Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 32 By Aahana

Hi everyone Aahana here
Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 32
Hi everyone. I am very happy with the response for previous part. Thank you so much for the support. I am very happy and ha nothing will happen to sanskar. So leave the tension and read the part now. Flight crashes but no problem, so see now actually what happens

All reaches beach and are walking on the sand. Advi are front and ragsan are slowly walking back of advi. They are walking silently holding each others hands.
Sanskar : ragini what happened why are u too silent today. Ragini : nothing sanskar actually i want to come with u. But u are going alone. How can i be without u for one week. San smiles and stops her going further. He holds her face in is hands and says ragu u know na someone should be here to handle and i can’t let u go there alone.
Ragu : but sanskar for one week is it needed.

San chuckles and says ragu did u forget, i need to go for studies to oxford then what will u say yaar, rags face fell and he thinks he said that and made her dull. Rags slowly starts walking and san gets an idea. He runs into the water and splashes water on her. She turns towards that direction and gets shocked seeing sanky. He again splashes water and now rags is totally irritated as her dress became wet. She shouts sanky and advi too turns back listening her scream. They comes near them and laughs at rags. She gets pissed of and splashes water on all three. Advi too joins and all enjoys their team in beach. Rags forgot about the issue and smiling

San feels happy seeing her smile but gets into thoughts that how she will be here when he goes to oxford as she is sad just for a week. He is thinking and on the other side all 3 are calling him but he is not responding, all smiles mischieviously and splashes water on him at a time.
Sanskar comes out of his thoughts and glares at them who are laughing. After sometime he too joins them and all had a good time. They comes out of the water and ragini is feeling uncomfortable as her dress is wet. Sanskar observes it and takes the jacket which he left on a rock and covers her with it. She smiles and mouths him a thanks. All goes to a restaurant and had their dinner.

Ragsan are sitting together and advi opposite to them. Sanskar is teasing rags a lot by holding her hand sometimes, playing footsie or kissing on her cheek when advi doesn’t notice them. Rags is red with shy.
They comes out and advi starts their bikes and goes. Then Rags hits him on his chest for being naughty in the restaurant and san just grins and kisses her on her lips stopping her complaints. They come out of the kiss and she hides her face in his chest feeling shy. They then goes to home and DP informs him that his flight is in the morning itself. San agrees and all goes to their rooms

Next day morning
Ragini wakes up and gets ready. She thinks to prepare breakfast for sanskar and then thinks once i will see did sanskar wake up or not. She enters his room and sees him sleeping. She shakes her head saying impossible he will never wake up this early (it is 5 only) and goes to wake him up. She wakes him up but he thinks that he is dreaming as ragini is waking him up and sleeps saying ragini yar don’t come into my dreams, i need to wake up. She smiles and tries to wake him up. He is not getting up and atlast she pinches him and he suddenly wakes up feeling pain.

He rubs where she pinched and glares at her. She laughs and he keeps a pout face. She pinches his cheeks and kisses him on his forehead. She says get up sanky, u need to catch flight. He looks at her and then realises that he should catch a flight. He hurries up and rushes to washroom. She smiles and says sometimes he behaves as a child. Sanskar who came to take his dress, listens her and kisses on her cheek. She sees him and he says only with u, winks at her and leaves taking his dress. Hearing the thud sound of door she comes out tranceand smiles saying pagal.

( i think u understood what he meant, he mean that he behaves as a child only infront of her)
She checks if he packed bag or not and finds it unpacked. She just thinks he is unbelievable and takes a suitcase and starts packing his bag. Sanskar who came out after getting freshen up sees her and smiles. He hugs her from back suddenly and she gets startled as she didn’t expect it. He slowly removes her hair from one side and nuzzles her neck with his nose. She feels different as they are such close for the first time. She is breathing heavily and he turns her towards him.

