Do dil bandhe ek dori se (part 1)


Do dil bandhe ek dori se(part 1)
Hi everyone. Thanks for the comments. I forgot to mention a thing and it is both the families stay together and I will name it as MG villa. And the next important thing is Ragini stays in Canada. She is there from past 10 years but ragsan are bestfriends. They are always in contact and she comes to India during her holidays. She is traditional and follows culture. I will mention about others as the story continues and for now I will introduce family in India. There will be no ragini. Her entry will be after two or more parts.

Its early morning and we hear the bhajan from mandir in house. It is shown a lady is doing puja and she is none other than Avantika. She comes into the hall carrying Aarti plate and gives it to a person in hall who is reading newspaper. He smiles at her, takes Aarti and asks where is Harish. So the person is DP. She says you know bhai (Avantika calls him Bhai as she is an orphan and he treats her as sister) today is Sunday and Harish and Sanskar will be seen in garden in early morning.
DP : Haa u are right. Let us go and see who has won today. Saying this they both go to garden. There we can see two persons are playing tennis. A middleaged man and a person in early twenties. Avantika says see bhai they are here. They both sits their on the chairs and watches the players. Then Harish is shown doing some cheating. Avantika says not fair Harish u are cheating this is wrong.
Harish : I am not doing any cheating. Then a person is shown saying mamu u always do this. His face is shown and he is our Sanskar.
Avantika : Harish u do this everytime so stop now and sanskar as always u only won today come and have your juice. Now Harish and sanskar too came near them and occupied seats.
Harish : you people are jealous of me as I play well. So all says I do cheating. Only my Viren supports me and by the way where is he?
DP : Haa one cheater supports another cheater. I know about your playing skills so stop praising yourself and your viren is still sleeping.

Sanskar : papa I will go and wake him up.
Avantika : ok beta . and all come for the breakfast . Today we will have it together.
Sanskar :Ok maa (sanskar and viren calls her maa) I will but where is Aditya.
Then a person comes from back and says someone are reminding me. Yes he is none other than our Aditya.
DP : where were u beta. I didn’t see u from morning.
Aditya : I was here only mamu (ragini and aditya calls DP mamu as he is brother to Avantika) speaking on the phone to our client. He want to meet u and papa. So I asked him to speak to your PA for an appointment and he agreed.
Avantika : u and ur business talks on Sunday also. Stop them now and go and awake chotesaab. He is still sleeping.
Sanadi (sanskar and aditya) ; ok maa and they left to upstairs.
We see a room and a person is seen sleeping on the bed covered with the blanket from head to toe. Just then an alarm rings and he switches it off saying no one allows me to sleep. This is seen by Sanadi and they laughs. They tries to wake the person but he doesn’t get up. So they take the water jug from table beside bed and pours on him. He gets up saying tsunami has come. Sanadi laughs holding their stomach by seeing his nautanki. Then the persons face is shown and he is our viren. Viren understands it is their prank and chases them. The other two runs and after chasing game they all fall on bed and burst out laughing. They hears Dp saying comedown for breakfast. They says 5 min and all goes to their rooms.

This is the end of part 1. Hope u all liked it. Sorry for the mistakes.

Precap : AdViSan bonding and Sunday outing

Thanks for the comments on intro. I am new to this and if anyone didn’t like u can say me. I will try to rectify them. Thank you

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