Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 16 By Aahana

Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 16
Hi guys. sorry for not updating yesterday as i said. I was busy with my assignments so unable to update the episode. Thanks for the comments and many guessed about the diary. Let us see what the diary contains
All are in the living room except ragsan (they went to have an icecream)
DP : where are they?
Viren : papa your princess is a small child. She want to eat icecream and when bhai denied she stopped talking to all of us. So he took her to parlour
All smiles and they sees Avantika holding a diary
Harish : what happened avantika . and what are u holding.
Avantika : bhai, harish i went to rags room and saw her diary there. So i brought it here
Adi : maa its not good to read others diary
Avantika : it may be true but not for your sister who is completely mad
Harish : what my pari did and don’t u dare to call her mad
Avantika : if i don’t call her mad what should i say then. U all said she is very confident and never fears but she is the number one darpok.
DP : what are u saying avantika. Say it clearly
Avantika : one minute bhai i will read something and then u say what i told is right or not

She opens the diary and starts reading something loudly
jisey dil ney pukara
wo tera naam tha…
jisey likhey rahe dil k kagaz par
wo tera naam tha…
jisey suntey he jazbaato ney machai hulchul
wo tera naam tha…
mere labo pe jis ki aarzoo rahi pal pal
wo tera naam tha…
jis k naam kar di ye saari zindagani
wo tera naam tha…
mera dil,meri dharkaney,meri saansey,mere jazbaat,meri mohabbat
sab kuch tha mera
lekin tere naam tha
sanskar. Wo tera naam tha sanskar. I really love you from the day i came to know the meaning of love. I want to express my feelings to u but i fear if you don’t have similar feelings to me. I can live with your friendship for my whole even by staying far away from you but cant see the helplessness in your eyes. If you don’t have any feelings towards me then you will regret seeing tears in my eyes. I may stay without your love but cant stay without speaking to you. So i will bury all my feelings and will be as a friend to u for whole life. I really love u sanskar. I wont marry anyone sanskar as according to me i am already yours. MY HEART IS WITH YOU SANSKAR.

Avantika stops reading and all are looking at her with shocked expressions. Advi drags the diary from her and observes that all the pages are filled with only one name that is sanskar. There are many photos of sanskar and all her feelings towards him.
Everyone are shocked and don’t know what to say
Viren : she really wrote very well and maa that poem has such a feel. If anyone write such a poem for me i will immediately marry her
All glares at him and he shuts his mouth
Adi : papa what to do now. One thing is confirmed that my stupid sister loves san madly. But don’t want to express in the fear of losing him forever andwe know nothing about this san. He doesn’t share his feelings with anyone except ragu
What to do papa and mamu
DP : first let us speak with princess. We will try to make her understand. If she doesn’t agree then we will think.
All agrees and makes a plan to speak with her and goes to their rooms
Ragsan arrives and san prepares hotchocolate for them as she ate icecream during night(i already mentioned about it in one of the previous parts). They had it and goes to their rooms
Elders saw everything by hiding and smiles

As rags enters her room all follows and enters and closes the door. She turns and looks at them. She is surprised to see them at that time of night
Rags : what happened why u all are here.
Adi : we want to speak something with u and that to now
Rags ; ok wait a minute i will call san too. All are there except him
Adi : why san ragu. We want to speak only with u and he need not know it.
Rags : bhai what are u saying. U know right there are no secrets between us
Viren : are u sure ragu that u didn’t hide anything from bhai
Rags : bhai and viren what are u saying. Why u are speaking like that
Adi : actually choti we are thinking about your marriage. Rags is shocked
Viren : so however after your marriage u cant be with bhai all the time. So try to take some decisions on your own.
Rags : i don’t want to marry this much early.
Adi : u don’t want to marry now or don’t want to marry anyone other than sanskar
Rags is shocked after listening his words. No words are coming from her. She doesn’t understand what is happening around her
Then adi shows her the diary. She understands that now everyone know about her secret.
Rags : sorry bhai, i am really sorry. I hid it from all of u but i am really scared. I can live with him as a friend for my whole life but cant be away from him. I am afraid of rejection bhai
She cries sitting on the floor
Rags : if he doesn’t have feelings then he thinks that i misunderstood his friendship and feels betrayed bhai. I can lead my life alone bhai but not with his hatred. I am nothing without him bhai. She cries and all also have tears in their eyes
DP ; beta pls don’t cry. He really loves you. He is unable to express it beta. He only listens to u. He only cares for u. He also knows that he is nothing without u. Don’t lose hope beta. Once try for your love. If u love anyone whole heartedly then you will win them for sure. So now wipe your tears and sleep.
Dadu : we will speak about it tmr laado. Now you sleep. They wishes her goodnight and she takes promise from them that no one should inform san anything
All nods their heads and leaves and thinks what to do. Adi says some plan and everyone agrees.
All goes to their rooms and the episode ends


I hope everyone likes it. I tried my level best but i know its too boring. Don’t worry next update will be a dhamakadar episode and please comment about the poem. I wrote it. Thank you. sorry for the mistakes and sorry for not giving many ragsan scenes. guess to whom san is saying i love you. is it rag or someone.

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  1. Rasha

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