Her forehead is covered with sweat and hands are shivering. He smiles seeing her condition and hugs her. He says ragu relax. After sometime she becomes normal and reciprocates hug.
Sanskar : u know mishty today is the memorable morning in our life and i want it to be like this only daily. And ha u promise me that our morning will be like this only after our marriage. She feels shy and just nods. He smiles and says ragu let us pack my bag now or else i cant catch the flight.
She then suddenly remembers it and pushes him and starts packing. While doing packing she is scolding him continuously as he didn’t pack his bag. Sanskar chuckles and she glares at him. He says sorry and holds his ears. She smiles and removes his hands from his ears.
Ragini : sanky i packed the bag, u keep the files and laptop and come down. I will get you coffee. San nods and she goes
San smiles seeing her going and says thanks mom for giving her to me and ha god thanks to u to. She is so caring. He places all the important papers, passport, laptop and his files and comes down. Its almost 6 and servants are cleaning the house. He then sees ragini coming from kitchen and sees him there. She calls maid and asks him to keep the bag in car. She takes sanskar to puja mandir

She covers her head with dupatta and starts doing puja. She sings bhajan and all wakes up listening to her. They all comes down and sees ragini doing tilak to sanskar and tehn he takes aarti. She gives him Prasad and turns back.
All remembers Avni as she too used to do puja before anyone goes on a trip. They smiles and ragsan comes out of puja mandir.
They didn’t observe the family and rags calls ramukaka. He comes with a tray, hands it to rags and goes away. San sees breakfast in it and says ragu not now i am already late. Please na

Ragini ; no sanky, u should go after having breakfast only. Its just bread and jam, so no problem, u eat them have a coffee and go. I know once u start doing work u will forget about food and after u reach there immediately there is a meeting. So no excuses. He keeps a sd faces and all chuckles listening this. Then ragsan observes that someone are back and feels embarrassed and shy.
Now everyone laughs seeing their flushed faces and viren starts teasing them. In the meantime san had his breakfast. He takes blessings of all and advi says all the best to him. Ragsan wants to hug each other but all are here. They were hesitating and Avantika observes it.

Avantika : ragu beta go with sanskar till car and give him sendoff. Ragsan sees her and she winks at them. They smiles and goes out. Advi were about to follow but avantika stops them saying stop u both. All sees her and she says let them have some privacy and u both don’t tease her after coming and ha don’t make her feel alone. They both nods their heads as good boys.

Other side
San hugs her and she too reciprocates the hug. He kisses her on forehead and she kisses him on his cheek. Both smiles and he goes.

One week passes. In this one week they spoke daily for hours and she is the victim of their teasing. Next day morning sanskar is coming and then she remembers that next day is his birthday also. She decides to plan a surprise for him.
Next day morning :
Ragini wakes up early in the morning and prepares all his favourite sweets. She then starts doing breakfast preperations and observes all are coming down. She prepares tea and comes out. All sees her and asks what is special today.

Ragini : today is sanskar’s birthday and we all forgot about it. All says the same and viren says let us plan something. Then ragini says something and all agrees. Then rags prepares the breakfast and gets ready in the new saree they brought in the mall.sanskar calls her and says i am in airport sweetheart and will be infront of you in few hours. They speaks for sometime and keeps off the phone.
She comes down and hears DP asking viren what is the arrival time of San. Viren then sees rags and says papa how can i know, u ask bhabhi she has answers to all your questions. Rags blushes and advi teases her. She says his flight time and goes from their blushing. All laughs.

After sometime
Ragini is in her room and cleaning the aquarium. She switches on the TV and removes the small fish pot which is in the aquarium to clean it. (she remembers how san gave that to her saying these two golden fish which are present in fishpot are ragsan) she smiles seeing it. Just then she hears news that the flight from shimla is blasted due to internal problems. She gets shocked and fishpot drops from her hand. Advi who listens to the sound rushes to her room. Viren notices that fish are out of pot and immediately places them in aquarium.
They were about to ask something but rags falls on the bed in sitting position. She is totally numb. Advi are asking her but she is not replying anything. Then same news is telecasted and advi are shocked. But to comfort ragini they says that it might be someother flight and not sanskars. They tries to contact sanskar but it is out of coverage area. They all are tensed

Episode ends

Precap : sanskar returned. He is fine. But what happened to ragini in the mean time.
Finally its done. Hope everyone liked it. I already mentioned that san is fine

So be tension free. I will update again on Tuesday. This is not proof reda so sorry for the mistakes and please comment if it is good or not

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