Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 13 By Aahana

Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 13
Hi everyone. Hope all liked my previous part. I am happy with the comments. Thanks everyone for the encouragement. After 2 parts i will start the love story track. Now please bare my nonsense for few days. I promise that after few parts there will be much of ragsan and their understanding. Now i will continue the story

Rags comes down after getting ready
Adi murmurs in virens ears
Adi : viren let them go. They will spend sometime with eachother. I will explain to u everything later but now just say i have work.
Viren : ok
San : come adi, viren lets go. Ragu too came
Advi ; san u both go. I got a call from office. We need to go. U both go now and we all will go out some other time
San :ok your wish. Come ragu lets go
Ragsan leaves
Viren ; what happened to u. we should have gone with them. i don’t think that we have some work
All sees towards them
DP ; what happened adi. If there is no work why didn’t you both go
Adi : i want to say something. Please don’t take me wrong. I am just saying what i felt
Harish : say beta we will listen.
Adi : voh i think choti and sanskar lives eachother. He says it with hesitation without seeing them and says i don’t know by listening me what u felt but i feel there is something between them. Yesterday the way san reacted and rags words (doctor says them) makes me think that
All smiles listening to him

He raises his head a little bit and sees all. He says why all of u are smiling. It is not joke. I am serious
Viren starts laughing and others too joins him
Viren : adi bhai u are very late to realise it. I am thinking the same after her return
All elders says we are also thinking same. Let them say to us. We will wait
Dadu ; adi beta i didn’t get why u both didn’t go with them
Viren ; nanu u became too old. Think like youngsters. If they spend some time together they may realise
Dadu ; even in home also they will be together.
Adi : dadu the fact is this is home and we all will also be with them. So i sent them out. Now stop your question bank
All smiles
Then adi’s phone rings. He lifts the phone and speaks. His smile fades away. All looks at him and gets tensed. He keeps the phone.
Viren keeps his hand on Adi’s shoulder and asks what happened. Adi says something and it is mute
DP, Harish, Adi and Viren leaves the house.
No one informs to san

Other side
Rags asks san to take her to the beach. They visits beach and she plays in sand. They rushes into water and enjoys for some time. They had golgappa, icecream and had a nice time.
At almost evening time ragsan goes near their bike.
San takes out his phone which he left in bike
He saw many missed calls from their companys legal advisor and immediately calls him. The person says some thing to san which is mute. San informs to ragini and both goes to office
They enters into the conference hall where advi and harish, dp are there.
San ; why no one called me and how did it happen
Adi : sanskar cool down. I will say everything
Rags keeps her hands on his shoulders and makes him sit. She gives him water. He denies but she makes him drink
Rags ; bhai say clearly what happened. Shyam (legal advisor) uncle called and said that we are in a big problem and the one who gave contract to us decided to lodge a complaint against us. Why bhai?
Adi : actually ragu the manager was the one who supported our rivals. He is their men. He came here for getting information related to new project. Actually after 10 days we need to submit but yesterday he gave it to rivals. The contractors came to know that our project has been stolen and by thinking that we are cheating them they decided to do this. Now they are coming for ameeting with us
All are looking tensed and san mainly. It is his dream project and he only worked hard day and night
to make it perfect

Receptionist comes and informs them that chopras had come(contractors)
DP asks them to call inside. rags about to go but viren stops her and shows san who is very angry. He murmurs that rags u be here. Only u can control his anger. Rags thinks for sometime and agrees. She sits beside san and holds his hand. He looks at her and she assures him that everything will be fine with her eyes.
He nods and takes a deep breathe
The chopras come and takes their seat. Discussion is going on very seriously and chopras are blaming san and others. San is unable to control his temper and about to shout at them but stops listening to rags voice and her next set of words. Rags understand that his temper is increasing and decides to manage before he loses his control
Ragini : Excuseme. Can i have a bit of attention everyone , please. I want to say something and i guess i had a solution
All sees at her
Mr chopra ; may i know miss who are u? And can u please stop interfering
San again gets angry but smiles listening her reply
Ragini ; yes mr.chopra u need to know me. As i am the major shareholder of MG group of companies
(that is truth but she always disobeyed saying i don’t want all these. So no one knows and she never attends any meeting)

Ragini Gadodia, only daughter of Harish Gadodia and 51% share holder of MG group of companies.
Family members stares at her surprisingly and happily, whereas others are shocked at her confidence level and prideness
Ragini : so Mr. Chopra may i continue the meeting or do u have any questions
Mr Chopra : you can continue Miss Gadodia
Ragini : so why u are blaming us when the mistake is from your side. The manager who worked or better to say cheated was the one appointed by u people. How did u appoint him without any background check? can u please answer my questions
They become silent and family members smiles at her and gives a nod for her to continue
Ragini : so that was your mistake and our company CEO’S Sanskar Maheshwari and Aditya Gadodia submitted the report to u a week back. It was stolen from your place and u are blaming us.
U are saying that u will lodge a complaint on us. I think it should me who should complaint against u people. Shall I
She smirks seeing their faces which became pale
Harish, DP and AdViSan feels happy seeing her
Episode ends on ragini’s face

Precap : new angle of ragini (ofcourse business)

So how is the story guys. Hope everyone likes it. I want to show ragini newly. So i did an attempt. Sorry for less ragsan scenes but i promise i will start the love track soon
Thankyou and please comment.

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