Do dil bandhe ek dori se (part 3)


Do dil bandhe ek dori se (part 3)
Hi everyone. Thankyou so much for the comments and from today I will update on alternate days and I will try to give long updates. As I already said its ragsan ff but I will give importance to the family also. Actually I forgot to mention the place and it is Mumbai. Please let me know if I had done any mistake and now I will stop my bakbak and continue the story

Mumbai Beach
It starts with our heroes (AdViSan) playing volleyball with few friends. They play for sometime and it becomes dark. They decides to go home. All three starts their bikes and kept a race for home.

Avantika, Harish and DP are in the garden and enjoying their tea. Those three reaches and viren shouts I won (viren comes first and next Aditya). DP says u will never change and where is san.
Aditya : he was with us only. Where is he? They turns around and check but doesn’t find him. At that time they sees a bike entering and its san.
Viren : where did u go? U were with us right.
Sanskar : I went to get medicines for maa. She forgot to tell us.
Avantika : Haa beta I thought to tell anyone of you but I forgot , how did u get to know
San : maa last time I got it and by yesterday they might have completed. While returning I remembered and went to get them.
Avantika is overwhelmed with his love and care and she get tears(happy tears ofcourse) and hugs san
Avantika : To Harish and Advi u both father and sons are waste see my san brought them for me.
Harish, viren and adi keep a pout and says sorry. Others laughs and all family will have a group hug.

At night in the lawn
Sanskar is sitting on the swing and thinking something. Viren sees san from his room and comes near him
Viren : what happened bhai, what are u thinking.
Sanskar : nothing chotu just thinking about life. It is very beautiful but is a mixture of happiness and sorrow. We dream about many things but all will not be fulfilled.
Viren : what are u saying bhai I didn’t get your point.
Sanskar : the thing is u know write I want to do XXX(some course) in oxford
Viren : haa so what about it now. You thought to apply this year right. Didn’t you apply for it.
Sanskar : Yaar you know that they will only select few members and also only 100 members can apply. By the time I was about to fill my application form all 100 applications are done. Now I cant apply.
By saying this he again becomes calm. Viren feels bad for his brother and tries to cheer him up
Sanskar : Bhai how much u people will study. I cant study more and why are u feeling depressed u said life is beautiful right. It is not only beautiful but also very long. So next year you will definitely get it. So let us go inside now.
Sanskar smiles at his brothers words and both goes inside.

Next day morning:
Everyone are at mandir in house and Avantika is singing a bhajan. We see a girl is coming down from the stairs. She is in a traditional white Anarkali dress. All the workers gets shocked seeing her coming downstairs from stairs. She asks where are everyone. One of the maid says in mandir. She goes there.
All are there by closing eyes and immersed in puja. The girl goes and starts singing bhajan along with Avantika. By listening her voice everyone gets shocked and surprised and turns back. Only one person doesn’t get shocked or surprised. Avantika stops singing but the girl continues singing and goes near Avantika and asks her to continue Aarti. Both does Aarti and the bhajan is completed. She turns back by catching Aarti plate.
Everyone are seeing her with surprised faces and then her face is shown. She is our one and only ragini. She smiles and everyone says only her name like ragini, ragu, princess etc.
She gives Aarti to elders and takes their blessings. No one are in condition to speak. Everyone are staring at her as she is an alien.
I am ending this part here.

Precap : Ragsan bonding

How is the episode? Hope everyone liked it. Guess who is the person neither shocked nor surprised by seeing ragini and why the workers are shocked after seeing her, why everyone are staring at her. Waiting for your comments. . I am new to this and if anyone didn’t like u can say me. I will try to rectify them. Thank you.

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