Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se By Fenu (Ishkara & Kaira ) (Shivika & Rumya) – Chapter-07

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Ishana was teaching dance steps to students just then Naira arrived.

Naira : Sorry Ishu , late ho gaya traffic mein.

Ishana : It’s fine , relax for sometime I just came here after teaching steps to your batch oky so don’t worry they are practicing dance.

Naira : Thanks , Oky will see you in break .

Ishu nods and Naira went to her batch.

Rhea : Ma’am , tired I’m very much.

Ishana : Really Rhea , you just join us before ten minutes and you are saying you are tired I know must be Rahul waiting for you,Right ?

Rhea smiles.

Ishana : Oky Go and come fast.

Rhea nods and goes.

Ishana’s Pov

“I can’t stop anyone who is in love because LOVE; Love is an affectionate and kind feeling produced as a result of relation with any other person. I’m in love with my Zulfi Singh , my kids ,my family. Mom-Dad acted before me that they are fine but I know they are not ,I hope everything will get fine soon. I know you came back from Canada with Diya , I try every time that I got all information about you whenever I’m free because I Love you.”

Pov of Ishana ends.

Later, in break time Naira and Ishu are having their lunch.

Naira : Ishu , we have party at our place tomorrow ,you have to come.

Ishana : Party ?

Naira : yaa , party is for new CEO.

Ishana : Ohk , but what I will do in that business party and you know na I have to handle kids also.

Naira : yaa.

Ishu went to washroom for handwash , Naira get call video from Om.

“Naira, I’m getting board at home.” Om complained with pout.

“Do your painting work bhaiyaa, I will come after one hour picking Diya.” Naira suggest.

“Naira , I tried but painting is also not working and naitik uncle also not here.”Om said sadly.

Naira : oky , if you want come here may be dance can help you.

“yaa may be….” Om said and surprised seeing something.

“bhaiya ,what happened ?”naira ask as she notice surprised face of Om.

“Ishu …Ishu !!” Om utters in shock .

“Om….” Ishana utters with same shock as she just came out from washroom and walked to naira.

Naira is totally shocked, Ishu ran out to her room with crying face.

Naira : you know each other.

“Ishu…my love” Om manage to utter this and disconnect the call.

Scene02: Maharana Mewar Public School, Udaipur

Last class is going on just then peon came.

Peon : ma’am ,kamini ma’am said to calls Diya,kanishk,Raj,Kiran,rahul,and priya.

Teacher : Oky ,Whose ever name announce go.

Gang went with peon with notebook.

Kamini ma’am checks their punishment at last she is checking Kiran’s book, Diya notice something and same share with Knaishk.

Kanishk : Ma’am , see she write this in blank papers without serial number ,I have doubt may be punishment is incomplete.

Kamini ma’am : Now you will teach me , I know she will not cheat me again.

Raj : Then tell her to write serial no. befor lines.

Kiran stares them with angry look.

Kamini ma’am asked kiran to do the same , later they found there was only 80times punishment line.

Diya : See ma’am.

Kamini ma’am get angry and asked Kiran to write 50 times more here only before my eyes and from today Kanishk will be head boy of your class.All are happy except kiran.


Naira came in Ishu’s room.

Ishana : Naira , you go I want to be alone for sometime.

Naira about say something but Ihsu said go you will get late for Diya and I will also leave after sometime so I will inform student so that they also can leave . Naira nods and went to picked up Diya.

Ishu (in mind) : today finally we saw each other after many years. I’m happy that he is with naira’s family but ….her chain of thoughts broke when rhea calls for her.

Rhea : ma’am lets start practice .

Ishana : naira and I’m going out , you informs other and you all also leave we will continue next day.

Rhea : Oky and she went.

Ishana locked Academy and left.

Scene04: Oberoi Villa.

Ishana , Shivaay,Tej and Shakti arrived at home same time.

Shivaay informs them about Party.

Jhanvi : You three go , what will we do there in business party.

Pinky : Right Jethaniji , We are good at home only.

Ishana : No , you all will go as there is some surprise , something special , I’m busy so I can’t come.

Shivaay : Why ? you know something about party right ?

Ishana : No , you all go I just said as they always gave surprised na so .and she left avoiding any further questions.

Pinky : What ahppns to Ishu.?

Jhanvi : first to its’ happened , she must be tired.

Pinky : yaa.

They also lefts to their room.Later at evening Rudra came with Kanishk,kaira and kanishtha and said them to your kids’s room I will tell servants to bring snacks and juice for you all.

Precap :Kids moments at Oberoi villa…..Kaira ? At Goenka Villa , Naira ask about Ishana and Karthik ask her to not to interfere in his life….KaIra argues and Omkara broke his silence .Party at Goenka Villa.
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  1. Naymaz


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    You know bro I was waiting for it
    I loved it , I love this story a lot
    Love u bro , U r such a good writer
    I love this concept , this story update asap

  2. Ek pagal

    Bhai I think the chapter numbers R wrong or did I miss some epi’s?? Don’t know check it out Bhai

    Then coming to the epi.

    School moments R the best I loved it.Again Kiran got punishment😂😂😂.The kids R toooo naughty.
    N kanishk became the head boy Ohho.I think u r planning for children fight with Kiran.

    Ishana POV was superbbb.
    NairA n OM video call.poor OM getting bored.ishu Ishu those words were enough to say his pain n ishana crying in room.

    N last part I thought ishana would join the party as I wanted her reaction but this was also good.She is concerned about the family happiness while she is in pain.i love the way u have characterized ishana.N ishana being happy that om is with nairA family.

    Precap full drama next epi.Om breaking The silence.

    Waiting for the next one
    Keep writing
    N try to post epi’s like this.
    N try to be regular.
    This one was awesomeee Bhai

    • Fenil



      Hey Rufi, Yeh kaisa Name rakha EK Pagal.Usme koi doubt nahi hain.
      Ek aur TS submit kiya hain Shivika pe aap read karna aaj publish hoga sayad evening mein…..maja aayenga….Anika ka sanskari Shivaay.

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    Loved the way ishana and om meeted bhai waiting for kaira and kids scene loved it to the core post next part soon and u nailed it again bhai😍😍😍😍😍😃😃😃😃

  4. Prajkta


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    Amazing…so Ishkara saw each other after so many years….now i think definitely Om will be the CEO that’s why Ishana asked all Oberois to go to the party…waiting for the next episode

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    loved itt but something is wrong with tu
    they posted this only in one page and mine in something diff page wwhich has no connection with my story ehhehe
    but i loved ur ff and even chapter name went wrong right but awsomee

  6. Aadya


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    Fantastic chapter Bhaiya!! Thankfully I don’t get any such punishments. Acchi bacchi hoon na. Did you get any punishments in childhood Bhaiya??

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    Thank you Bhai for the link and it’s really awesome, I loved it very much and thank god your part don’t hve tht much difference in chapter number mine was part 4 but it got posted part 43 😂😂😂😂
    It’s soooooo awesome and superb, I love this story Bhai ❤❤
    Keep writing
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    Take care

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    Wow that’s great. Bechara Kiran.😂😂
    Kamini is sooo strict.😒
    Ishu and naira’s convo was nice.
    Post asap Bhai.😊😊

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