Do dil bandhe ek dori se (part 10)

Do dil bandhe ek dori se part 10
Hi everyone. I am very happy with the response. Thankyou so much for commenting. It was not rags prank. She is in some danger. I will solve the mystery now itself. She will be fine. Now i will stop my blabbering and give u the story.

In living room :
Dadi and avantika are crying. Dp and dadu are trying to console them.
Rags room :
San is sitting on the bed and crying. Harish comes near him and says beta san nothing will happen to her. Harish was also unable to speak. He was at the edge of breakdown but consoling san seeing him like that.
San : mamu where is she. I am feeling as she is in some big trouble. I lost one most important person in my life already. (he is saying about his maa). Ragu was with me and consoled me. Now i cant bear if anything happen to her. Please god send her.
Again he starts crying. Harish also cries and says today afternoon only i spoke with her. She said i am getting bore at home and u all left me alone. And now she is not at home and went alone beta. Nothing will happen beta. See she will come. All are searching for her.

Suddenly san holds harishs hands and says mamu u met her afternoon. Where did u meet her. She went missing from afternoon right. May be she got struck in some nearby place.
Harish : beta she came to construction site to give me file alone. She came alone without driver and he says the place.
San : mamu i will go and search for her. May be she is on that way.
Harish : beta we came in the same way. If she was there itself we would have observed
San : mamu there are two routes aand u might have come in another way. I feel she might be there itself. I will go and see
San takes all the information from harish and goes down
He goes into mandir and prays for god and starts his car and leaves
He informs police to search in one way and he takes another way
Near the construction site
We can see a old building few metres away which is like ready to collapse. As we enter we can see the doors and walls are very weak and building is full of dust

At site
San and policemen meet. No one finds a clue. Policemen again goes to search
San turns around and sees the whole building. He observes rags car in the parking area. He is shocked seeing her car there itself. He thinks where did she go leaving her car and thinks may be she is struck here only some where.
He searches for her in the whole site but doesn’t find her.
He falls down on his knees and cries. Then he observes something shining at a distance. He sees it and takes it to his hand. Its rags payal. He sees everywhere and then observes the old building.
He feels that she is there and walks in that direction. Then he observes two types of footprints. He feels something wrong and runs in that direction.
He enters the building and searches in the ground floor. He doesn’t find her. He climbs the steps.

In the same building a room is shown:
Rags is sitting at the corner and crying. (nothing happened to her. She is fine)
San comes upstairs and feels she is near to him
He shouts her name
San : ragu, ragu
Rags listens to his voice and smiles
She runs towards the door and starts beating it calling sanky
San hears to her voice and runs in that direction
He stops in front of the door and says ragu
Rags smiles while wiping her tears and say sanky i am locked here and unable to come out. I am afraid. Please open the door fastly and again cries.
San : ragu please don’t cry. I came here na i will take u out. Nothing happened to u na . u are fine right
Rags : haa i am fine. Nothing happened to me. This door is struck and not opening. Please break it and take me out
San : u move from the way and i will break it.
She moves from that direction and after few trials he breaks the door.
He runs inside and she too
She hugs him and cries
San : ragu i came na now nothing will happen to u. Stop crying bacha and wipes her tears and kisses her forehead
San : now say me how did u and why did u come here
Rags :

After giving file to papa i was going near car and someone caught my hand. He is the manager that day who came to our house for signature from mamu.
He dragged me and tried to force me. I beat him with a rod and ran in this direction. He followed me. I closed the door downwards and came and hid in this room. After sometime i heard some sounds. May me he searched for me. After wards i didn’t listen anything. I tried to open the door but it didn’t open and my phone was also not with me. From that time i am here only.
She hugs him crying. He caresses her hair for sometime. She sobs for sometime and faints. San picks her up and takes to car and places her on passenger seat and places the seat belt. He sits and starts the car.
San calls advi and informs them that he found her and she is fine and asks them to reach home
He calls the family doctor and asks her to come home immedialtely.
He caresses her face and promises that this will never repeat ragu. I will be with u always.
I will also punish that person who is responsible for your tears.
Episode ends on the determined face of sanskar

Precap : sanskars anger

Ufff i tried to create some suspense and twists. Hope everyone likes it. I will give next update tmr
Thank you everyone

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