Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 31 By Aahana

Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 31
Hi everyone. Thanks for your support and comments. It encouraged me a lot but due to my assignments and projects i am unable to update it regularly. Sorry for being late. Now i will continue with my story

San is shocked and seeing his facial expressions all are unable to control their laugh but controls.
Badi dadi : sanskar beta say na who is nice. I will contact them. San comes out of shock and says no nani (for them she is nani) and asks pandit to leave before he say anything. Pandit silently moves from there ( he spoke politely only, don’t think he behaved rude, he respectfully asked pandit to go). San then says nani who asked u to see matches for ragini. She is confused with san’s behaviour and says i asked ragini and she agreed. What happened sanskar beta.
Sanskar is shocked listening this and looks at ragini. Ragini who is controlling her laugh from long time bursts out laughing and others follows her. Badi nani is confused and san understands that its her prank. He says mishty now u are gone. She understands that she is in danger and starts running and san chases her. She runs to the terrace and he too follows her.
Down stairs badi nani is confused and everyone explains her everything. She is happy that ragsan love each other and its her wish too. So she has no problem.
On the other side ragini is running and sanskar is chasing her. He is unable to hold her. Sanskar gets an idea and sits on the floor and holds his feet and shouts ahhhh. Ragini hears it and sees him. She thinks he got hurt and rushes to him. She comes and checks his feet and san smiles that he caught her now. He didn’t observe that ragini has tears as she thought that he is hurt because of her.

Ragini : i am sorry sanky, i just thought to play a prank but see you are hurt because of me. I am sorry sanky, see i am really bad, because of me you are hurt now, i am such a stupid
San understands that she thought he is really hurt and cups her face and says ragu see here I am perfectly fine, nothing happened to me. It was just a prank to catch you but see i made u cry. Ragini says no sanskar it is me who started everything, how stupid I am and she goes on scolding herself not listening to san. Atlast san kisses her on her lips to stop her blabbering. She is shocked first but slowly she too starts responding him. They came out of their kiss when they are out of breathe. Both joins their forehead and smiles.
Ragini hugs him and says sorry sanky, i just thought to play a prank on u. San says its ok sweetheart and due to it only i came to know a thing. Ragini asks what and san says that i can stop u if u speak too much by kissing u. She blushes and hits him on his chest playfully saying nautanki. He smiles and drags her close and hugs her. She too reciprocates the hug

Downstairs :
Badi dadi : where are these two, they are not coming only.
Viren : i think they are still fighting on that issue. What say bhai? Adi too agrees and says come viren, let us see and come and both goes. They searches him in all the rooms and doesn’t find anywhere. They decides to check on terrace and enters terrace and gets shocked seeing them sitting on the swing and speaking about something
Viren : see bhai they already patched up and we thought they are fighting. Adi says ha viren, let us give them a shock and says something in virens ears. Viren winks at him and says ok.
Viren : bhai, rags and they turns towards these two
Adi : san, choti a new problem arised now. Badi dadi is angry on you choti as u played a prank using her and sanky she is angry on u too as u didn’t tell her about your love. Now come and cool her anger. Ragsan are scared and just nods their heads. Advi silently laughs seeing their faces and says come lets go down now. All comes down and elders too standup seeing them coming. Ragsan sees eachothers faces, comes and stands in front of savitri (badi dadi/nani) and ragini says sorry dadi, its my mistake i just want to play a prank and used u. I am really sorry dadi, i will never repeat this and i really love sanskar. Please don’t be angry on us.
No one understands why they are speaking like this (except AdVi), before anyone say anything
San says really nani, i love her a lot and i cant stay without her. We are sorry nani, please forgive us. We don’t want to hurt you and u came yesterday only and we forgot to inform u that we love each other. Sorry nani, and please don’t be angry on us

