Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 17 By Aahana

Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 17
Hi everyone. Hope u all liked the previous part. To be frank i am confused with what i wrote. And many people are eager to know that to whom sanskar said i love you. I will open up about it in this episode and there will be a twist now. So i will continue with my part now

At early morning
All are in the puja mandir except ragsan
Adi : let us do what we decided yesterday.
DP : will my princess agree to that.
Viren : papa u leave that matter to us. By some or the other way we will convince her. He sees san coming and signals them
All stands in their positions and san asks : where is ragu. Till now she didn’t come. I will go and call her and he was about to go but stops seeing rags. All too looks at her and feels bad seeing her pale face and red eyes. They understood that whole night she cried. They decided to do something as early as possible.
San panics seeing her face and runs near her. He cups her face and asks ragu what happened. Are u not well? Yesterday did u take headache tablet after going to your room. You promised me that you will take it and what happened to your eyes. They are red. Did u cry. What happened.
Rags smiles and san gets irked seeing her smile
San : now why u are smiling.
Rags : u are asking me to speak and not giving a chance. she chuckles. San too smiles and says ok say now
Rags : i took tablets. I was unable to sleep yesterday night. So my eyes are red. Now stop your questions and let us join puja

All are seeing them with smile and tears in their eyes. They were able to see love between them but those 2 are not able to understand. Ragsan joins others and all completes puja. All are in living room and avantika is arranging breakfast on table. San gets a call and goes to attend it. Getting a chance advi tries to convince rags which is a hard task for them. After lots of convincing she agrees to them thinking may be san too loves her
All are at dining table and having breakfast
Harish : pari we want to speak something to u.

********************** it is their plan so don’t take it serious*****************************
Rags : haa papa
Harish : actually as Adi is 25 we thought of getting him married but in our houses first girls marriage will be done. So we are thinking about your marriage
San is shocked and rags acts as she is shocked
Rags : papa i am just 21. And i want to work for few days
dP : we know beta. We will just do your engagement and u can marry whenever u want. If u are engaged no one can point at us. So u think well and tell us. If u love anyone also u can say us. We don’t have any problem. We have full confidence on your choice
dadi and dadu : haa laado we too want the same. Think about it
san : why u all are forcing her. It is like u people are rubbing your decision on her. Let her think first.
Rags smiles listening him and feels happy ( as he is trying to avoid marriage concept)
San : if she agrees then we will see for a good person for my ragu. Afterall she deserves the best
Now rags face fell by listening to his words
She excuses herself and goes to her room
At dindg table everyone are depressed
San : see now. She became sad and went off
And he too goes to his room
Adi : our plan is flopped papa. What to do now.
Avantika : bacho we will make some other plan but now take breakfast to them. Both didn’t had their breakfast.
They agrees and takes two plates for ragsan and goes to rags room

In rags room
She is sitting on bed and seeing their (ragsan) pic. Advi comes and places her plate infront of her. They asks her to eat
Adi : choti eat it. Even san too left without eating. You both are becoming stubborn
Rags : what sanky didn’t had his breakfast. He will not at all take care of himself. by saying this she takes his plate and goes out of the roomto give him his breakfast
Advi nods their heads in disbelief and follows her
They reaches sans room and all three stops there itself listening his words. Room is closed but they are able to hear his voice

****************************** sanskar talks ***********************************
I really love you sweetheart. I will speak to dad about us as soon as possible. I thought u will say to me , but now i cant wait more. I cant afford to lose you. I cant live without you.
You are hearing na. Tomorrow i will say to all about us and i know all will be happy.

Advi and rags are shocked after listening this. Rags is about to fall down on her knees but adi and viren holds her and takes her to room. She bursts out crying.
San went to office due to some work. Advi says what they listened to everyone and all are shocked. They feel sorry for rags
She is sitting in the corner of room and crying a lot. After sometime she falls asleep there itself.
All comes and sees her. Adi lifts her and takes to bed. Though she is sleeping tears are flowing from her eyes. All are very hurt to see her in that condition
Dadi ; harish i am taking ragu to village today. For few days she need a change and by listening to advi words san may get his lover to home. our rags cant bear it is better if he comes with us
All agrees with her and adi says that h too will come.
Avantika packs rags bag. After sometime rags wakes up. All are in her room only. She tries to smile but unable to smile. She burst out crying and avantika hugs her. All left the room
Later avantika convinces her to go to village and all four leaves. Adi and viren intentionally hides rags phone to keep her away from san for few days till she become fine. They left it in her room only.
The episode ends here

Precap : san : papa where is rag. I need to say something to her. It is very important.

This part is done successfully. Hope everyone likes it. Please comment. I will give next update tomrrow

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