Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 33 By Aahana

Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 33
Hi everyone. Sorry for the late. I am busy with my home works and unable to give the update. Thankyou everyone for the support and encouragement and sorry i was unable to reply to all the comments. Now i am free and will do that. Now enough of my bakbak and i know that everyone are eager to know what happened to ragu, so let us see now


Along with Rags, AdVi are also tensed. Rags is crying and viren is trying to console her. Adi is trying to contact with airport officials but there is no response from them. All are tensed.viren says i will inform to papa but Adi says viren now they went to temple, let them come and then we will inform. Viren nods. They both are highly tensed. Then it is again announced that its morning flight and all are afraid a lot now. Ragini faints and about to fall but Adi holds her. They makes her sleep on the bed and trying to take officials help to know about sanskar but there is no information. They are afraid that what will happen if san is there in that. They too had tears in their eyes. Suddenly rags wakes up shouting sanskars name. Viren rushes to her.

They tries to calm her but without listening she goes down to puja mandir. She cries in front of god and requests him to save her life her Sanskar.she takes camphor, lightens it and keeps on her hand. She moves it infront of god (as aarti) and cries. Viren goes to stop her but Adi stops him and says let her do whatever she wish, god may listen to her. He nods. She does puja and sits there only. Adi takes her to room. Viren listens to cars horn and goes out. He sees that all the elders returned from mandir. He goes into living room and all enters. DP observes his dull face and asks what happened. Viren was about to say about flight crash but stops listening to a voice saying I am back. He is none other than our Sanskar. Viren feels happy seeing him fine, runs and hugs him. All are surprised with his behaviour. Viren says thank god, nothing happened to u. Sanskar doesn’t understand anything and says what are u saying viren. Viren says nothing bhai Happy Birthday.

Sanskar realises that it is his birthday. He smiles and both goes into living room. He takes blessings of all elders and everyone wishes him. Sanskar says Ragu didn’t wish me also, i spoke with her morning only. Then viren realises that adi and ragu are not here and rushes upstairs. No one sees him. DP says actually beta she only reminded us and wanted to give u surprise, so she might not have wished u. All agrees with DP and san smiles and sees around for Ragu
On the other side Viren rushes towards her room (ragini was crying and adi was consoling her) and says Adi Bhai, Bhabhi Sanskar bhai came. Both sees towards him and he nods saying he really came. Ragini rushes down. Listening to her payals sound all turns towards stairs. Her face is red due to crying. All are shocked seeing her. San fastly moves towards stairs and ragini comes and hugs him tightly.she cries and others doesn’t understands what happened.

She murmurs, i was very afraid sanky, i thought i lost u, but see u are fine. Thank you god for sending my sanky back to me. He listens and says ragini what happened? He comes out of the hug and keeps his hands on her shoulders and says ragu say na what happened? Why are u crying? Viren was about to say but ragu signals him not to say anything. Sanskar observes it and says viren say what happened? Viren says bhai nothing. San says i know viren u are hiding something from me but i want to know what is happeneing and what happened that u cried this much? Ragu says sanky leave it na and now sanky gets angry that they are trying to hide something and shouts say me dammit, what happened. I want to know.

Then Adi says whatever happened and all are shocked. Rags is again crying silently. San comes out of his shock and sees ragu crying, he hugs her and caresses her hair asking her calm down. All had tears in their eyes. Sanskar slowly releases her from hug, holds her from shoulders and takes to the dining hall. He makes her sit on the chair and gives her water.she drinks and he wipes her tears.

She says sanky u are fine and I am very happy. He smiles and sits on his knees in front of her.he cups her face and says ragu see i am perfectly fine, nothing will happen to me, u are there na, god cant take me away from u, so stop crying ok. She nods and all smiles at them. He says ragu please don’t become this much weak, if really i was in that flight and i was injured or i but before he say something more rags keeps her palm on his mouth and nods no. Please sanky never say like that please, i cant live without u and she sobs. He felt sorry as he made her cry again and hugs her saying sorry. All smiles and to make her laugh sanskar says u know ragu, if god wishes too he cant take me as he is afraid of u, all laughs and rags too joins them.

He makes her drink some more water and she suddenly says sanky we called u many times, why didn’t u lift the phone, it was switched off. He says very cooly that its battery is dead and all glares at him. Then he realises that he did a blunder by saying that and sees all are glaring at him. Rags gets up from chair and moving from there but sanky holds her palm to stop her. But he leaves her palms immediately as she shout ahhh, pain can be clearly seen on her face. Sanky guesses that some thing is related to her palm and tries to hold her but she hides. He forcefully takes her hand out holding her arm and all are shocked to see her palm burnt

Viren says what ever happened ( before, adi told only about flight) and sanskar starts scolding her but DP stops him. San don’t scold her now. San agrees and goes into kitchen. All thinks what he is doing but smiles after seeing him coming out of the kitchen holding a First aid box

He makes her sit and applies cream on her burnt palm and bandages it. Ragu sees him lovingly. San bandages her hand and says see with all this drama u forgot to wish me happy birthday. She hits her head with her palm (slowly only) and says happy birthday sanky and hugs him. He too hugs her and says thanks. They comes out of the hug. Ragu says sanky how did u miss the flight when u were in Airport only. San says ragu stop your questions for sometime. U became a question bank seriously. All chuckles and she pouts. Viren says yar all of u stop speaking for sometime and let us have lunch, already breakfast time is completed with your drama, and there are many dishes on the table and i am feeling hungry seeing them waiting for me. All smiles at his banter and ragu says viren wait for 5 minutes, we will do puja and then lunch, he nods.
Avantika : ragu and sanskar both go, freshen up and come.
After sometime all are in the puja mandir and ragsan are doing aarti together on Dadi’s advice. She sings a bhajan and completes the puja. All takes Prasad and goes to dining hall. Sanky thinks how will ragu eat and says ragu u sit and i will feed u, then i will eat, u cant eat na.

Ragu : no sanky u eat first then i will, from moring u didn’t eat anything
They starts arguing that u eat first and u eat first. Viren gets irritated with their fight and says chup bilkul chup. Both stops and sees him. He says bhabhi u sit beside bhai and bhai u feed while eating. What say mamu and winks at Harish. Harish smiles and says yes bacho sit and eat calmly, we are hungry
All had their lunch and praises ragu. Now 4 are in living room and rags asks how did he miss the flight.
Part ends here.

Precap : How and Why san missed the flight and ragsan romance

Its done. Hope everyone likes it. Its not proof read so sorry for the mistakes. Will be waiting for your comments. I will post the next part tomorrow

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