Do dil bandhe ek dori se (Intro)

Hi everyone. This is my first ff. Hope everyone likes it. This ff consists of all my favourite couples. It is a story of two people who overcome all the obstacles in their life and becomes one.

Maheshwari Family:
Durgaprasad(DP) : Loving father of his two sons. His wife died when his children were too young. Loves Ragini a lot as she is exact replica of his deceased wife.
Sanskar : Elder son of DP. Loves his family a lot and pampers his younger brother so much. Helps his father in business.
Viren : Younger son of DP. Same like his brother but a flirt and naughty too. Makes everyone happy with his silly pranks and jokes.

Gadodia Family:
Harish : Loving father of his children and also a loving husband. Loves Sanskar and Viren as his sons. Respects DP as his elder brother.
Avantika :Wife of Harish. Loving mother of her children. Loves Sanskar and Viren as her own and never lets anyone to scold viren.
Aditya : Their only son and very responsible. Pampers his sister and viren a lot.
Ragini: The princess of whole family and younger to Aditya. So cute and adorable.

By now everyone must have guessed the couple. Yes it is a Ragsan ff. I will give details of everyoneโ€™s education and their nature as the story continues.
There are many more characters to introduce and I will introduce them one by one as the story continues.
Aditya : 25
Sanskar : 24
Viren : 23
Ragini : 21
Relations :
Avni is late wife of DP. I mean she is mother of Sanskar and Viren. Harish is elder brother of Avni.
I guess now the relation is clear. And I am from south and here girls can marry their buaโ€™s son.
I will end it here and excuse me for the errors. I will try to be regular and will give the first part by tomorrow night. Will be waiting for the response. If you donโ€™t like I will stop here itself.


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