Advi starts laughing seeing their faces and all sees them. Then they says what they told to ragsan and everyone had a hearty laugh.
Savitri smiles and blesses them to be together forever. Ragsan gives advi a look that they will look after them later. Savitri gives ragini a chain and blesses her.
Viren : rags i need to say that your prank was really good. Bhai’s face was really showing his irritation on that topic. I cant explain it and laughs. Adi and ragini too joins him.
Savitri : viren what is this, how can you call her like that.
Viren : what happene nani, what did i do now. Savitri : she is going to be your elder brother’s wife and u should call her bhabhi. Don’t call her with name
Ragini ; but nani, i am smaller than viren
Savitri : but ragini, in relations bhabhi is elder and he should respect you. Ragini is about to say something but stops as viren starts

Viren : ha nani, i am bored of calling her rags, from now onwards i will call her bhabhi, ragini bhabhi. What say ragini bhabhi, can i call you bhabhi say na bhabhi, why you are so silent bhabhi
He irritates her calling bhabhi and all laughs. All sits there itself and speaks for sometime. Then they all had lunch and sanskar gets a call and he goes to attend. Ragini goes to get water from kitchen as dadu asked her. Ragini comes and gives him water and she is about to sit but sanskar comes and hugs her suddenly saying congrats ragu, we won it.
Viren : bhai all are here, control yourself and leave her, she is totally red. San realises that all are seeing them and leaves her. He too feels shy and turns his face away from them. All smiles looking at their plight.
Adi : what happened sanskar u are looking very happy.
Sanskar : it is a very good news adi, the new factory we thought to start in shimla got approved. They are really happy as it also helps the people in that area and will improve their living. And the important thing here is it is ragu’s idea and she did every work related to it.
Ragini : no sanky, u only did everything, u only spoke with all the officials and sent them the reports, again san was about to interrupt her but stops as DP says
DP : princess, sanskar beta u both did it and its your combined u both stop giving whole credit to your partner and ha i am proud of u both. Congrats beta and he hugs them.
All congragulates them and hugs them.
Sanskar : i need to say one more thing to u all, either me or ragu should go there to complete all the formalities and i am going there tomorrow by morning flight. All agrees
Viren : bhai for how many days.
Sanskar : may be a week viren. Don’t know about that exactly. Viren says ok bhai, as now u both are starting your first project together we want treat. Now let us go out. Ragsan agrees and parents to says ok.
Adi : ok let us go to mall first, we will watch a movie and them beach and dinner at beach side restaurant. Other 3 agrees and goes to get ready.

After sometime they leaves the home and goes to mall on their bikes. Ragsan on one bike only. She hugs him tightly and places her head on his back. He smiles and continues riding his bike. They reached the mall and ragini says something to sanskar. He agrees
All meets infront of the mall and sanskar says you both go and watch movie, we will do some shopping. Advi understands that they want some time alone and agrees. They goes to watch movie but after completing their teasing session. As soon as they goes san side hugs her and takes her to food court which is almost empty
They orders coffee and sits holding their hands
Ragini : sanky i am very happy. I am still unable to believe that the government approved our project. Sanky smiles at her, he holds her hands in his and kisses on top. She smiles and hugs him. (They are sitting beside each other)
San : ragu i am also happy that your dream to help poor is going to become true. Their order comes and they had their coffee. He says come ragu lets buy something for you. She nods and they both enters a boutique.
He sees a saree and likes it very much. He imagines rags in it and smiles. She sees him gazing at that saree and asks the person to pack it for her. San sees her and she says I too liked it very much. He smiles and they purchase few more things. Then rags buy few shirts for san too. The person informs them that they will deliver all by night and they agrees as they cant carry on the bike
In the mean time Advi saw a movie and all meet at a place and decides to go to beach
Part ends here

Precap : ragsan moments and a flight crashed. Who is there in that flight

Its done. Hope everyone likes it. Its not proof read so sorry for the mistakes. Please comment and i will post Ragini –ts on Sunday .
Thank you

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