Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 14 By Aahana

Do dil bandhe ek dori se part 14
Hi everyone. Hope everyone liked the new avatar of ragini. she was the most innocent girl in the serial but everyone behaviour changed her and she became negative. I stopped seeing that and when she turned into positive i started seeing it again. So in my story she will be positive only with many shades. Present as a loving daughter, naughty sister and a caring bestfriend. Also a confident businesswomen. Let us see how many more shades are there. Now i will stop my blabbering and give you the episode

The chopras are in tension after listening to her words
Rags: what say Mr. Chopra should i lodge a complaint against you.
Mr Chopra is tensed and sweating. Viren wants to laugh but control himself and just smiles
Mr Chopra : no ragini.
Rags : its miss ragini or miss gadodia to u mr. Chopra . she says with an attitude
Sanskar smiles at her attitude
Viren murmurs to adi : bhai if she comes to office daily then i am sure we will be number 1
Adi smiles and signals him to be silent. He is also proud of his sister
Mr. Chopra : sorry Miss. Gadodia. I agree with your words and sorry for the inconvenience we created to u. I didn’t cross check before but now what can we do? We are helpless
Rags : as u are helpless u blamed us. Is this your professionalism
Mr. Chopra : sorry from our side DP ji
DP : its ok chopraji but please next time before blaming anyone just think once. Now i would like to say my decision
DP : we have 10 more days for completing the project and we will try to do it again much efficient then before. It is a loss to us also.
Harish : and this new team will be lead by ragini and sanskar. We have confidence on our children and we will complete on time
Mr. Chopra : we will take a leave, by saying this he goes from there
All his workers also leave with him

All members comes and hugs her
DP ; i am proud of you princess
Harish ; me too pari. U are really an angel
All hugs and congragulates her
Dp : beta this is your first project and i want it to be success. Sanskar beta u help her
San nods
San takes ragu to his cabin for discussing about project as there are only few days left
Viren : mamu u intentionally made bhai and rags to work together right
Dp and adi sees them
Harish : haa so that they can realise their feelings.
Other three smiles at him
Viren : if they realise and stops work for doing romance what will u do
Adi hits on his head slightly and says pagal if they will realise also they will never neglect their duties like u who wants to escape from works
He keeps a puppy face and all smiles at him
They goes to san’s cabin and observes them engrossed in their work
Adi ; see them. They are busy in work. No one can change them he thinks
After sometime
All reaches home

Viren explains to avantika, dadi and dadu everything with actions. All laughs. He imitates ragini. She gets angry and chases him. They continued their tom n jerry fight for sometime. All smiles seeing their small and cute fights. Everyone had dinner and went to their rooms
Ragsan are in study room and discussing project file
Rags : sanky i should say something to u.
San : say ragu. What is the matter? And cups her face with his palms
She keeps her palms on his and says something which is mute
He too thinks for a time and says : i think u are right ragu. I will see about it. U go and take rest. We will work tmr.
She wishes him goodnight and goes to her room. San makes some phone calls and sits there doing work on his laptop.
After an hour he gets a call and the person otherside informs him that sir your guess is right. everything is planned. San thanks the person and switches off the phone
San thinks ragu u are right and i will show them what happens if they plot against maheshwaris and gadodias
He again makes few calls and goes to sleep
Episode ends on the sleeping faces of ragsan

Precap : ragsan hardwork and projects success

Its done. I hope everyone likes it. Will be waiting for the comments

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  1. Super duper awesome

  2. Innocent is definitely not the world I would use for ragini shy maybe the better. World

    1. AahanaReddy

      may be sia. thanks for commenting

  3. actually many people say many think about tejesswi and bash but she done obsessive lover so much perfect like SRK done this in Daar and after she done that many serial and many actress started doing this type of role so for me tejesswi is so brilliant actor she make the serial different from other bcoz we can see the same sweet love story on every show but but the role tejesswi did totally turn the show and make it no 1

    1. AahanaReddy

      you are right nikky. she is wonderful actress. no one can replace her. thanks for commenting

  4. Superb

  5. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dear…ragsan r sooo cute….

    1. AahanaReddy

      thank you sree

  6. awesome aahana di. loving your ff a lot. waiting for their confession

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      thanks aakanksha

  7. mind blowing di. loved it a lot.

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      thanks antara

  8. awesome di. superb

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      thanks akshara

  9. the story is sooo cute di. eagerly waiting for next update.

  10. Jazzy

    superb just loved it

  11. Asra

    awesome dear…Sanky s soo caring…loved it alot….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

    1. AahanaReddy

      Thank you asra di

  12. Supppppppprbbbbb so cute rago

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      thanks pooja

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