Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 8th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 8th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivani telling Dadi that Raghu is trying to get her closer to Sameer. Raghu comes and asks, how is my idea? Shivani says, good. Raghu tells director that he have an another idea.

Saharia family come back home and see some men preparing wine in their home. Vivek asks them to end the work and asks who asked you to do this. Sumitra comes with her parents and Rajesh and says she asked them to make wine. Lata asks her not to insult God. Sumitra goes to her and says yes. Rajesh says, Maya is with us. Lata asks Maya, will you betray us. Rajesh says, she is with us now. We will earn money with this business. Lata tells them that she won’t allow them to do wine business until she is alive. Sumitra asks her to give agni pariksha and asks her to walk barefoot on

the burning coal. Everyone are stunned. Baburaam nods no shockingly. Rupesh asks Lata not to agree. Lata says, it is about my God now. I will walk on the burning coal. Lata takes God’s blessings.

Shooting starts. Sameer starts telling the dialogues. Shivani thinks, why Raghu is ignoring her. Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se plays……………..Director cuts the scene and asks her to do it again. Veer comes to the film set.

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Lata walks on the burning coal holding God’s photo frame in her hand. Her family members cries. Sumitra is shocked. Some mantras are being played. Sumitra’s mom looks on. Lata walks on the burning coal with ease and tears in her eyes. Sumitra says, she will fulfill her promise. Lata says, you can’t even touch our faith on God. Sumitra asks the men to remove the wine making. She asks them not to think about snatching their home.

Someone comes to the film set and is about to cut the rope to kill Veer. Veer gets a phone call and he leaves. Sameer tells Shivani to say I love you and says it is just a line. Director asks her to rehearse her lines. Shivani looks at Raghu, who pretends to be busy. Shivani is irked. Raghu goes to Shivani and says I will do. Shivani asks him to talk to that girl. Raghu says, she is kishmish, assistant. Shivani gets annoyed. Raghu says, I was looking at your look test photos, you were looking beautiful. Shivani asks, really? Flowers petals fall on them. They have an eye lock. Raghu sees the big light falling on Shivani and saves her. He sees the goon there. Raghu follows him, but misses him.

Madhavi takes out the evil eye from Raghu, Veer and Shivani. She says, I doesn’t understand how the big light had fallen. Raghu says, it was done by someone. Madhavi asks, whom? Raghu says, he was the same man who attacked Veer in the temple. Madhavi says, we shall complaint to the police. Veer says, nobody can do anything if you all are with me. He feels bad as Shivani and Raghu was at risk. Kids comes and tells Dadaji that the ball went in the well. They say they get scared going there. Veer says, I will ask the watchman to get your ball. Shivani says, I too gets scared going there. It seems there is some secret is hidden there. Servant drops the puja thali on the floor and gets scared. She apologizes to Veer.

Veer tells Shivani that the place seems to be scaring because of the well. Raghu asks her to rest and not to stress her mind. Shivani sees the servant getting scared and gets suspicious.

Shivani wakes up at night hearing someone’s foot steps. She follows the person covered with blanket. She is shocked to see someone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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