Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 29 By Aahana

Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 29
Hi everyone. Sorry for being late. I was overloaded with the works and unable to update the story. So now without any delay i will give the next part
Ragsan are staring at each other. He signs her to come to the terrace. She signals him that all are here. San signals please. She nods in acceptance. San smiles and acts as he should call someone and leaves from there. After few minutes rags gets a message from san to come. She makes an excuse that she need to change the dress and moves from there.

Rags enters but doesn’t see san anywhere. She stands near the wall and then someone hugs her rrom back. She recognises that it is sanskar and completely leans on him. He keeps his hands around her waist and she keeps her hands on his. Both are silent and seeing the sun set. He then turns her towards him and both sees into eachothers eyes. They had a passionate eyelock. Rags blushes seeing the intensity of love and passion for her in his eyes and hugs him hiding her face in his neck. He smile and hugs her tightly and kisses her on her hair. She smiles.

After sometime in terrace only
Ragsan are on the swing and san is resting on her lap. He is holding her left hand and kissed on the ring finger where she has the ring he presented. She is ruffling his hair. He then slowly pulls her head down keeping his hand on her back and both had a liplock. (i guess u all understood what i said, sorry i cant explain it more). They comes out of kiss when they were unable to breath. Rags blushes and turns her face other side. He moves from her lap and hugs her. She too hugs him.
San : thank you mishty. Rags breaks out from hug and asks why. San : i know u wore this saree as i wished it right. Rags : sanky i also love sarees but i didn’t get a chance to wear them and u know today i am so happy as i wore the saree first time and that too mami’s saree and this is also your favourite. I remember when we went to shopping u liked this and bought it for mami.

San smiles and says i remember and do u know, morning when i saw u i felt as if saw ma. Ma was right. You are her shadow and u know ma gifted u to me
Rags doesn’t understand what he is saying and then san says everything( what DP and Harish told to AdVi when rags was in hospital) to her. She smiles with tears in her eyes and says see mami know that before only but we both are buddhus who took much time to confess. Both laughs and rags says let us go. If viren sees us together then i am gone. He will tease us a lot. San nods and both goes to their rooms.
At night in the balcony (attached to living room. Upto your imagination guys) san was standing and thinking something. Rags sees him while coming downstairs and goes near him. Rags : what happened sanky why u are standing here. San : nothing mishty just thinking from tomorrow we need to handle work. I hope we don’t do anything that will spoil the fame of our family. Rags holds his face in her palms and says sanky whether u know or not but my sanky will never do any mistake and my bhai and viren also never does anything which harms our family name. She kisses him on his forehead and says Kabardaar again if u say like this things to my sanky. (unknown to them all family members listened to it and elders go after listening. Advi were also about to go but stops listening )

San : ok mishty. U know we have an advantage in this. Rags asks what? San drags her near to him keeping his hands around her waist. Rags to jeeps her hands around his neck and asks say.
Sanky : i can romance with my mishty whenever i feel. No need to fear of viren or anyone as all will have their own works. I can have full freedom to do whatever i wish. Rags smiles but outside viren is angry on them (fake anger). Advi enters making some sounds. Ragsan moves away from eachother.

Viren : bhai bhai na raha, dost dost na raha. Rag : what happened viren. Viren : what u thought that i am the one who will stop u romancing right, see i will say everything to papa and mamu and asks them to arrange different offices so that u wont meet.
San : u cant do anything viren, leave it. Viren : i can do everything
San : ok and he suddenly kisses on rags on both her cheeks and says see i kissed her infront of u. Do what u will do and left from there. Rags is shocked and by seeing her advi laughs. They teases rags a lot and she is very angry on san now.
After dinner
Rags is in her room and arranging the bed. Then the 3 enters her room. San says ragu. She thinks only san came and starts scolding him for his acts in balcony (actually she is turning other side and unable to see them).she get annoyed when he didn’t reply and turns back saying cant u speaaak and by seeing 3 words doesn’t come out of her mouth. She is short of words. She is thinking what to say and then only adi says san i feel sorry for u because u are going to marry a devil not an angel.

Rags gets angry. She thinks san will support her but gets shocked when san says : haa adi, i am feeling the same. Did i do any mistake by agreeing to her. By listening this rags fumes with anger and throws pillows on them. All runs out and rags sits on bed. Then she thinks that i scolded him infront of bhai and viren. I am very bad. How he might have felt and thinks what to do? How to ask him sorry? Here san too thinks that i shouldn’t have supported adi. What my mishty might be thinking. Did she got hurt by listening those words and he thinks i should manofy her but what to do?

Both thinks and gets an idea. Rags prepare a sorry greeting card for san and on the other side san too does same. Rags was in her room and san in study. Both prepares and goes to give. Rags goes to sans room and at that time only san enters into rags room and both keeps that on pillow along with roses. San come out and sees rags coming to her room. He hides behind curtains and rags enters. He escapes before she sees him and he goes to his room.

Both sits on their respective beds and thinks work is done and turns to sleep but stops seeing cards on their pillows. Both opens and reads that and smiles at their common thinking. Both thinks to speak next day with others as it is late night. Both sleeps dreaming about others.

Next day morning
They didn’t get a chance to speak with each other as everyone are busy because it is the first day of their office as MD and CEO. All 4 take blessings from elders and has a grouphug of 4. Ragsan smiles at each other and speaks with eyes only. DP goes with ragsan, Harish,Dadi with Adi and Avantika,Dadu with viren. Due to DP’s presence ragsan can’t speak with eachother. All reaches their offices and starts their work. After sometime elders left offices. Ragsan cabins are side by side only. As soon as DP left both starts going to others cabin and meets at the connecting door (they had it inside only, so that both can contact any time) and smiles at eachother. They hugs and says sorry at a time. They laughs and joins their foreheads.
San : mishty its our first fight. We should note it in our journal. Rags too nods. They goes to their cabins and starts working

Episode ends

Precap : rishta for ragu. What is sanky’s reaction?

Its done. Once again sorry for being late. Hope i didn’t bore u all. Please comment and suggest me how u want the story to progress if u feel it is bored. It is not proof read so sry for the mistakes. Thank you everyone and i will post next part on Thursday night. Wednesday i will give u tereliye.

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