful. Adi asks what and viren shows it to him. Adi too smiles seeing it and viren takes it into his hands. Then he sees that ragini and sanskar’s name are written on Tajmahal. He shows it to Adi and ragu. She too didn’t notice it early and feels happy seeing their names carved on Tajmahal.

Viren : bhai how did u get such idea, its awesome gift. Sanskar says actually two days back i was free and went for shopping. I saw Tajmahals in a shop and then got this idea. Viren says bhai gift is only for bhabhi, not for us
Sanskar : viren i got for u both also and they are in my room. Let me get them. He was about to go but viren stops him and says wait a minute, i will get them. San nods and viren goes. After few minutes he returns back dragging Sanskars Suitcase. All sees at him and he smiles sheepishly and says I was unable to find out so got the whole bag here.others laughs at him and san takes the bag and keeps it on the bed. Sanskar opens and viren comes to him and takes out a packet which is on the top and says it might be for me and opens it. It contains saree and he feels embarassed and says Ragini bhabhi not mine its yours and keeps it in her hand
3 laughs at him and he says her gifts are done, so next gift must be mine or Adi bhai’s and takes another packet out and opens it. All bursts out laughing seeing the gift as it contains all matching accessories for the saree. San and adi teases him a lot. Viren places it in Ragini’s hands and says bhai u only give it, i cant risk to take out another packet from bag. San smiles and takes out two boxes which are of same size and gives it to both AdVi. They opened it and found new model phones. They thanked him.

All are in the living room and waiting for rags to come, so that they can go out for dinner. At that time only rags comes and san is mesmerised seeing her. She wore the saree san gave her today along with his given accessories. She tied the saree is southindian style (general way of tying saree) and san is just staring at her with his mouth wide open. AdVi laughs seeing him adn closes his mouth saying mosquitoes may enter. He feels shy and they both laughs. All comes out and sits in their cars. Ragsan are in one car, Harish, Avantika, Adi and DP are in one car and Dadi, Dadu, Badi dadi and viren are in one car. Sanskar booked a whole floor for them only as he wants to spend time only with family without any disturbance. All reaches the venue and first sanskar cuts the cake and feeds Ragu first. Advi teases them a lot. Then he offers to DP and Viren at a time and then to all. Then they had their dinner and enjoyed for sometime and decides to go home. elders gives him gifts and then san asks Avantika that he wants to spend time with ragu and wants to take her to beach. She agrees and ragsan goes to beach and others to home.

At Beach
Ragsan are walking on the sand holding eachothers hands. They both are silent. Ragu says sanky let us sit for sometime and he agrees. They sit on the sand and ragu keeps her head on his chest and he places his hand around her shoulders. They both sits like that for sometime and decides to go home. they reaches home and by that time all slept. They wishes goodnight to eachother and goes to their rooms.

Next day morning
All are in the mandir and Avantika is doing puja. She completes puja and gives Prasad to everyone. Then they had breakfast and leaves for their works. Ragsan are discussing regarding the project and just then someone comes into their room. Its none other than AdVi. Ragsan asks what and viren says where are your mobiles. Ragsan doesn’t find their mobiles and at a time says i think its in my cabin. They then sees AdVi who are glaring at them. Ragu says what happened bhai, and Adi says choti we were calling u both from past one hour but u were not taking the call. So we came here to take you. San says why Adi and Adi says don’t know sanskar papa called me and told to come home along with u people as soon as possible. So i was caliing but u both are not taking any call so we came here.

Ragu says sorry bhai they are in our cabin. Adi says its ok come let us go home, it must be something important as papa told to come home as soon as possible. Ragsan nods and packs their office bag and files. All 4 went to home and they sees all elders are in the living room and looking happy.
San : mamu what happened why u people asked us to come home as soon as possible. Ragu says ha papa what is that urgent that we cant discuss evening.
DP smiles at her and says ragu beta wait a minute, and ha don’t get tensed, its a good news and very important too. All looks at him and then DP gives a paper to ragu and asks her to read it. She reads it and feels happy. She smiles and hugs sanky saying congrats Sanskar. San doesn’t understand what is happening. Viren takes paper from her and AdVi reads it and smiles and hugs san saying congrats san/bhai.
Episode ends here

Precap : sanskar shocking announcement

Its done. Hope everyone likes it. I will try to update regularly from now. Sorry for the delay. Please comment and guess why everyone are congragulating sanskar. ignore if there are any mistakes and forgive me. it is not proof read

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