Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 12 By Aahana

Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 12
Hi everyone. Thanks for the comments. I am very happy with the response. Hope everyone likes it and i assure you that this is just the beginning of twists. There are many more twists before ragsan confession. Now i will continue the story

Its morning
Rags room :
Adi wakes up as sunlight falls on him. He turns towards the bed and sees ragsan sleeping. He goes near san and keeps hand on his shoulder. He wakes up with a jerk and says ragu are u fine. see i am here only
He sees rags sleeping and sighs. He turns and sees adi. San keeps rags head on pillow and gets up.
Adi : san is choti fine. Why did u say like that that u are here
San says what happened previous night.
San : after that also she woke up for two to three times. So i gave her sleeping pills
Adi hugs san and both comforts themselves
Avantika comes and sees them.
Avnatika : u go and rest. I will be with her
San was about to oppose her but adi drags him out.

After sometime
Everyone are at dining hall except san
DP : adi where is san?
Adi : papa he is with rags in her room. She is sleeping
At that time only san comes
San : adi, viren come we need to go now. Maa u go and be with her. She is alone. I will come fast
DP ; san u can be at home. we will take care of work
San : papa we are going on other work. That should not be done late.
Everyone understands his work now.
Harish : san did u find him.
San : haa mamu now i will show him what is sanskar maheshwari
DP : its not good beta. We will handover him to police
Dadu : no dp. They should get punished first by us. San u people go
Advisan goes from there
Avantika goes to rags room.
After sometime advisan reaches their construction site and sees the manager
He is tied to a chair and his condition is worse. If he get few more beatings he will die
San releases him and beats .
Advi stops and then handovers to the police

In the mean time
Rags wake up from her sleep
Avantika who is sitting on sofa goes near her and hugs
Rags just smiles and says i am fine maa
Avantika : are u fine beta. Do u want anything. Did u had your dinner yesterday
Rags : haa maa san got pasta for me and he comforted me. Now i am fine
Avantika smiles and asks her to get freshenup
She is relieved that rags is fine and goes to prepare something to her
Rags thinks about how sanky consoled her and decides to forget it and be happy
She decides to speak with him and say that she is fine

At site
San is angry a lot and advi are trying to soothe him
At that time san gets a call and it is from rags. He immediately lifts the phone and asks ragu are u fine. Is everything ok. I will come now only
She smiles and says arey sanky let me speak. U are not allowing me to speak
He releases a sigh listening her answer and he got that she is fine
San : haa speak now. Say why u called me
Rags : why did u go out. Come home now. I want to go out with u three. I want to forget everything
San : ok baba i am coming now. U get ready we will go out
She agrees and keeps the phone
Advi smiles seeing his calm face
San : lets go now. Madamji wants to go out and calling us
They all reaches home. at that time only rags comes down
Avantika : u too came beta. Come san u didn’t eat anything from yesterday night
Adi : u didn’t eat yesterday. You said that u will eat with rags
San ; yaar i forgot. Now let me eat. I am too hungry
Ragsan had their breakfast cum lunch and all sits with them and speaking
They all feel happy seeing rags smile

After brunch
San : rags where do u want to go
Rags : i didn’t decide but we should go somewhere that too on bikes
San : ok go and get ready. We will go
She goes to her room
San : everyone remember that no one should speak about yesterday infront of her. It is just a nightmare to all of us
All nods
Episode ends on their faces

Precap ; ragsan outing

Uff its done. Hope everyone will like it. Will be waiting for the comments

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