Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 15 By Aahana

Do dil bandhe ek dori se part 15
Hi everyone. I am happy with the response. Thanks for it and today i will give one more update by night but sorry to inform that i may not be able to update for 2-3 days. I am a bit busy. If i get time i will surely update. Now i will continue the story and the rivals of their company are Guptas
All are at dining table having breakfast
San : ragu your doubt was right. They both are partners and cheating us.
DP : what happened san
San : papa actually ragu got a doubt that Guptas and Chopras are partners and want to destroy us. She told me about it and i got it conformed by private detectives. They thought by yesterdays movie they can lodge a complaint on us and we will lose our reputation.
Rags : but his plan failed due to me. I think now they might be planning something big
San : u are right ragu. Actually papa that manager of ours took some signatures of 5 of us on papers. So that they can blame us and undertake our company as compensation for their loss.

All are shocked with this information
Harish : san cant we do anything now.
Rags : papa don’t take tension. Nothing can happen as i didn’t sign anywhere. On every paper my signs are compulsory right. As u people made such a class that any sign missing among 4 of us, it is not valid and thes ame applies here.
All relaxes after listening to her
Adi : ragu how did u get doubt on them
Rags : actually bhai few days back when we all went to beach i saw our manager speaking to a person. I thought he might be his friend, but i saw the same person with chopras. He is their manager. Then i got some doubt and so intentionally i spoke about my power of authority. As i guessed they both got tensed. I felt there is something fishy and informed rohan to follow them (DP’s secretary, a very good person). He saw Mr. chopra entering into Guptas farm house. He informed me and i told to san. Thats it
All are seeing her with their mouths wideopen. They are unable to imagine that their sweet, cute, naughty ragini is such a great minded girl

By this time all had completed their breakfast and are in living room
Viren goes near her and asks where is our ragu. U are not my rags. She only knows how to love but here u are totally different from her. Where did u hide her?
Rags fumes with anger and all laughs. She starts throwing pillows on him and he runs. After some time all are in hall. San comes there speaking on phone. He keeps off the phone and says
Papa and mamu i got to know their plan. Now as they came to know about rags they are planning to be nice with us and on last day of contract they decided to take away the report and present it as their own.
San : i will see now itself what they can do. I will inform police and he was about to go from there but rags stops him and says i have a plan. She shares her plan with everyone and they agrees.
San : lets go to office ragu. We will get all the files from locker to home and work secretely. They goes to office and work with full concentration.
Few days passes :
They completed the work and it is much perfect than before. All are happy. As per their plan they are collecting all the evidence against guptas and chopras
San came to know that they have few illegal business. So all plans to hide the original report and give them another fake one. Submit the original before day itself and make them speak the truth by creating misunderstands among themselves and record them and submit to police
Plan over

They collected information against them and gave to police. Submitted the original report to the committee which assigns the project (actually chopras made partnership with ragsans company. I think u all understood what i want to say) and mentioned their company name only.
All are in the office and waiting for the announcement of committee. Actually chopras submitted wrong file and it is not at all valid.
After sometime it announces that ragsans company got the contract. All are very happy and ragsan hugs eachother very tightly. They realises their position and backs off but are lost in eachothers eyes. Viren comes and snaps them out of their eyelock and drags them to dP’s cabin. He and harish congragulates and blesses them.
Here guptas and chopras blames eachother and reveals all their plans and police arrests them
End of villains for sometime

All the youngsters decides to go for celebrating their success and goes to restaurant for dinner. While returning ragini asks for an icecream and ragsan goes to parlour
At home everyone is happy and praises the children. They think to handover the business to children and discussing on it. Harish asks Avantika to get a file from rags room
She enters the room and sees that the bed is full of files and books. She arranges all the books in a rack and arranging the bed. She remembers about the file and searches for it. She removes the pillow and finds a diary there which is open. She thinks to close it and was about to close but stops by seeing something. She takes it into her hand and sees it. She gets shocked and runs down taking the diary.
She goes into hall and sees advi coming. She places the diary on the table and everyone sees her.

Episode ends on avantika’s face.

Precap : what is there in rags diary

Its done. Yipeeee 15 parts are over. Please comment. Thank you. Inform me if it is boring. I will try to change the track

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