Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 11

Do dil bandhe ek dori se
Part 11
Hi everyone. I know u all are surprised by seeing again a update. Actually i am free this weekend. So thought why not continue the story. I will introduce a leap of few days in next update as i should start ragsan love story. So i will continue now from where i left

Everyone is anxiously waiting for the arrival of ragsan. As soon as san informed to Advi they informed others and all are relieved from tension.
Avantika is seeing towards the door only
They hear the cars sound and goes near the entrance and sees san carrying rag
As soon as he enters all pounces on him with questions
San : she is so stressed and fainted. She is fine. Let me take her to room. I will answer all your questions
By saying this he takes her to room and places her on bed

At that time only doctor comes
San asks doctor to check her and takes everyone outside
Adi : san atleast now u say what happened and where was she
San then says everything to them. How he found her in building and also what rags told him
All are shocked listening to him and advi are so much angry on him
Adi : how dare he lay eyes on my princess. I will not leave him and about to go but san stops
San : adi no need to go now
Viren : bhai are u out of your mind. We need to teach him a lesson and u are very cool. Whats wrong with u
San : you both answer me where will u find him. By now he must have escaped and do u think i will leave the person who hurts my family.
DP : san what are u saying
San ; papa from few days i am observing him. He is not the obedient one. I hired detectives and came to know his plan. He is from our opponents and i was about to expose him today evening.
Before that only all this happened. Now i already informed detectives and he will be caught in few minutes
San : i will not spare him. He doesn’t about SANSKAR MAHESHWARI, who can go to any extent to save his family and also kill anyone who spoils their happiness
All are shocked by his revealations and also his anger
DP ; beta this much angry is not good. We will handover him to police.
San : haa papa we will handover him but before that he should face me . you don’t know papa how afraid ragu was. U will be unable to imagine papa how scared she was. She was shivering. I never saw her in such a condition and i will never leave that cheater.
All shooks their heads knowing he will not backout once he decides on something

At that time doctor comes out. San sees her first and goes near her. All follows
San : doctor how is she. She is fine right. Nothing happened to her na. Why did she faint.
Dadu : sanskar let her speak
San ; sorry aunty (family friend and doctor)
Dr : she is fine sanskar but totally afraid. She woke up before and said me everything. She is still in shock. So i gave her sedatives and she is sleeping. She will wake up after 2 hours. U make her eat something. She should get normal or else it will effect her health
Dadi : sure beta we will stay with her all the time.
Dr : ok aunty. But sanskar she needs umore than anyone. As i spoke to her she just said your name. She also said that i know my sanky will come to protect me and he came. So for few days try to be with her for maximum time and don’t allow her to think about it.
San : he smiles with tears listening to doctors words about rags belief and says sure aunty. I will be with her
She smiles, caresses his hair and about to leave

San : sry aunty. I called u at this time. Viren drop her and come
Dr ; its ok san. I came in my car only. I will go
San agrees and she leaves
San to all : u people didn’t have food i guess. U all have dinner and sleep
Viren : bhai wont u eat
San : chotu i will eat when rags wakes up. I will be with her now. If she gets up and sees no one around, she may get afraid.
Adi : ok san your wish. I too will come. We both will stay with her
San : ok adi but u eat and see all should take their dinner. I will go to her and leaves from there
Everyone are happy seeing his concern, care and hidden love towards her
They sees the time and it is around 2 AM midnight
All slightly had their dinner on pressure of advi and goes to rags room to see her. They sees san caressing her hair sitting on bed and resting his back on headboard (i think everyone understood what i mean)

All leaves and along with adi viren also joins
They sits on couch and sleeps after sometime
San sees time and thinks in 30 minutes she will wake up. Till then i will prepare something for her and goes to kitchen
He fastly prepares pasta and takes it to her room
In the mean time rags feel restless and she blabbers something (guess it as a nightmare)
San who is coming towards room listens her and rushes inside.
Rags : please don’t come near me , please and she suddenly wakes up with a jerk and she is sweating severely
San places hand on her shoulder. She suddenly moves back. San was shocked with her move but then understands she is still not out of it. He holds both of her shoulders and makes her face him.
She sees him and touches his face to feel he is real. As she recognises him, she hugs him and completely breaksdown. He allowed her to cry for few minutes and then wiped her tears. He asked her to go and freshenup. She comes out and he feeds her.
He asks her to sleep and she places her head on his lap and holds him by waist and san pats her head till she sleeps.
He too sleeps in the same position
Episode ends on their sleeping faces

Precap : san helping her to come out of shock and family bonding.

Finally its done. Hope everyone likes it. Will be waiting for the comments

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